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  1. Hit_Sqd-RogueWarrior

    The Australian Defence Force Armoury

    ADDONS still wont load at all.. I cant find them in the editor at ALL.. tryed everyway known in arma..
  2. Hit_Sqd-RogueWarrior

    The Australian Defence Force Armoury

    I cant get the addons to work either and i've been using addons since OFP came out... Wtf? I even tryed usen armaloader to load the addons.. NO JOY please help or fix thanks!
  3. Hit_Sqd-RogueWarrior

    ARMA ghillie suits?

    I have an idea but NOT the means to do so.. could we either : A: make a 3dmax object and make that a ghillie suit and have it be an addon that you wear like a backpack B: make the damnn uniform a ghillie? please help our game looks a little wrong with snipers not having the proper gear
  4. Hit_Sqd-RogueWarrior

    Protect & Serve

    ACK RW here trying to contact you bro. I have an idea please PM ME
  5. trying to see who is getting the no cd in drive error when they downloaded the game legally.. THIS ISSUE NEEDS to be addressed and FIXED!
  6. Hit_Sqd-RogueWarrior

    1.07 asking for disk on sprocket version

    I have the same issue. I bought the UK online version and it says no disk and i can't play it i'm about to call them up
  7. Hit_Sqd-RogueWarrior

    WAFFEN SS screenshoots

    NO SS had beards! clean shaven!