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  1. Great! Maybe we will finally be able to recreate the famous "who shot first" moment everybody seems to know so much about!
  2. Hurby


    Just to clarify, the two previous missions are When The World Ends (WTWE) and Rozsévání ohně, which I don't recall being released in English. He released it (not really sure?) at the aforementioned czech OFP Mecca.
  3. Hurby


    In Gaia's* case, I wouldn't worry about the cutscenes in the campaign (later referenced as a 'mission' for my lack of short-term memory). To be honest, I am quite amazed by his ability to deliver high quality missions time after time. To be even more honest, I am even more amazed by the fact that this is his third mission with approximately the same storyline and possibly gameplay, which, although great, is getting repetitive. I mean, the first thing I thought was "Again? Really?". Don't get me wrong, I liked those missions, but it's like he doesn't want to find out what even greater things he can do. I have a dream that one day, he'll make a blockbuster mission without mentioning a third world war or RAH-66 Comanche. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a dream today. *It's weird, this guy uses so many nicknames that I find it difficult to remember which to use where. Nevermind. And now for something completely different. A long time ago (read : "when OFP was released") in a distant foreign country (read : "the Czech Republic"), there was a wise man who created an OFP discussion forum, a truly holy place, a czech OFP Mecca of sorts. Long story short and all that crap aside, we like to make fun of Gaia there. Behold! http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/1116/karlik3.jpg EDIT: Link added below the image to compensate the failure of the image to show here. Maybe imageshack problem, we'll never know. Now to answer all the upcoming questions... Q: Is it true that this post is not meant to include any ill will? A: It sure is. Q: Is it true that you checked the image filesize three times to make sure it's not over 100kB? A: It sure is. Q: Is it true that you don't have any idea about Penny Arcade copyright laws and that you would be willing to delete that image when confronted by court, or worse, BI forum moderator? A: It sure is. Q: Is it true that despite obviously having several complexes, despite your apparent lack of respect and despite all the things said, you're gonna eagerly await the mission? A: It sure is. Q: Have you ever met Gaia in person? Does he really smell like chocolate and ambrosia? Does grass grow under his steps? A: Yes, yes and yes.
  4. The camo is beautiful indeed! Nice work Fortran.
  5. Hurby

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    Wow that wood is really impressing! Very believeable. Soldiers look great, too ;)
  6. Hurby

    Fokker EV - DVIII

    To take off, you must keep the nose down, so that the tail doesn't touch the ground! Only then will you be able to reach speeds higher than those bloody 45 km/h... I learned this the hard way Anyway, beautiful plane, hoping for some more WWI stuff
  7. Hurby

    CSLA3 Phase1

    That's the 4th movement of Antonín Dvořák's "New World Symphony" Anyway, thank you all for your praise, we really appreciate it Â
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    This should go to the Addon Request topic  Otherwise a nice idea and I believe it is possible to do such things in ArmA quite easily.
  9. Hurby

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Methodman, is the Leo really that coulourful in game or is it the colour/contrast adjusting with PhotoShop? The second pic is very nice though!
  10. Just found an old screen on my HDD A: an unknown version of ArmA Effects
  11. Hurby

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Made my day! Â ArmA ain't getting corny anytime soon Â
  12. I believe that Burning Sands: Africa '42 are working on one of these: Their thread
  13. Now this is hard... I have to say World War One, although the second one is also a nice era. "Flashpoint era" and napoleonic wars are my favourites, too.
  14. Now what does it remind me of? A: None
  15. Hurby

    World War II CZ MOD

    OK now please write that in english I really can't understand a word...
  16. Hurby

    World War II CZ MOD

    You're wasting way too much faces... Suitable for rendering, not for OFP/ArmA. I don't say it's ugly, but if you want to run ArmA with all those graphic effects + your models...
  17. Hurby

    Czech. PzKpfw 38(t)

    Nice one Will there be the original Czechoslovak camo? pic
  18. Some ppl from the czech community have it to test MP, but they can't give us any info, you should understand why... As for CTI, it shouldn't be much of a problem if T-72 was cheaper than M1A1, they would simply outnumber the opponent... Oh yeah and it's quite strange that RTS players don't mind that each side has different units and different gameplay style, why should anyone mind that in ArmA? Just take more T-72s with AI crew than the opponent does with M1A1s, because you should be able to get them much cheaper...
  19. Hurby

    CSLA 2 Update1

    Its called The Wizard's Last Rhymes, the full name is 07 Rhymes of a Tragic Poem - The Gothic Saga- The Wizard's Last Rhymes . I hope that is the right one. I replaced the CSLA song with the real one in my CSLA mod. Oh man, that's not the original. It's from Antonin Dvorak's 9th symphony "From the New World". Rhapsody just made a "remake" (well not fully a remake, they only took some elements from it) and I believe that in CSLA II main menu it's the Dvorak's one. At least I think so.
  20. Hurby

    New Czech Interview

    Well maybe, but IMHO they would have to change the engine and I don't think they would like to do that...
  21. Hurby

    New Czech Interview

    Oh yeah sorry maybe I didn't translate that good... It should mean something like: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">The cities that can be seen with our engine are even now very big, but their purpose is mostly military training. The question is, if the big city won't become a trap for the player instead of giving him tactically interesting battle. Here we need a game designer, which will create interesting game from a perfect simulation. The reality is usually worse. If it doesn't make sence even now, it is because it didn't in czech, too. And to be more grey (I think I badly translated it) means to be worse. Hope it helped. And please report any other mistakes or what you don't understand, I'm just 13 and I don't translate so good (and as I said, the translated text is not exactly the same as in czech, but it has the same purpose [except the answer {code} above, which is exact])
  22. Hurby

    New Czech Interview

    Oh THX mate I was a lazy a bit
  23. Hurby

    New Czech Interview

    I'm here again 2nd part Enjoy.