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  1. just save back as mission.sqm
  2. _popup animate["terc",0] = down _popup animate["terc",1] = up to detect if it has been shot : - ? (_popup animationPhase "terc") == 0
  3. Junker

    Chicken Bomb

    [chickenname] exec "scriptname.sqs" what u need is a condition either in the script or in the trigger Something like : chickenname distance player < 20
  4. goto the editor and load up Chernarus <new mission> - now load up Utes <new mission> now look north where the border was :D
  5. everything that was in the rar file yes - as soon as i hit the MADD APPLICATION ->POW<- program stopped responding closing it down..
  6. from what the OP put its not very clear what he wants..
  7. im sure that only works if the captive has no weapons.. ^ Scratch that ^ Set both all units to this setCaptive true, it seems to work, even with weapons
  8. if you mean the objects already on the map then no, if you mean objects you have placed in the mission editor them yes :) deletevehicle _object
  9. Junker

    Chicken Bomb

    something like this :- _veh = chickenname _boom = "ARTY_R_227mm_HE" createVehicle (getpos _veh); exit BTW> stand well back 70 > 100m away :D
  10. I just simple delete the requirement and change the class name in the mission.pbo with a arma default vehicle - once u have done that u an go into the editor delete that vehicle and the .pbo should repair itself :)
  11. Junker

    ARMA 2 Healing System?

    Isnt it that magic thing they do in COD :D
  12. Junker

    Why the USMC?

    Wheres the British guys..? having tea and crumbets again :D
  13. I updated everything in windows tried everywhich way but loose :P Still no go :(
  14. just add a couple of empty boats in the carrier that should give the effect :)
  15. yes - it does spawn its own aircraft..
  16. Junker

    Flag Change

    look here
  17. i have tried all of them too :(
  18. got all that already :( Windows Report Product Morten's ArmA Dialog Designer Problem Program Compatibility Date 17/06/2009 17:46 Status Not Reported Problem signature Problem Event Name: PCA2 Problem Signature 01: MADD.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: Morten's ArmA Dialog Designer Problem Signature 04: Morten's ArmA Dialog Designer Problem Signature 05: Morten Problem Signature 06: 200 Problem Signature 07: -1 OS Version: 6.0.6001. Locale ID: 2057 Files that help describe the problem appcompat.txt Tab8D0C.tmp
  19. i cant get it to work at all - guess it dont like Vista 64 :(
  20. Just dont put in : task setSimpleTaskDestination position until its needed in the mission - you can add it anytime in a trigger. Just group a trigger to the leader Trigger = blufor detects Opfor leader activation = task setSimpleTaskDestination position something like that anyway :)
  21. Im thinking of using the attachto to make it possible to walk around inside a C130 while in flight. The idea whould be: Attachto enabled player press W and the script updates the pos and dir giving the effect of movement inside the aircraft.. possible ?
  22. will have to test it again :D
  23. yes but he is right, once your are attached there is no way of setting a direction to your unit. Shame really would be fun to run out the back of a C130 to HALO :P
  24. try replacing the Artillery_barrage with supply_drop ;)