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  1. wheres the templates, i can only find Arma ones and they are outdated.. Need updates please :)
  2. some info would be nice, maybe the script your trying..?
  3. make the sound file 16000 Khz and cut the sound volume down by half in the sound editor.
  4. 8 Players - 2 missions - no respawn Mission: Try to survive 12 waves - Each wave has 2 groups attacking your position with increasing enemy numbers and AI skill.. Survival Download
  5. Junker

    Survival East/West

    Did not want to add the modules incase of the known bugs its causes..
  6. unitname switchcamera "external" is what there using in that video..
  7. There goes my caveman Mod :P
  8. Junker

    Why am I so bad?

    I can slow crawl upto 10-20 m behind the AI - maybe 30-50m infront. Please note i said SLOW CRAWL :)
  9. Try lining up the chute instead :) Edit: heres a version i did _plane = _this select 0 _dir = Direction _plane #spawnit _truck = "LAV25" createvehicle getpos _plane _truck setdir _dir _truck setpos [getpos _plane select 0, getpos _plane select 1,(getpos _plane select 2) -10] ~0.1 _chute = "ParachuteBigWest" createvehicle getpos _truck _chute setpos [getpos _truck select 0, getpos _truck select 1,(getpos _truck select 2) -0] _chute setdir _dir ~0.1 _truck attachTo [_chute,[0,0,0]] _vel = Velocity _plane; _speed = -50; _chute setvelocity [(_vel select 0)+(sin _dir* _speed),(_vel select 1)+(cos _dir* _speed),(_vel select 2)] _truck setvelocity [(_vel select 0)+(sin _dir* _speed),(_vel select 1)+(cos _dir* _speed),(_vel select 2)] Exit
  10. _bomb setDir direction C1 is what u need
  11. and your problem is ? edit aah i see it now If that car is an enemy car he wont get into it - try with different type of vehicles..
  12. move the player away from the camp about 100 - 200 m or place him behind a nearby building..
  13. if the vehicle is an enemy vehicle he will not get in..
  14. Junker

    best missions?

    The bugs ingame can be worked around until fixed - the other bugs are script related...
  15. Junker

    Mod releasing

    u will find the mission in >> x:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\missions
  16. They watch to much of NUMB3Rs :D
  17. Most of the time the most simple missions are the better missions, But i must admit - I have been obsessed with a single mission for over 3 weeks and still scrapped it cus it wouldnt work on MP :)
  18. Junker

    best missions?

    i prefer non - respawn missions - play style is soooo different to a mission with respawn..
  19. You need to make sure the sound is in mono - after that its all about the volume.. The way your trying looks to be COMPLICATED for a simple task :)
  20. did u group the east guy to another east guy made him colonel and precense 0%..? I think the civi is waiting for orders from the leader he hasnt got, so it might effect his performance until he declares the leader is not there.. Just a theory - needs testing :)
  21. never use the auto complete, Its more of a pain than helpful
  22. try this little beauty :) _boom = "ARTY_R_227mm_HE" createVehicle (getpos _veh);
  23. #check ~.5 ?((_person distance _obj)>10): goto "deactivate" goto "check" have you tried distance without the brackets ??? ? _person distance _obj > 10