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    Faction restrictions

    Creating a BLUFOR group linked to an OPFOR leader with a 0% probability of presence will make that group OPFOR. Giving units a negative score with AddScore will make them the target of everyone on the map.
  2. New mission out, 'Data Raze', 11/07/2014 Hey there - Here are 8 H.A.R.D.C.O.R.E. cooperative missions: ==> Missions pack (v5.0, 5678Ko zipped) <== Armaholic mirror. H.A.R.D.C.O.R.E. stands for 'Harmonized Anti-Respawn Designing. Cooperative, Ordered and Randomized Engagements.' HARD means 'feasibility'. Missions are designed not to feature AI or player respawn from the bottom-up. CORE means 'plot with replayability'. AI units are strategically placed, yet never at the same location from one attempt to another. Players are meant to play collaboratively, and they fight for a reason. These missions are for players like me who love: 1) working in a team; 2) feeling scared of dying; 3) knowing why they're fighting. They should offer feasible, replayable challenges, and hopefully meet the highest standards of mission designing. High Noon (5 players): destroy a petrol station and leave. Good ol' infantry combat with plain weapons. Fire Cutters (5 players): run away from the enemy and retaliate if you can. The hunting season's open, and you're game. Flare Wolves (5 players): prevent a chopper from refuelling by disabling the refuel truck, and insert at night in the base to place an explosive charge on the chopper. No NVGs, illumination only. Hack n' Blast (5 players): countdown to destroy the enemy's comms and blast a convoy. Intense, time-critical combat. In Cold Moon (5 players): a war criminal is quartering in a nearby town. Take him out. Gear superiority (NVGs and silencers), but you're outnumbered. One Hell Swoop (5 players): friendly guerrillas are taking a drubbing in a small town. You've volunteered to HALO there to support them. Intense urban combat to seek and destroy armored vehicles. LRRP OPs (10 players): Long-Range Penetration Patrol. HALO deep into enemy territory, locate, paint and destroy targets. Data Raze (5 players): (NEW) Grab three laptops and run. Description: Game mode: Coop 1-5 All missions were tested thoroughly on dedicated servers with vanilla DEV builds. Addons required: None All missions contain their own scripts to enhance AI-behaviour. All missions are compatible with ASR AI, TPWCAS, and Task Force Radio. Core game style: infantry vs. infantry + armour About Join In Progress (JIP): It should work, but it is recommended players start together. Respawn: Psycho's revive system [*]Features: Clear, specific objectives; Random yet strategic AI or player placement; Simple AI behaviour enhancements; Full briefings, including OFP-like notes; Little flexibility. Easter egg; Secondary objectives; Visual tweaks. CHANGE LOG ---------- Version 5.0 ADDED: new mission, 'Data Raze' CHANGED: streamlined and fixed, 'LRRP OPs' Version 4.0 ADDED: New Mission, 'LRRP OPs' Version 3.0 ADDED: New Mission, 'One Hell Swoop' REPLACED: -=BTC=- Revive script with Psycho's revive system IMPROVED: task system REVAMPED: Flare Wolves - it's a completely different mission now - ambush with a twist. ADDED: character customization using Dsylexci's dialog TWEAKED: AI forces and communication system across all missions Version 2.0 ADDED: JIP ADDED: possibility of revive in the MP lobby (-=BTC=- Revive script) TWEAKED: simplified objectives in Fire-Cutters and In Cold Moon ADDED: player in team so the missions can be played in SP. Version 1.0 INSTALLATION: ------------- Standard: Copy the pbo file(s) to .\ArmA3\MPMissions (installation) folder or to .\ArmA3\Missions. ISSUES: ------- - NONE known yet. CREDITS & THANKS: ----------------- BIS; Rickydrier for extensive beta-testing and suggestions. Smiley Nick for hispatience and suggestions Prophet/Sentinel, idem. Deep Blue (not a real H.A.R.D.C.O.R.E. fan - thanks for your patience, mate) [FRL]Myke for the Timer script on Hack n' Blast. -=BTC=- for their Revive script Dsylexci for his character customization dialog Psycho for his revive system kylania for the missile script in LRPP OPs cobra4v320 for the HALO script Variable for testing and accurate, professional suggestions aliascartoons for thorough reviews that keep me on my toes These missions will not be released on Steam. Hopefully a few of you will enjoy playing them as much as I enjoyed creating and testing them with my friends. Please read the ReadMe, especially if you would like to share a game on our server some time. Finally, feedback is always welcome! Play hard and die hard, Igor
  3. igor drukov

