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    Community Awards 2010?

    What you're saying is basically "Hey guys, please follow this link to blindly vote for us in a competition without any knowledge of the other guys whatsoever. And take your friends/relatives with you." That's biasing. Of course, people should critically judge for themselves. But believe me, some will do it blindly. This is just a reaction to your post, I'm definitely not saying that Sarmat did anything like that (because I don't know).
  2. Hurby

    CSLA for A2CO

    The lack of a suitable rifle-mounted grenade launcher for the FN FAL resulted in our use of the M16A2+M203 for the grenadier. The next patch will most probably have a solution for this. As to the caliber consistency, the soldiers use the FN FAL, FN MAG, M21 and M24, which all use the 7.62x51 round, and the FN Minimi, which uses the 5.56x45 round. Plus some guys have the HK MP5 and one special forces guy has a shotgun. This could easily be the equipment of a Western nation in the 1980s...
  3. The whole model underwent a major overhaul since then, so the textures had to be remade anyway. And while you're at it, why not make a new camo... Plus there was a demand for it.
  4. Hurby

    Project RACS

    Well, for an island nation they sure spend a lot on their tanks. I'm not familiar with the current equipment of the RACS, but I think having and maintaining anything more modern/advanced/expensive than the M60-2000 is incredibly wasteful. Also, having more types of tanks from different contractors must be a logistical hell.
  5. Hurby


    You might want to consider chaining it to your desk, because with such specs, it won't be long till it creates artificial intelligence and kills you in your sleep.
  6. The rainbow camo is based on the assumption that enemies don't shoot at cute looking things. True story.
  7. Hurby

    Tatra 815-7

    Nice looking Tatra there, let's hope you finish it. Also, you might want to reconsider your plan to make a Tatra 810, as it would be just a waste of your precious time: http://aan-online.com/images/stories/news/jac_img17.jpg
  8. Hurby

    ION, Inc.

    Oh the mighty power of deduction :cool:
  9. Hurby

    ION, Inc.

    Well that's easy, while 42 is the "ultimate answer" from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the number 1138 is associated with George Lucas and his movies (one of his old films being THX 1138, mentioned in many many later films of his). Which pretty much shows us that Karel is a sci-fi freak and probably also the creator of the website.
  10. Hurby

    ION, Inc.

    Phew yeah, it's like they all work together, in the same building even, and discuss every PR move they're gonna make... Oh wait... ;)
  11. Hurby

    ION, Inc.

    I'm very sure he at least used to own one of those TrackIR things, cause he won some competition if I recall correctly.
  12. If they quit their jobs, abandon their families and get promised some free chicken, they might be able to make that list by 2012 Seriously, their list is impressive as it is. You surely were joking.
  13. Hurby

    mikebart's Project's

    The island, vegetation and rocks are beautiful, nice job, really. Somewhat silly scenery screen: http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/129/manab.jpg
  14. For historical reasons it will be as Faly mentioned, with the modern armies (BLUFOR) having all the stuff still in use from their past plus the new stuff. There is no real problem with sharing the same weapons or whatever, the mighty config file solves it all. ;)
  15. I didn't mean to imply they were copies - as you might notice, I said that both weapons were based on it, but each used a different mechanism, by which I meant to say that the designers of both took a look at the German weapon and changed different things. Anyway, thanks for the detailed technical info.
  16. So very awesome :butbut: Stunning work!
  17. The Sa-58 is no copy of the AK-47 - they are both based on the StG44, but each uses a different mechanism... Both are very realiable, too.
  18. Very impressive model, alesh! I especially like that your model looks very detailed, while at the same time it's not over-the-top with faces - a smart model you might call it :)
  19. Hey guys, seeing as Yac is almost done with the Fokker VII, I realized I had to create this thread, to - if nothing else - save him (or someone else?) some time and effort. About a year ago I started working on an Albatros D.III for mine and my friend's project, 'cause we liked dogfighting the old-school style back in Nogova Dogfight days. Time has passed and we kinda forgot about it, but about a week ago I found the plane on my HDD again and decided to finish it. Some WIP screens: Please note that I am no WWI-expert and it is very possible that these skins are inaccurate. Right now the top priority is to finish the model (areas without textures are just placeholders). The same as with Yac's Fokker, the idea behind this one was to create an opponent for the Camel. These planes actually met extensively in the second half of 1917 when the number of D.IIIs peaked at 446 aircraft on the Western Front with the Camel entering service in June 1917. From the very beginning I tried to make it as skin-friendly as possible. There will be two textures, one with things common for all the planes (engine, cockpit) and the other one with the actual camo, with the possibility to change it through setObjectTexture. I'm even thinking about releasing the whole .PSD with all the sorted layers and stuff. I cannot really say right now when will I finish this, because even when I find some time and the mood for it, I still have other work to do for CSLA (switching to ArmA2 soon, yay). But I'll try :)
  20. Hurby

    Albatros D.III

    Just tried to place it on map as an object to see what it looks like, here's the result: And an earlier screenshot of the engine: Still very WIP, but it's starting to take shape :) Also, I looked up some reference on the engine and I'll try to animate the valves.
  21. Hurby

    Albatros D.III

    Oh, thank you again :) I'll see what I can do.
  22. Hurby

    Albatros D.III

    Thank you very, very much Yac for the reference material and for what you wrote in your thread. Also thanks for all the kind words here. @HarryZhe: To animate the engine, i would first have to see it working, so if you find anything, let me know :)
  23. Hurby

    Realistic Scopes?

    Nah, Gaia just made it look like real. Every frame was a .paa picture he took earlier and then he just made them "play" in the corner of the screen.