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  1. To see which chipset version, B2 or B3, that notebook have :)
  2. Can you post S/N of your notebook?
  3. Any news about the official version because on many servers I see this :bounce3: 1:51:57.858 (0:00:00.000) cba_versioning - cba - Version Mismatch! (Machine: jangi2 (Horus) version:, serverVersion:, Level: 4) 1:51:58.111 (0:00:00.000) cba_versioning - cba - Version Mismatch! (Machine: jangi6 (L-Cube) version:, serverVersion:, Level: 4) 1:51:58.253 (0:00:00.000) cba_versioning - cba - Version Mismatch! (Machine: jangi1 (Misha) version:, serverVersion:, Level: 4) 1:51:58.277 (0:00:00.000) cba_versioning - cba_a2 - Version Mismatch! (Machine: jangi1 (Misha) version: 0.0.0, serverVersion:, Level: 4) 1:51:58.396 (0:00:00.000) cba_versioning - cba_oa - Version Mismatch! (Machine: jangi1 (Misha) version: 0.0.0, serverVersion:, Level: 4) 1:51:58.559 (0:00:00.000) cba_versioning - cba - Version Mismatch! (Machine: jangi4 (Zajac[PL]) version:, serverVersion:, Level: 4) 1:51:58.699 (0:00:00.000) cba_versioning - cba_a2 - Version Mismatch! (Machine: jangi4 (Zajac[PL]) version: 0.0.0, serverVersion:, Level: 4) 1:51:58.771 (0:00:00.000) cba_versioning - cba_oa - Version Mismatch! (Machine: jangi4 (Zajac[PL]) version: 0.0.0, serverVersion:, Level: 4) 1:55:05.236 (0:00:02.172) versioning - cba_a2_main - Not running! (Machine: jangi4 (Zajac[PL])) 1:55:05.604 (0:00:02.544) versioning - cba_a2_main - Not running! (Machine: jangi1 (Misha))
  4. Disconnect that LG TV and use only that 17" tft but before you run game delete ArmAOA.cfg first. Update your sound card driver, C-Media USB Headphone Set, because now you use default M$ driver but maybe is better to unplug that USB headset and use onboard sound card...and install chipset driver, too :rolleyes:
  5. Save dxdiag like text file and post here and your ArmAOA.cfg.
  6. Conflict between TS3 Overlay vs. MSI Afterburner OSD cause ArmA CTD for me after 5min. or 2 hours. So I put on blacklist msiafterburner.exe and rtss.exe in TS3 Overlay config_default.ini and disable detection for ICCompressorChoose_win32.exe and InstallHook.exe in MSI OSD.
  7. Run Memtest86+ , monitor CPU and GPU temperature when you in game, check the PSU is strong enough for that system, use sfc /scannow to check system files.
  8. http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php Changelog: TBA :confused:
  9. With 32GB of memory you don't need PF. If you afraid just disable PF for test and see how system work.
  10. ^^ must be because otherwise zombies knocked on their doors :bounce3: ...but for the people who are with BIS since 2001 :756:
  11. Yes because he play with everything on LOW and on 800x600 and you want to play on 1920x1080 Sony TV or 1366x768 Generic PnP Monitor :bounce3:
  12. I think you have a problem with PowerPlay in your system. Google for "how to disable powerplay" or look this
  13. You mean -winxp :confused:
  14. Horus

    RadeonPro and ArmaII CO

    In driver .dll files you have profiles not only for games but for other programs also. See this and this is full list from 9.6 to 12.6b Catalyst.
  15. Horus

    RadeonPro and ArmaII CO

    Wrong thinking and we have much more options with RP than in CCC :)
  16. Did you try this.. ...because maybe you have problem with this
  17. Horus

    Horrible Graphic Bugs

    This fix your problem :rolleyes:
  18. ^^this...looks like they remove Very High setting for Objects Detail.
  19. Set Power Management Mode to 'Prefer Maximum Performance' in nV CP and see if that helps you.
  20. Try to connect empty or server with few people....use http://arma2.swec.se/server/list put in filter your beta version number and find servers.