    A few no-respawn COOP missions

    Hey y'all First, thanks a lot Variable and aliascartoons for your reviews and constructive criticisms: they're invaluable. Thank you for taking the time. Pack v5.0 now out: LRPP Ops has been fixed (hopefully) and streamlined. A new mission has been released: Data Raze. See first post for details. To be done: fixing the spawn issue in One Hell Swoop more missions! Hoping some of you will enjoy this, Igor
  4. __CUR_MP is the default name of .pbo'ed missions in MP. Back in the days, giving them a name in the advanced intel section solved this - no longer, it seems. Anyway, nothing to worry about: the scripts are correctly accessed :)
  5. igor drukov

    A few no-respawn COOP missions

    Hi The pack's been updated with a new mission for 10 players, LRPP OPs. Regards, Igor.
  6. igor drukov

    A few no-respawn COOP missions

    Hi What else to say than I'm grateful for those comments - really grateful. Thank you so much for taking the time to phrase them. Version 3.0 of the pack is now ready: missions have been fitted with Psycho's revive system, character customization (after Dsylexci's dialog), some streamlining, some major overhaul (Flare Woves) and, last but not least,a new mission , One Hell Swoop. Please see the first post for details. I'm hoping a few no-respawn coop players will like this - we know who we are :)
  7. igor drukov

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Hi This is bound to have been asked before, but I genuinely can't find the answer - how can I rename a thread I've created? Thanks, Igor
  8. Just to confirm - it's all fixed (dedi tested). Thank you so much!
  9. We're experiencing reduplication with default implementation on our end too :) Thanks for this great script mate, Igor.
  10. Hi I'm running a dedicated server and it seems CBA_A3 overrides the ArmA3Profile settings. The server.ArmA3Profile is set to disable all HUD information, including weapon crosshair and MP statistics, at all difficulty settings (everything is set to 0 in the profile). Without CBA, it works like a charm. But when loading CBA (either beta4 or beta5), and CBA alone, we get weapon crosshairs and MP statistics even at elite level. I'm quite certain this issue arose with the new patch, so my assumption would be that it is a compatibility problem between the patch and the latest CBA version. However, I haven't found anyone else experiencing the same problem. Am I doing anything wrong, am I missing something? Thanks in advance for your help, Igor Problem solved: had forgotten -name=XXX in the command line. Cheers!
  11. igor drukov

    A few no-respawn COOP missions

    Gentlemen Sorry for the late reply, real life has got the better of me, lately. @Variable: Awesome video, Variable, it looked like great fun! Thanks for the reference to Psycho's set of scripts, which I didn't know - I've actually been reworking the missions with another revive system, but your input convinces me to make further changes... As to Hack n' Blast: @GiorgyGR The missions are designed and tested to be played on a dedicated server at elite level with default settings, and no addons. I aim at both enjoyable gaming experience and plug n' play comfort. This of course does not mean that other mods cannot enhance gameplay, but I can't test them all, and I also suspect some scriptings conflicts might arise. But Variable and CiA seem to have used at least two without any issues - so it seems to be working! @Günter Severloh I do tweak the AI. Definitely. About every setting I can tweak. My aim being - an enjoyable mission that's challenging, cooperative and plug n' play - on default at elite, basically (see post to GiorgyGR). This of course means defeating aimbots, so by all means have a look at what I tried to achieve, and see for yourself. That's the philosophy (its application, well, is another matter for you to judge :)). As to revive... I'm mostly implementing it for the friends I play with. In my heart of hearts... I don't like it. The best formula in my very humble opinion is no revive, some sort of complex medical system, and, of course, no über-AI shooting you in the head through a thick bush with their back on you from 700m. with no optic (the one massive showstopper of this game, no doubt). This is also the reason why I'm hugely interested in Psycho's system (thanks again Variable for the reference!). Thanks for reading me, hopefully an update and some new stuff will be released soon. Igor
  12. igor drukov

    A few no-respawn COOP missions

    Gentlemen Thanks a lot for your comments and feedback - they are hugely appreciated. Hopefully the new changes below will have taken your remarks into account. Version 2.0 is now out. The biggest changes are that JIP has been implemented, and the option to have one revive is available in the MP lobby (some compromise can't hurt, can it?). Credits for that go to =BTC=- revive script. The player slot has also been reimplemented. See the first post for a more detailed change log and the link to the missions. @Variable: the briefing should be slightly clearer in v2.0 - you need to destroy all three generators to complete the objectives. Was that the case? Hoping a few of you will have as good a time as my friends and I (especially rickydrier) had testing, retesting and reretesting the pack, Igor
  13. igor drukov

    A few no-respawn COOP missions

    Hey ck-claw Thanks a lot for the invitation! If all goes well, I should be able to join a game before Xmas - can't wait! Your compliments mean a lot to me. Thank you, Sergeant Rock.
  14. igor drukov

    A few no-respawn COOP missions

    These missions being quite challenging (especially for players not used to playing together), I've added a few tips/spoilers below each mission in the first post. How funny! Precisely the point I was making in another thread... Don't expect anything tomorrow, but you've got it! Believe it or not, I have been considering joining since maybe day 1 - but RL was always in the way... Thanks a lot for the invitation, I'm hoping this will soon possible!
  15. igor drukov

    Multiplayer dying fast??

