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  1. NP if don't use the laptop and PC at the same time on the same server I think but wait for some mod to answers, too :j:
  2. Horus

    Hardware Specs

    Update DirectX.
  3. Horus

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    We have that only if Zaphod want to finish his work on Berzerk project :pc:
  4. @Sickboy I appreciate your work on the SU project but YAS is superior sync addons tool for squad server because is uncomplicated and easier to use. Just send auto config url to people and after 1 click they know/have addons which they need to play on that server. nhf
  5. +1:yeahthat: ...Yoma tool is still best addons manager.
  6. I never have triplehead but from Matrox site only dualhead mode support 3200x1200 :confused:
  7. Update motherboard BIOS, if you're not yet, then install win7 patches for Bulldozer and see if that helps you.
  8. ^^ He don't have problem with Hyperthreading because AMD cpu DON'T HAVE/SUPPORT that technology :j:
  9. Horus

    Operation E3

    BIS games on E3. Very soon Dayz will be stand-alone game LINK :confused:
  10. Duno...play and when you have that slows down use that flash VRAM command and see if help you.
  11. Did you try to flush VRAM -> press left shift and hold it, then press the '-' (minus) key on the keypad and then type FLUSH (not case sensitive).
  12. ^^ NP I hope that CBA makers put on DH last version soon for ppl who DON'T WANT to use SU :p
  13. Horus

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    @Fergal listen to what PuFU said.... wait for A3 alpha and if you have problem to have satisfying FPS first try to OC that CPU to 4GHz.
  14. Horus

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    BIS please correct GPU part of minimum system requirements because HD 3830 only have 256MB VRAM :o
  15. Try with GPU-Z :bounce3: or THIS and see how much that graphic card has memory.
  16. Then use in your shortcut -maxVRAM=512 parameter and see if that help you. Look this LINK
  17. Horus

    Render Issues

    ^^ GPU-Z is better and free.
  18. Horus

    Female Soldier (beta wip)

    I have problem with female voice, too...when I select no voice I have this message No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVoiceTypes/BB_no_voice.preview. RPT file:
  19. Did I imagine or in IF44 we have Render to Texture .... look mirror in airplane :confused:
  20. better late than never BIS :pet2: ......... :p
  21. AMD uninstaller is not good.... use last atiman uninstaller 6.3.1 clean all AMD staff from system and then in safe mod use CCleaner. Install last AMD driver 12.5 Beta 8.97 April 18 then last CAP 12.4. Report if this help you :)
  22. ^^this.... just download and run as admin DirectX web setup.
  23. For all ATI/AMD users on Win7 and if you play DX9 game(s) best driver is AMD Catalyst 12.4a hotfix driver
  24. Search is your friend Missing xAudio file(s) :bye: