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    Memory question

    damn, i have made the minigun, but it rotates too slow, and a magazine have about 400 rounds....
  2. Indy

    Problem with buldozer

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (MR.Mapper @ June 29 2002,14:27)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">i have a problem,too. when i want to launch buldozer there comes a message:  No entry ´bin\config.bin.CfgWorlds`. Please help! <span id='postcolor'> I have the same problem, and every time what i need 2 test something new created whit o2 i need to test it directly in OPF.
  3. Indy


    thx again
  4. Indy


    Hi all, I have a big problem whit my c130. I can't disembarc from it, when i try to get out of the C130 the unit is closed in the model and die in some seconds. Is possible to fix this?
  5. Indy


    Damn, i have an other problem, now the C130 works fine but not in MP TEST, in MP test i can't disembarg, but only eject whit my c130, anyone knows why this happens?
  6. Indy


    Ok thx to all
  7. Indy

    The bouncing misery

    i think then the bouncing problem can be fixed whit opf resistance. for example the F16 add-on what our team have made works perfectly in MP test, but start bouncing only in 1.46
  8. Indy

    Birds and harrier

    Hi, I have got an idea some times ago when i saw a bisrd flying in a multy plaier mission in OPF. I think it will be possible make the harrier using BIRD class definition becasue OPF bird have vstol options and can fly like a plane. I want to try this on a sea harrier what we are making. any one knows bird class definitions?
  9. Indy

    A big bug

    Hi, I have a bug whit our units. Our mod have created a scudo (shield) add-on but i need to know if is possible to remove the bug in the picture when the police agent get the scudo on back
  10. Indy

    2 days to go...

    Ji, i had the same problem but i have resolved it using only the second code line (Bis mail you 4 codes, do not use the first 2 but the second 2), I tryed this and run.
  11. Indy

    Turrets on a puma

    Hi all, i have make a PUMA 4x4 in O2 (ste1 is the modeler) but i have a problem, this vehicle is similar to the BRDM (the class) but have turrets. I have done then commander and driver can get out the PUMA but turret is static and tehre are no parts what are moving. What i must define?
  12. Indy


    Hi all, I have a big problem whit the f16 add-on, it can't be destroyed by a law or a machine gun but only if the plane crashes. What i must do?
  13. Indy

    Afterburner problems

    I think it isn't possible, opf is too simple.
  14. I have a problem, I added on a new weapon texture direction "MP54\", Is possible change it in O2 to "G8_MP5A4\"? This can't be done via hex editing because weapon are in MLOD format and the texture name is too short.
  15. I have a question, my O2 license expired 17 days before (i don't know why) and the first unlock code raw is gray. How much time can we use the tools?
  16. Indy

    Mini vulcan add-on

    here a in-game screen of the mini gun (or mini vulcan).
  17. Indy

    Mini vulcan add-on

    Hi, I've make a mini vulcan in 3ds max, is possible to create it animate (like the haeavy grenade launcher)?Can some one give me selection names for it?
  18. Indy

    Mini vulcan add-on

    Sorry fliper but i've selected the buben part in all lods and the osa_buben in memory lod and now it rotate whit all rounds what i want (Ichanged the cpp a little bit) but it rotates too slow for a vulcan....i need to fix rotation speed on it
  19. Indy

    Mini vulcan add-on

    class CfgWeapons { class Default {}; class MGun: Default {}; class Riffle: Mgun {}; class G8VUL: Riffle { scopeMagazine=2; displayName="MINI VULCAN"; displayNameMagazine="G8VULmag"; shortNameMagazine="G8VULmag"; count=99; reloadTime=0.1; magazineReloadTime=12; model="\G8_VUL\G8VUL"; modelOptics="\G8_VUL\optika_vulcan"; drySound[]={"\G8_VUL\sounds\scsd.wav",0.000316,1}; reloadMagazineSound[]={"\G8_VUL\sounds\scsr.wav",0.010316,1}; picture="\G8_VUL\Vulcan.paa"; magazines[]={"G8VULmag"}; revolving="buben"; revolvingAxis="osa_buben"; modes[]={"FullAuto"}; ----------------- This is the cpp of the vulcan but it still rotate slow (I changed the reload value). Is possible to add rotation speed to get a real vulcan?
  20. Indy

    Mini vulcan add-on

    Ok I resolved the problem (I added 100 magazine and it works) but is possible to fix rotation speed?
  21. Indy

    Mini vulcan add-on

    Hi again, I have a big problem, I added magazine count 2000 and the muzzle flash and the mini vulcan not rotate, i tryed to remove all modifies whitout results. What's happened?
  22. Indy

    Mini vulcan add-on

    YUHUUUUUUUUUUUUU it works, thanks lone - wolf.
  23. Indy


    Hi, our mod (www.ofp.info\G8) have reskinned your's oh 58 kiowa (bell 206) whit police colors. Can we have a MLOD copy of the OH58? Because police bell 206 havn't the radar and the ffar launcher.
  24. Indy


    Bohemia Interactive, can some one fo you give me an answer please?
  25. Indy

    Weapons head no shadows

    I'can add shadows on a tank but not on a weapon