    Not that I want to enter the fray or anything - just throwing in my half a penny (I am well aware my opinion is a bit extreme, so be warned!): As much as I endorse every single claim listed by Bvrettski, I can't help thinking - as a self-conscious and outdated vet from an older generation - that one other reason why the game is generally underrated and unfairly dissed is the following: the sort of typical gameplay (in my very humble opinion) OFP offered - at least the one that got me hooked as opposed to Counter-Strike or the other popular FPS of the time - was absence of JIP and limited respawning options. Waiting for everybody (friends and good-willed strangers alike) to be ready before you started the mission and feeling your heart beat for fear of dying helped create the sense of brotherhood I have never ceased to like and look for. I'm quite fascinated by the discrepancy between the number of people asking for more realism and the missions these people play, which more often than not feature unlimlited respawn and a sort of gameplay which other games, frankly, do better. If this game is what it is supposed to be - an affordable infantry simulation - then somebody has got to explain to me why having someone pop in your squad while in the middle of an operation, or why getting slaughtered somewhere and reappearing in full gear some five clicks away 10 seconds later, contributes anything to enhancing realism. I do respect all sorts of gameplay, and of course their fans (and by all means I do not intend to start some sort of flaming war), and clearly the fact that BIS games can offer so many different sorts of gameplay is to be commended - but I for one think that if there's anything this game does best (because that's what it was created for in the first place, and no other game does it) - that's P v P, T v T or COOP with no respawn. And that's the sort of missions BIS should make and offer, because that's where its edge is.
  16. igor drukov

    A few no-respawn COOP missions

    Gentlemen, Thanks a lot for your interest, it's much, much, much appreciated! Black Sword it was indeed - my 15 minutes of fame, I guess: these missions are nothing like it, and unlikely to be as popular. They're just missions corresponding to how I like playing (with team spirit and fear of death), and to how ArmA3 is meant to be played (imho): with NO RESPAWN! Finally: how many playable slots would you CiA guys like to have? Play hard and die hard, Igor
  17. igor drukov

    Disapointed with the full release content

    My thoughts as a vet - 12 years down the road. A BIS game is like a good wine: it needs time to mature. Don't make the mistake of taking a sip when it's too young and scrapping the bottle afterwards out of disappointment. Let it rest in the community cellar for a while instead, under the careful, loving supervision of the wine-makers themselves. Then enjoy the full-bodied flavour - and drink from the bloody barrel.
  18. igor drukov

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    This to me is the meanest, awesomest, mind-blowingest act of genius and generosity ever visited by BIS upon this community. I'm at a loss for words.
  19. igor drukov

