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    Stupid Desync issues

    check to see if the game is in your exceptions and if you have a router try opening the ports for the game..
  2. maybe try looping the laser...?
  3. try this ? (Not(Isserver)) : Exit _heli = createVehicle ["UH1Y", _heli, [], 0, "None"]; _heli setPosASL [getposASL _heli select 0, getposASL _heli select 1, 15.9]; _heli setdir 180; _heli engineon false; _pilot = createGroup (west); "USMC_Soldier_Pilot" createUnit [_heli, _pilot]; (units _pilot select 0) assignAsDriver _heli; (units _pilot select 0) moveInDriver _heli; hint "Your Helicopter starts in one minute." _heli engineon true; ~60
  4. u can add this line to the leader of the group to make things alot easier :) {_x moveincargo boat1} foreach units group this
  5. you are trying to define ingame sounds in a Description which isnt needed, The sounds are already defined, All you need to know is what name they use.
  6. you need to run the script from a trigger - using the init.sqs/sqf or the units init seems to cause a misfire and you dont get the weapons :(
  7. for addvehicle to work the group needs a waypoint to move to..
  8. this will only work if the unit has a weapon in hand.. Sadly not women :( Machinegun pistol :D removeAllWeapons this; this addweapon "M9"; this addweapon "GAU8"; this addmagazine "1350Rnd_30mmAP_A10"; this selectweapon "GAU8" BTW u can add weapons to the tractor too :P
  9. try this _gruppe = Creategroup EAST; _truck = "KamazOpen" createVehicle _pos; _truck setDir _direction; _Leader = "RU_Soldier_TL" createUnit [_pos, _gruppe, "", 1, "Captain"]; _gruppe addvehicle _truck; The leader will always getin as driver.
  10. From what i know Infrared vision is short range..
  11. Junker

    Player Respawns

    The marker you got right, but... you need to put these lines in the Description.ext respawn = 3; respawnDelay = 15; Description wiki
  12. Junker

    Score Limit

    you looking for something along the lines of condition: (score >= param1) Activation : Hint "Mission Over" or condition: score >= param1 Activation : Hint "Mission Over" not sure tho - i only do co-op missions :)
  13. works for me :) Edit: nvm im a noob ;) thnx for the heads up :)
  14. Junker

    Score Limit

    you can define the score limits in the Description.ext ...Score This feature allows you to set scores for your mission. Score is related to the star display in the debriefing screen. The score can be influenced during a missions progress by using the addRating command. MinScore = 0; AvgScore = 1800; MaxScore = 7500; take a look here http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext#...Score or use the param1 to make it selectable at mission selection titleParam1 = "Score to win:"; valuesParam1[] = {10000, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30}; defValueParam1 = 5; textsParam1[] = {"Unlimited", 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30};
  15. make it : tskobj1 setTaskState "ACTIVE"; plus you need to fix the typo : obj1 settaskstate "succeeded" it should be : tskobj1 settaskstate "succeeded"
  16. The first time i saw OFP was at 4am im the morning watching some computer TV program - They showed that mission BATTLEFIELD and i was like W O W ! ! ! that looks Fing great.. next day i was playing it :)
  17. Junker

    flak script

    i said bullets, not bombs :) doesn't _bomb setdamage 1 make them explode ?
  18. Junker

    flak script

    you can easily spawn bullets at the point of the explosion to simulate flak, depending on type could cause damage to the aircraft if hit :)
  19. can someone explain how this works..? Does it wait for a sound before playmove or does it wait for the move to finish before playing the sound ?
  20. Junker

    Carrier landing

    this is not possible ATM unless someone comes out with a FSM or script that will make the AI do so..
  21. try setting the 0 too 0.3 or something might help..
  22. this is what you looking for >> http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setFriend
  23. All you need to do is run a script for each vehicle :- put [this] exec "scriptname.sqs" in the init of each vehicle and use this code :- _vehi = _this select 0 #loop ?(Not(Alive _vehi)) : Deletevehicle _vehi ; Exit ~30 goto "loop"
  24. maybe you can look for the animationstate of the flag ? http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/animationState then get the finish to trigger when the state is complete with this.? http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/animationPhase