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  1. Iroquois Pliskin

    Periodic freezes

    It's the HDD caching that's loading/unloading textures, other data. I used to have the same, until the SSD upgrade.
  2. Iroquois Pliskin

    Performance for my system

    Wrong section, but anyway, This is a server-side problem and not something you could remedy - if the server is experiencing "low fps" due to amount of AI/slow CPU imbalance, then the clients' performance (Yours) will also get capped in certain scenarios. Why the hell that's the case - you'd have to ask the devs.
  3. Iroquois Pliskin

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    Heh-heh. The music is entirely MG/MGS - one of the tracks does sound like the theme from Rocky with S. Stallone, but it's really from Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake Red Disc/Music Collection (Mid 1980s to 1991), and is called "Zanzibar Breeze". :D To stay OT, here's the first part with non-troll infiltration SOP and the briefing included, atmospheric non-8 bit MGS soundtracks throughout the video. :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ7nyNNiBpM
  4. Btw, http://www.youtube.com/user/Arma3official is up from 12k subs to 36.3k since March 5th.
  5. Iroquois Pliskin

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    Wasteland is crap and is not PVP under any definition, because there's no pressure of imminent defeat/death - combat can be easily avoided, engagements taken on casually at player's own discretion etc, etc. We have to wait till more official assets like MBTs, statics, jets & APCs find their way into Alpha/Beta, before seeing Berzerk TvT AAS/C&H type games & Benny's Warfare. Altho, if Benny doesn't pick this up, then it's GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!
  6. Iroquois Pliskin

    Topping off vs Mag management

    Heh-heh - the systems define & shape the playerbase, i.e.: atm currently, I have a hard time not utilising Sprint against AI in ArmA III, just because it's so damn fast and effective.
  7. Iroquois Pliskin

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    HD Scuba Showcase playthrough - I was mesmerised by the boat. @_@ "Rambo infiltration... The BOAT is the key! If you at first don't succeed... Third time becomes a charm. TrackIR was acting up in a few spots, or maybe I was flailing wildly with my hands. xD" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOofxCg-6kk
  8. Iroquois Pliskin

    Topping off vs Mag management

    This. The current system is great: say you have 2 x30 rnd mags, fire off 14 rounds with the first one, reload - you now have 30 rnds again with the second mag, and if you reload again, you're back to 16 rnds. Armed Assault/ArmA II taught me not to be a reload monkey after firing off 1-5 shots. :cc:
  9. Iroquois Pliskin

    Arma3 Videos

    Sneaky Scuba Showcase [HD] playthrough with a continuous & vibrant MGS soundtrack, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ7nyNNiBpM
  10. Iroquois Pliskin

    ArmA2 ACE = CoD ???

    Oh God how I cringed at the clunky strafing movement of ArmA II at 1:01. :( What has been seen, can not be unseen - and it's been quite a while since last time I saw/experienced that. LOL
  11. Iroquois Pliskin

    Configuring joystick throttle for Helicopter controls

    NodUnit, what would be the best method in setting the right sensitivity for X/Y & (twist) rudder in order to use the stick's full range of motion, while still retaining good microadjustment precision? Thanks
  12. Iroquois Pliskin

    Configuring joystick throttle for Helicopter controls

    Uh, no need to edit any .cfgs: analog collective works, with the T.16000M at least. I'm able to side-circle around my target in an AH9, while adjusting the altitude down the metre as necessary.
  13. Iroquois Pliskin

    Configuring joystick throttle for Helicopter controls

    QFT - Use the "Collective Up/Down (Analog)". My Thrustmaster T.16000M just arrived and it works great, tho still in the process of fine-tuning the X/Y axis sensitivity. :)
  14. Iroquois Pliskin

    A prone lean is needed

    Wow. :icon_twisted: Is it going to work thru CTRL + A/D while prone? :icon_twisted:
  15. Iroquois Pliskin

    Silencers - Why do they exist in ArmA 3?

    ATM, they may be cool in PVP, but practically useless against AI due to no subsonic ammo present. Btw, the default SDAR ammo is subsonic, but there's no silencer for this wep in the game, tho. :cc:
  16. Iroquois Pliskin

    Can play MP with Alpha Lite?

    Most of us did. You want a full, AA+ title for free? And you call Stratis - a tiny island? Compared to what? LOL 1) Alpha isn't a FREE DEMO, it's Early Access to the game for Pre-Order customers. 2) Have you Pre-Ordered by purchasing thru BIStore/Steam? No? Then there's no case here.
  17. Iroquois Pliskin

    [MP] Stratis Life

    I think this may be the best mission to explore Stratis. May give it a try later on. :)
  18. Iroquois Pliskin

    A prone lean is needed

    [HMM] Stance Indicator mod - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148645-HMM-Stance-Indicator This may help if the above is (initially) confusing.
  19. Iroquois Pliskin

    Can play MP with Alpha Lite?

    MP patch* for Alpha lite would defeat the purpose of both the lite version, and the full Alpha. Don't count on it - you will not be getting a full game essentially for free. *Maybe when the Beta starts & full Alpha is upgraded with additional content.
  20. Iroquois Pliskin

    A prone lean is needed

    Funny thread. Nex, hit CTRL + S while prone to change to right prone lean, tho optics can't be used in this stance. CTRL + W while prone is sniper sit stance - it provides the same weapon stability as regular prone, as well as elevates your FOV above grass level. CTRL + S while crouched is lower crouch, CTRL+W is upper crouch. CTRL + S while standing lowers the stance a bit, CTRL + W is kind of "lean over" (forward). All of the above can be cycled through CTRL+S or W from the Standing lean over stance and into prone lean, without having to use the main stance keys. There's a full body sidestep lean while standing/crouched - available via CTRL + A/D. Dslyexci demo'd it one of his first A3A videos, Must watch tbh, and the stances start @ 2:36.
  21. Iroquois Pliskin

    Arma 3: Confirmed features | info & discussion

    Good eye - looks like a fictional METIS-type system for Bluefor, possibly with FLIR sights. Doesn't exclude Javelin-like top/overhead mode, which could be toggleable.
  22. Iroquois Pliskin

    Grenade Launcher sight

    IRL you don't have TAB+Click for aircraft weapon systems either. But we'll see.
  23. Iroquois Pliskin

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Could you keep us updated on this? Unless it's a secret. :D Could turn into Good PR, if it's something "minor", which had been overlooked during the implementation of some new systems like physics or new AI logic.
  24. Iroquois Pliskin

    Grenade Launcher sight

    Voted, but can you update the issue to a 50m inc., instead of 25m? I'd imagine they would just replace the 100, 200, 300 with 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 for PageUp/Down - there wouldn't be any special modifier key, and without that, it would be a complete mess in combat. Fifty meter increments are more practical for all purposes.
  25. I see. Well tested again at 1000... same results - must've been placebo, but the setup with aiming deadzone set to around 20-25% if fairly usable to me, could be better tho. defk0n_NL explains the issue very well. P.S. My Nvidia default settings were "Use 3D Application setting" for Max pre-rendered frames. I've set it to 1 in the CP, will test later.