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    ok i looked into it, the infoage will display an icon on the map with a time it was spotted, Not sure if AI will do anything with this type of thing but it sure helps players ;)
  2. oh just 1 thing does the mission have a max set for player slots to play on Multi-Player ?? is it 10 or unlimited..?
  3. Junker


    that my friend i dont know, u will have to test it ;)
  4. Junker

    How to make verical angle?

    i used this type of scripting for some AI mortars, but randomized the angles to make it more effective and realistic when the players on the recieving end triggered a trigger. :P OMG footie is on cmon ENGLAND
  5. Junker

    Camera should follow vehicle

    try looking for a vehiclecam script, there are loads out there to choose from ;)
  6. try using the eventhandler, Not sure how to script it but as soon as the unit takes them out the eventhandler should pick up on it.
  7. Junker


    its basically the last time that info was tranlated to the enemy. Say i saw u 3 hours ago and i just at this moment told the enemy, They know where u were 3 hours ago but not at the moment in time ;)
  8. WARNING: Transport unload in dedicated wont work and needs to be scripted.
  9. You waited 3 days and still I misread the question  Well no I'm afraid not, it has to be available on the internet as the basic point of this is to make more missions available to the community, the 10 finalists will all be release for definite so anything they require will have to be readily available, depending on the submission level there's a good chance that further competition entries will be released, for example the 50 best non finalists could be released together as a little pack or a speacial CD  ;) all profits to a Charity  BTW any good places to get non-copyright music..?
  10. Junker

    How to become Admin

    or simply type #userlist look for your name and take note of the number (lets say 5) next to it then type #vote admin 5 alot easier ;)
  11. Junker

    Help with realism

    LGB's will cause alot of slowdown or lag if to many are used. I say use HEAT125 for explosion and Fire effects and the Drop command for your smoke effects (WARNING: You gonna need to read up on the Drop command).
  12. Well this competition got my attention and i am working on a few ideas atm ;) Good Work BIS :P
  13. Does this competition accept Sci-Fi mission types too and not just Battle Field Sim, If so im in
  14. Junker

    Preventing respawn.

    i saw a mission once where it give you 3 lives only once you got killed 3 times it spawned u in a locked Truck on a remote island. (NO WAY OFF) game over ;) its a loop script that count how many time u die. This is just off the top of my head <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">_man = _this select 0 _death = 3 #start ~0.01 ?(Not(Alive _man)) : goto "count" goto "start" #count _death = _death - 1 ~0.01 ?_death =< 0: goto "Transport" goto "start" #Transport _man moveincargo Truck1 ~1 Exit
  15. Junker

    Camcreated satchels

    i thought if you camcreate a pipebomb and then camdestroyed it, It would blow up. As for the time bomb its 30 seconds fuse
  16. Junker

    Time left and time elapsed

    both times are set as parameters in the description and init.sqs. Try looking at in some CTF or TDM missions for the answers in too tired to do now
  17. Try spawning the Units with: _unit SetCombatMode "BLUE" Then when you want them to fire just set it to "RED"
  18. You have to remove the Switchmove from the commander by typing SwitchMove "" this will cancel his last Switchmove when the trigger is activated, Then they will carry on through there WayPoints.
  19. Junker

    Don't start the chopper

    There is another way, without touching the fuel or the pilot, But the chopper wont have any Waypoints. You will need to add markers for waypoints and use this line in a script:- Heliname commandmove getmarkerpos "Markername" << With quotes When you get to your destination unassign the group and that should make the chopper land. This should sort your problem
  20. I made a new mission put it on the server and it loads and plays great 1st time round, But if we try to play it again even if we restart it or after some other missions it crashs the server. Any Ideas Addons used: addOns[]= { "Finnish_Defence_Forces_Mod", "CoC_UnifiedArtillery", "SUCHruss", "c8x_russ", "AGS_industrial_pack", "kolo", "JAM_Magazines", "mi2no", "BAS_MAH60", "BAS_HH60", "bas_airweap", "bas_soarpilots", "BTRT_A", "bas_weap", "Baracken", "bis_resistance" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "BTRT_A", "finnish_defence_forces_mod", "CoC_UnifiedArtillery", "JAM_Magazines", "SUCHruss", "AGS_industrial_pack", "mi2no", "BAS_MAH60", "Baracken" }; I,ve also got a CoC_Arty Game Logic for the 900m spotting only.
  21. Junker

    Weird problem

    it has 7 Howitzers, but they work great no problem at all.
  22. Junker

    Weird problem

    I have to read the Docs, Cant Waste 5 mins of my life reading and being away from OFP :P Thnx Dinger, If you want the mission to see for your self just ask and i will send ;) Nice Work BTW ;)
  23. Junker

    Custom faces

    The only way of making your own damaged faces is make them in a PBO and some scripting . ;)
  24. Junker

    Weird problem

    I have found the problem it was the CoC-UKF M270 MLRS, If i used it then died and try to restart the mission OFP would CTD. Now i have removed the CoC-UKF M270 MLRS and tested it, The mission runs fine with no CTD. Maybe CoC could look into this Not Sure if its a conflict with FDF or a script thing tho.
  25. Junker


    you need a script called Seagull v.1.40 Not sure where from but if ya do need it PM me