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  1. i had a similar problem and i think it was caused by hidden selections as i was using 1 p3d for 3 different versions of the vehicle. Try to select the flat part of the track (only the part that is supposed to stay on the ground), hit SHIFT + E (vertex prop.) and select the one inherent to fence objects (i don't remember the exact name, i don't have o2 here, but you should find it).

    lol ... i've just saw the date of this post sad_o.gif

  2. PSP tga files works like other TGA from other 2d editing programs like photoshop.

    Be sure you have saved in 32 or 24 bit (i remember that PSP can save only tga in 24 bit but they may work) and uncompressed.

    Alfa channel also work, you just have to place it in the right way. I don't have psp 8.x but iv'e tryed on psp 6 and 7 and everything works

  3. i don't think 6800 is high, maybe is higher than what is supposed to be low poly, but the limit is something around 30.000 faces and 6800 is a lot below of this limit. And current video cards can support it without lag, i run them on an ati 9000, nothing special, and i don't have a noticeable loss of fps

  4. no because you work on normals, and not on faces, if you try to smooth a cilinder in O2 you just select faces that must look smooth and press I. This will change the lighting on the model but not your polycount. Also without the HW T&L acceleration it works fine, the problem happens only when HW T&L is active.

    And the version of the model that is smoothed works in game with HW T&L without bugs, the problem is on the sharpen one.

    And it's a WW2 car, a lot of faces must look sharp.

    I think it's an engine bug... the only way i know to fix this is deleting some details and lower the number of sharp faces or it will be not working with users that use HW T&L (like me sad_o.gif ). I hope on a BIS explanation about it.

  5. I've done some more test, i've tryed on other video cards and with other drivers and i found that the bug is caused by the "HW T&L" Acceleration. If i disable it in the configuration window the model works without any bug, but when i activate it i have the problem with the model.

    It's not related with drivers or video card, i have tryed with different drivers (cat 4.3, 4.4 and 4.7) and different video cards (radeon 9000, radeon 9800, radeon 8500 and on a Ge Force 3 with lastest drivers installed) and the problem happens only when the HW T&L is active.

  6. Hi, i've noticed a strange bug happening to one of my models.

    I've imported it from 3d studio and in O2 the face count is around 6800. If i recalculate the normals, and add the smooth edge tool (I) on all faces, nothing happens in game and it's working but if i use on all faces the sharp edges tool it will screw up the model as you can see in the screenshots (after some seconds the game crashes). I still have to work on the normals and add smoothing where needed but i don't know if it will be working.

    I don't think it's a model bug because iv'e tryied to place some original T80's in the same lod to reach my same polycount and i had the same bug.

    If it can be helpfull i have a Radeon 9000 pro 128 DDR, with Catalyst 4.7 and this bug happens (at me) only on this last driver set, as you can see a test with older drivers http://ofp.gamezone.cz/_hosted/ophusky/images/ab41_ingame.jpg



  7. im still hoping for a new version for us Radeon users that takes away that awful blurridness...

    as i understand the postprocessing thingy puts a new layer ower the original one wich makes the new effects...

    now, as it seams on Radeon cards it gets a lot ofcenter from the original layer wich makes it blurry...

    would it be a way around this? that makes me/us use the postprocessing effects without NVG´s? (still blurry with NVG´s but that´s really not so bad as in daylight/without NVG´s)


    I have a radeon 9000 and it works fine (reflection and post processing), if you have troubles try to play with the glare effect values, i've added size 1.50 and strenght 0.70

  8. Working mirrors on cars will be probably possible but if we use the same texture, it will be good to create a standard texture to use in our addons.

    I don't think the same on windows glasses and on car surfaces, because everyone makes and needs different textures and the utility will have to be updated on every addon that comes out

  9. Using paatool1.1 i've noticed something really strange.

    I was trying to convert a 512x512 weapon texture in tga 32 bit format. Once i've loaded it in the utility it crashed so i've changed the destination format to DXT1 5:5:5:1 (even if i don't know what does this mean) this time the texture conversion worked... and how it worked  biggrin_o.gif i've opened the texture with textureviewer and the quality was almost the same as the original TGA, the difference was really small (the paa was just a bit darker). So i've decided to do this again... but now with the same texture and same settings in paatool doesn't work animore.


    the texture in the right is the first conversion that worked, the middle texture is the original TGA, and the texture in the left is how paatool converts the texture now. I havn't changed any impostation, and the texture is the same.

    Does someone know how to let the "miracle" happen again?

    My settings in paatool1.1 are:

    Destination Format: DXT1 5:5:5:1

    Dithering: on

    Mipmap Filtering: Default (box)

    Sharpen Effects: None

  10. it may be Buldozer configured in a low resolution. I made models in 3d studio, I map them in 3d studio and i don't have problems when importing in O2, try to copy the flashpoint.cfg file from your flashpoint directory to the buldozer's one. And try to use the Paatool to convert your textures

  11. Key features:

    The ability to import your own customized units for specific training.

    Wide range of tools available to create new models, worlds and scenarios.

    So this mean it's editable? if yes we can just buy the standard version without addons and create them for it

    Its the same as OFPR, of course it's editable. It uses the same tools like O2 and visitor. Why is there this idea that it's this new, great different game? This is ridiculous. First of all VBS is no better then OFPR, it is based on the same engine although it is tweaked out a bit. Looks like they took stuff from alot of mods, why would I buy this to use BAS units, or a LAV25 from the ADF pack that could even be ours when I could DL them for free? The price is outrageous for one, and what are you getting extra? Some addons, that's about it. Mods could match this work or better it, as I see it most the ideas came from the mods anyway. This is a last ditch cash grab, that's all it is, to compensate for the not selling as many copies to the goverments as they hoped on. Furthermore I am dissapointed to see that the OFP2 screens they released are actually from VBS1. If they would have been smart about this they would have packaged it as a massive upgrade to OFPR and sold it for $50, call it OFPR 2.00 or whatever. They would have sold a shitload more copies.

    the engine is not the same, it's improved, and i think it's better create something for VBS than for a limited engine