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  1. Reinstalling fix my problem :bounce3:
  2. ^^^don't fix problem with add to favorite :j:
  3. THX Kju it was a problem :D
  4. Kju pls see my .rpt file and tell what i do wrong.
  5. Horus

    Mapfact.net releases Editorupgrade

    Look better :rolleyes:
  6. 1) The first problem is that you don't have drivers for XP. You must go with Vista or Win 7. 2) Your CPU on that speed is bottleneck for that card. OC to 3GHz or more. 3) Distance at 1600 (I can't go less and still fly effectively) --> OK AA off --> x2 Shadowing off or normal (hate the off setting) --> Very High all settings on low or normal --> Very High 1600 x 1050 in both res and rend (lower than the native 1920 x 1280) --> use your native res Video mem set to very high (tried every setting and hard coding) --> Default
  7. Yes and Kju when we can expect new version of CBA?
  8. Didn't shadingQuality=X is for shading details?
  9. PPL maybe this problem came from CBA addon LINK :rolleyes:
  10. Try new GeForce/ION Driver 191.07 WHQL.
  11. I think the game uses the value from GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=Ñ…; and in my case game "see" true value from nV CP.
  12. Just set Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames=2 in nV CP or use ATT for ATI and set Flip Queue Size=2 ;)
  13. All error in RTP file disappear with last beta :confused: Maybe copy protection is problem :dance:
  14. After last patch 1.04 i have CTD problem :eek: Always when i start game with 1.04 patch in arma2.rpt file i have this 2 errors :391: Error: JoystickDevices - CoInitilizeEx return 80010106 Error: CoInitilizeEx (XAudio2-1st trial) return 80010106 Exe version: 1.04.59026 BIS ppl please fix this problem :mad:
  15. ..and another interesting thing after this patch is that the in RTP file i don't have what GPU, resolution and driver i have :confused: now and how they should look
  16. Horus

    New patch 1.04

    @Medicus see you on the server tonight ;)
  17. Pozdrav Perice :icon_smile: First delete arma2.cfg and yourname.ArmA2Profile files and see if there are some changes. Secondly you must OC that card to see full potentiality of that card ;) Guide how to OC 4770 :D
  18. If you use Firefox try DownThemAll :D
  19. ppl who have that receiving screen...when you see this bug -> quit, check ArmA2.RTP file and post here last few lines
  20. When i have that receiving screen i check ArmA2.RTP file and find this
  21. And how long will we wait for 1.03 dedicated server?