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  1. If you are putting the commands into the waypoints then the commands wont activate until the chopper gets to that waypoint.
  2. That should place it at the bottom..
  3. Someone else asked this a few days a go - I think they put the pilot in carless mode in one group and the gunners in another group in combat mode..
  4. you want to add some triggers and in the TYPE, Select Gaurded By OPFOR or BLUFOR. The AI on the guard WP's will goto and patrol those areas..
  5. Nooooooo not skiptime :( everything jumps around like the clouds and stuff - u wanna use setdate and loop it every 30 - 60 secs.. This does not effect the clouds and stuff..
  6. you can use notepad , notpad++ or chris's editor thingy. depending on what scripting your using its either .SQS or .SQF you save files as..
  7. Junker

    Where to Multi-Play?

    accidents happen in video worlds too - nothing is perfect :)
  8. Junker

    Where to Multi-Play?

    You have no idea how advanced these AI have come in those 9 years and its not really a big issue. Never rely on AI they are just there for backup cover,shooting and cannon fodder :)
  9. Junker

    Teamkiller in warfare game

    i once wrote a script for domination that stopped anyone placing mines - satchels in the base area - if they attempted this they was forced to take out there pistol and shoot them selves in the head.. :)
  10. Junker

    Teamkiller in warfare game

    We had a hacker on our server for a few days - we monitored him took down all the ID's he used - His IP address but we finally ended up banning his GUID which never changes no matter what ID he uses..
  11. Junker

    One request

    The Original carrier command had a carrier in the water (NOT HOVERING). The carrier was slow but it had some sort of hyper drive to get from one island to the next, but you couldn't turn in this mode due to the speed :) looking at the screen shots it looks like the carrier is capable of hydroplaning for fast travel between islands.. The fun part was sending out a Scout with extra fuel pods to spy on the next island.. My weekends were wasted playing this game back in the day :bounce3:
  12. It looks like an engine very similar to that of ARMA2, foliage, lighting and models resemble that of ARMA2, But I'm just looking forward to playing this..
  13. I remember playing the old version on the amiga and if i remember right the commander of the ship played the RTS mode but could jump to any of the ATV's or Planes and directly control them. Is this game on the Arma2 engine.. If im right about the arma engine then the Islands would be all there and not in instances..
  14. Junker

    pilotless aircraft

    try this - i changed the pilot1 too _pilot, I think this was the problem.. ;Skript & Idea by Mr-Murray 2006 ;mr-murray@bossmail.de ;[url]www.mapfact.net[/url] ;[url]www.mr-murray.de.vu[/url] setfire=true titletext ["Click on the map to set your firedirection","plain down"] onMapSingleClick "ASTarget setpos _pos;setfire=false" @!setfire "Firedirection" setmarkerpos getpos ASTarget onMapSingleClick "" titletext ["","plain down"] Playsound "Funk" ;=========DEFINE======================= _dropPosition = getpos ASTarget ~0.5 _dropPosX = _dropPosition select 0 _dropPosY = _dropPosition select 1 _dropPosZ = _dropPosition select 2 ~0.1 _planespawnpos = [_dropPosX, _dropPosY + 3000, _dropPosZ + 1000] _pilotspawnpos = [_dropPosX, _dropPosY + 3000, _dropPosZ + 1000] ;=========CREATE======================= ~0.1 _plane = "AV8B" createvehicle _planespawnpos _plane setpos [(getpos _plane select 0),(getpos _plane select 1),900] _pilot = "USMC_Soldier_Pilot" createUnit [getmarkerpos "Firedirection", dummy,"pilot1=this"] _Plane setVelocity [50,0,0] ~0.4 _pilot MoveInDriver _plane _pilot setdamage 0 _pilot action ["gear_up", vehicle _pilot] _plane FlyInHeight 500 _plane SetSpeedMode "full" #Check _pilot doMove getpos ASTarget _pilot dotarget ASTarget _pilot dowatch ASTarget ? (_plane distance ASTarget) < 1500 : goto "Drop" goto "Check" #Drop ~5.2 _plane FlyInHeight 400 _plane setpos [(getpos _plane select 0),(getpos _plane select 1),100] ~1.05 _plane fire "BombLauncher" ~0.1 _plane fire "BombLauncher" ~0.6 _plane fire "BombLauncher" ~0.1 _plane fire "BombLauncher" ~0.6 _plane fire "BombLauncher" ~0.1 _plane fire "BombLauncher" _plane SetSpeedMode "normal" ~3 _plane FlyInHeight 600 _pilot doMove getpos Dummy _pilot dotarget Dummy #Check2 _plane Setdamage 0 _pilot Setdamage 0 _pilot MoveInDriver _plane ? (_plane distance ASTarget) > 2500 : goto "Ende" goto "Check2" #Ende ASTarget setpos getpos Dummy "Firedirection" setmarkerpos getpos Dummy deletevehicle _plane deletevehicle _pilot setfire=false exit #Ende2 hintc "An airstrike is currently not available! Wait!" exit Any ideas would be appreciated.
  15. not done this before.. try this might work - might not trigger condition: "Land" countType thislist >0 This should only detect anything on the ground..
  16. the trigger repeatable / countdown / MIN 20 - MID 20 - MAX 20 should work ok for that
  17. _base setTaskState "SUCCESS";
  18. Change _time to _timer and you should be sweet _time is used ingame for mission running times.. _timer = _this select 0; #Start ~1 _timer = _timer -1; Hint format["Noch %1 Sekunden", _timer]; ? _timer >= 1 : goto "Start"; exit;
  19. Junker


    200 meg ? why didnt make it so the all swear words a bleeped out. no need to download a whole sound folder and the addon would only contain afew configs, scripts and a bleep sound..
  20. I think i know what they are using Just looked in the mission folder and found they are using Enablesimulation. check the C0b_setup script - I think its this part of the code that performs what you asking for {_x useAudioTimeForMoves true} forEach _allParticipantsAll;; {_x setCaptive true} forEach _allParticipantsAll; ["disableAI", _allParticipantsAll] call BIS_fnc_sceneSetBehaviour; //{_nic = [nil, _x, rENABLESIMULATION, true] call RE; _x allowDamage false} forEach _allParticipantsAll; {_x enableSimulation false; _x allowDamage false} forEach _allParticipantsAll; // 2) SET characters to proper positions BIS_zzRotateReady = false; [_buildingpos, _buildingangle, _participants] call BIS_fnc_zzRotate; WaitUntil{BIS_zzRotateReady}; // 1) RUN animation (initial position) _animReady = false; _animReady = [_allParticipantsAll, _allAnimations, nil, 1] call BIS_fnc_sceneSetAnimationsForGroup; WaitUntil{_animReady}; //Sleep 2; WaitUntil{(preloadSound "C0_I0_player") && (preloadSound "C0_I0_Sarge")}; {_x enableSimulation true} forEach _allParticipantsAll; []spawn
  21. BLASPHEMY : how could you, of all the game you compare play style to COD ? We should tie you to a steak and burn you :)
  22. i think its done by using FSM, Not got a clue how to do it but im guessing its using some camera trickery :)
  23. you cannot setface custom faces in multiplayer, you will need an addon face pack but you can set the stock faces already ingame..
  24. class RscType { idd = -1; movingEnable = 0; duration = [color="Red"]6[/color]; < change this number in your description };