    Black Sword

    <span style='color:red'>Version 3.1 out (August 20th, 2007)! Single Player supported norrin's revive script fixed </span> Hello fellow coop players! In Black Sword, a 12-player, plot-driven coop mission with a realistic ambition, you will HALO in the dark to storm a well-located enemy radar. Once this primary objective is completed, you will have the choice to engage targets of opportunity before calling for extraction... Secondary objectives are vague on purpose: it is ultimately for your team to decide when and where (and if! ) to call for extraction before the enemy comes pounding on you in swarms... The download comes with a Template for those interested in the CPU/Sat system I devised (see below), and a (very small) HALO training mission. Black Sword requires no addon and was designed under 1.08. <ul>[*]Links <ul> [*] <ul>[*] ==>Black Sword (v3.1)<== from my homepage [*] Mirror from ArmAholic (thanks to Big) [*]Mirror from armedassault.info (thanks to ofpdeadeye) [*]Key-Features <ul>[*] SKNKMAN's and KeyCat's and toadlife's GroupLinkII for ArmA; [*] norrin's revive script; [*] ManDay's HALO script; [*] Ingame adjustable time of the day, view-distance and terrain detail; [*] Full briefing and plot, and surprises, and tactical choices, and different endings; [*] Freedom! [*] A fully working Computer/Satellite system whose communications are interceptable by the enemy within a certain range, based on dialogs and usable by soldiers with a Laser Designator. Discover all hidden features ingame! [*]Credits <ul>[*] BIS/BIA for their great simulators. [*] DOA for giving me access to his dedi server; [*] SKNKMAN and KeyCat and toadlife for GLII; [*] norrin for his revive script; [*] Cheetah for his CoordToGrid function; [*] snYpir's for his TimeToString function; [*] ManDay's for his HALO set of scripts (modified by Igor Drukov to include a mini[*]map); [*] Vektorboson for his OFP satellite; [*] Kegetys for showing the way; [*] Beta-Testers: Smiley_Nick (big cheers mate), deanosbeano, Variable, Apex, Vartan, Ricky D., Smookie, Georgiev, Jonny A.K.A. Johannes Wagner. [*]A few in-game screenies Insertion style (daylight for esthetic reasons): The Computer Dialog: The Satellite Camera: A freebie! Lying low: Extraction at last: I hope you'll enjoy this, feedback is more than welcome! Regards, Igor. [EDIT] Version 1.01 changes: <ul>[*] Reference to a non-existing marker "Landing-Zone" in the briefing removed (thank you Bravo 6); [*]Starting position changed so players appear on the map while HALOing at the beginning. Version 2.0b changes: <ul>[*] Sounds of C130 and freefalling added ; [*] More playable slots ; [*] Join In Progress. Version 2.0 changes: <ul> [*] Markers updated on JIP ; [*] GLII issues fixed; [*] Mission Streamlined; [*] Choice of JIP implemented; [*] Instruction Dialog at the beginning of the mission. [*] Markers updated on JIP ; [*] GLII issues fixed; [*] Mission Streamlined; [*] Choice of JIP implemented; [*] Instruction Dialog at the beginning of the mission. Version 3.0 changes: <ul> [*] Latest version of norrin's revive scripts implemented; [*] A few end and settings triggers fixed; [*] The mission can now be played in Single Player. <span style='color:red'>Version 3. changes:</span> <ul> [*]Bug in norrin's revive scripts squashed [/EDIT]
  20. Hey there This mission is my vision of the US Army's base in Sahrani and of the facilities created for training there. It has been designed for MP gaming from the bottom up and features: <ul>[*] a realistic base lay-out; [*] three shooting ranges adjustable via a dialogue (see picture below); [*] Score display after completion of a given range; [*] The possibility to have all ranges work at the same time; [*] one AT range. Credit: DOA =ASP= for giving me access to a dedi server. Mirrors: <ul>[*]==>here<== (courtesy of Big from ArmAholic) [*]==>here<== (courtesy of Imutep from BIS.4players) Serious players willing to train together on all infantry weapons available in the game should hopefully enjoy this! All feedback is welcome and thank you in advance for your interest. Regards, Igor.
  21. Current version: v1.0b Hey there - Here is a new mission for 9 players, Thunder Truck. No addons are necessary. Overview Drive and protect a truck into enemy lines to rescue civilian villages in Chernarus. Downloads ==> Thunder Truck (co-9, v1.0b, 04/08/2009) <== ==> Link to ArmAholic (courtesy of Big) <== Features No respawn ; Full briefing and notes ; Totally randomised enemy movements and locations ; Laser-Designator activated artillery (SADARM and Laser-guided Copperheads) ; Game-play based on the protection of the truck, which can be repaired by all units. Credits Jinef and mikey for their briefing Template ; Beta-Testers: [23rd] Smiley_Nick, [23rd] Q, [23rd] Griff, konyo ; BIS. Feedback more than welcome, I hope you'll enjoy it! Regards, Igor.
  22. igor drukov

    Thunder Truck: co-9 (no respawn)

    Well... My bad, really, I didn't mention it anywhere, and I've just added that screenie :)
  23. igor drukov

    Thunder Truck: co-9 (no respawn)

    Hi gentlemen Thanks for the very kind words. Nothing too ambitious in this mission, I'm refocusing on simple things. Mandrake5, the ammo crates are attached to the first two Humvees of the convoy. I've added a screenshot in the first post. Also, don't forget to make good use of the available artillery... And don't assume the enemy can't do it as well!!! Bye for now, Igor.
  24. Crikey, good points indeed... And yet I whole-heartedly plead guilty to the charge of fan-boyism... You got me thinking there, AF.
  25. igor drukov

    Stance indicator

    It's not a question of logic. It simply means that the memory of a functional human being, especially that of a veteran OFP/ArmA player, can be misleading in ArmA2. And in combat, this is no good... Supporters of the stance indicator could also give Mandoble's GetPos a try in the editor. It was written for ArmA, but it works like a charm in ArmA2.