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  1. The Czech Republic has been the birth place of many awesome games, I don't think you have any reason to complain :)

    Remember that English is a lingua franca(bridge language). I am from Norway.

    I'm just saying that the only reason you would go to a Czech gaming site would be because of select few games, sites that write natively in English almost always have better coverage. Really, right now it would just be a waste of resources for them. They don't need to write in lingua franca for their target group (the Czechs).

  2. Hey guys, just popped by to congratulate you on this awesome release, I played some today and I'm very impressed. It's really a pity that I won't be able to join you today or tomorrow night online, I'm out of town... Would love to play some good old OFP. Except it's new and more like awesome than good.

  3. Yes it is. By the way, I was always wondering - when I was in Sweden, most of the people spoke English, but almost nobody pronounced "j" the right way, I always heard things like "yeans" and "yacket". Is it common, or was I just way too lucky?

  4. I know that.

    Helicopter's name Kajman is derived from russian pronunciation and it will be probably in game as Kajman, not Caiman. Even in english version. ;)

    Well the choice is yours, but a little consistency would be helpful. Nobody ever says ÄŒornaja Akula when they mean the Ka-50 Black Shark and pretty much the only exception ever is the Ka-60/62 Kasatka, of which I couldn't even find the NATO reporting name. Speaking of which, what is the NATO reporting name of this Mi-48? Please say Hammock.

    Those remarks about the wrong english pronunciation should also be considered... And pettka, I don't think anyone says the "g" in Igla as a "j" :confused:

  5. http://games.tiscali.cz/prvni-dojmy/arma-3-prvni-dojmy-z-ceske-vojenske-akce-56081

    For those not gifted enough to understand Czech, there are just a few new things... First, the Mi-28/Mi-24/Kamov mashup is apparently called the "Mi-48 Caiman". Second, you get unlimited oxygen supply underwater. Third, the campaign is not meant to be played cooperatively and will center on guerrilla warfare with an open world instead of many straightforward missions. Most of the information is already known and much of the article is about how the author really really likes it. But, you know, that's just, like, his opinion, man :yay:

    Also, Google translate does a surprisingly good job...


  6. Just to calm you down, I guess I can tell you that this is just a feature we're playing with in the campaign missions to boost the framerate. In the end it might become a standalone module, but we've never discussed implementing it into the core engine.

    It could also find its use in large-scale MP coop missions where you don't want to randomly spawn enemies... So that module thing might be useful.

  7. I imagine that such a mission would be a pleasure to betatest, really :cool: I always liked short quality missions forming a larger campaign. What is more important, the more time you give Real Virtuality, the more it takes over and screws things up.

  8. mr buchta
    Master. Master Buchta. Not Mister. Just thought you should know that. You know. To have a future in BI :rolleyes:

    But don't tell me you don't even have one itsy bitsy semi-naked woman :)

  9. I am pretty sure A3 presentations are going to be BCD :icon_twisted:

    Wow. When did that happen? Is it about giving the gaming journalists (what an honourable profession) some fake exclusivity feeling? :rolleyes:

    Too bad though.

  10. I have always tought that four and five are different numbers. Thanks a lot for a lesson, four weapons are going to be sufficient then, I can always have minus one compression for any greater number :icon_twisted:

    Then you probably won't mind your salary being split into five parts and only four of those given to you. And because I'm no monkey (mom says so, sister disagrees, but she's out of her element), I'll get the remaining part.

  11. I will not go too far, but lets just say that a photo-shopped version of that picture would do some comedy justice to the chap in the shorts ... look more closely :q::b::a:

    Oh I see... That's a no go. Master Buchta would hire some serious assassins a get me murdered at least twice for all the cumulative atrocities he had to endure in my presence. I don't want to wake up the dragon, just saying.

    But you all with no past record with him might consider placing a big fat Freudian friend right there a good fun :D

  12. It's a price tag from a funky computer store (obviously :rolleyes:). He was too busy escaping with it and couldn't be bothered to take it off. You really thought someone could have such a crappy old keyboard and own two monitors at the same time? Get real. It's stolen.

  13. Well part of the ranting craze is obviously caused by the fact that this is the Internet and there is the overall "This right here is my opinion, it matters to me and it should also matter to you" impression you get pretty much everywhere you look on it, which is not always bad, but however brilliant your point might be, if you decide to write it like some 8 year old brat, why the hell should anybody care about it. Generally the standards of communication on the Internet are pretty f***ing sad :yay: And it's certainly not an invention of this community.

  14. In case you really get this going, I have an almost finished Albatros D.III addon in several camouflages. I haven't really done much work on it in the last year, but I'm probably going to finish it and release as a stand-alone, so if you want to incorporate it later into the mod, I'm okay with it.







    Regardless of your decision, good luck with the mod ;)

  15. If that is a design flaw, then the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys and Golden Globes suffer from the same flaw. :rolleyes:

    All of those are chosen by a selected group of people who understand the problematic (at least are supposed to) and are much less likely to vote "blindly". Even that doesn't always stop the bias, like the 2011 Golden Globe nominations.

    By voting blindly I mean the sort of thing Placebo mentioned, friends and relatives who know nothing about the game and never played it, those just vote because their friend/relative tells them to. It's commonplace, but that doesn't make it any less wrong.