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  1. I wish you all the best in RL W0lle and I thank you for all you've done for this community ....a great loss :(
  2. Horus

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    @LJ can you add/update CWR² UK config with Sterling SMG :pc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNvYRAeekTg
  3. Once again to CWR2 team. Some script errors from .rpt file -> CWC Campaign v1.03
  4. Well I said try vanilla vs. beta without any addons and you will see ;) ...and btw last version is ImprovedSizeOfCompassAndGPS_by_defunkt_Visuals_C_PvPscene.pbo
  5. Don't work because they have implemented that fix in last beta patch (I don't know from which beta) ...try vanilla vs. beta and you will see :bounce3:
  6. Thank you for this video :) :bounce3:
  7. I have account on dev-heaven but have that error :( ...and thanks for new version hope to test tonight.
  8. Can't download "You are not authorised to access this page." :bounce3:
  9. Horus

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    It makes you a killing machine :p
  10. Setting for Triple Buffering. Dwarden says that
  11. Thanks CWR2 team and you W0lle for effort and time which you put in this great mod:thanx: :clap: .... and I feel same about in which direction ArmA 3 goes :jail:
  12. Horus

    Development Blog & Reveals

    +1 :( ...I'll wait a while after the game release but if I can't buy dvd version without having to activate via steam then bye-bye ArmA 3 :beam:
  13. Horus

    Arma3 gameservers spotted

    Thanks Jerry for this tip, but I would still like to wait a couple of months more because I don't want to "see" ArmA 1 & 2 start-up scenario :rolleyes:
  14. Believe it or not ArmA 2 don't like low rpm HDD...read this :rolleyes:
  15. @siddhi & @rokas both of you have problem because you have low RPM HDD @5400
  16. Horus

    Broken Filters

    Maybe soon we can choose country and continent because with last beta I find this in my ArmAOAProfile :confused: browsingCountry=""; browsingRegion=0; browsingSubregion=0;
  17. Horus

    Awful lag decent specs

    Connect CPU fan into the motherboard CPU fan header or disable CPU fan control in BIOS if use fan controller to fix CPU Fan Error. Delete ArmA2OA.cfg from C:\Users\your_name\Documents\ArmA 2, start game redo settings, exit and post new ArmA2OA.cfg.
  18. Horus

    [CO] [06] [USMC] Sweepers

    We came back to HQ from last camp and don't see/have any text message.
  19. Horus

    [CO] [06] [USMC] Sweepers

    Поздрав Maven and thanks for this great scenario. I'm that other guy from STT team and we sweep AA site. In HQ we hear music but don't have any message. Reason for that is maybe we don't go through Regroup point?
  20. Use 2000 to 3000m for VD.
  21. Use web installer and after update DirectX run sfc /scannow command to check system files because you maybe screwed something when you try to uninstall/delete DX11 :confused: