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    GE = Germany PT = Portugal
  2. Hello, I'm experiencing an issue with the twitter feed on the official arma 3 website. Only the most recent addition is visible, the rest of the list is empty. I'm using Windows 10 64 bit with Google Chrome.
  3. Sure BI will change A3 engine after releasing the game just for you. They even have a record of that right? Your words touched my heart and mind to the point I don't need a beer to relax. But thanks for the suggestion. Also, if you love throwing things back at people's faces you won't stay around for long. :)
  4. Your arrogance is not helping you neither is your ignorance. BI is already developing a new engine, code named Enfusion.
  5. HKFlash

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Thanks Bohemia for offering us the opportunity to play Tanoa so early.
  6. HKFlash

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Well done to the artists.
  7. HKFlash

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Honestly I don't think the visual update is ready to released....
  8. HKFlash

    MP Score Table

    Hi, nice improvements. Could we class vehicle kills differently though? Instead of car, tank and plane kills, why not air, land and naval vehicle kills? Would be more consistent. The icons would need updating of course. Regards
  9. The Real Virtuality engine has been discontinued. The next ArmA title (if it is ever developed) will use the Enfusion game engine. We will probably only get details about it after Apex.
  10. Might seem obvious but for me it was not because I never played Ravage for example. Again, I don't care what they decide but I can tell this bug has existed even before Zeus was introduced in the game, so you can imagine how frustrating it is to still see it after Eden as been released. Plus it's a bug that's extremely easy to fix.
  11. Whatever the case, the color of the chem light should not determine the amount of light being emitted. Thus BIS have to choose if they want weaker light (like what's happening with the green one) or stronger (which is the case for the rest of the other chem lights included in the game).
  12. The green chemlight is still mis configured after loads of patches. Here's a comparison a between a blue and green chemlight. The blue is working as intended but the green one lacks light.
  13. HKFlash

    Folders in Virtual Arsenal

    I think this suggestions should be adopted and they have my support.
  14. The action icons were as far as I know, introduced in the original ArmA. However they fail miserably and should be removed all together. All they serve is to clutter your screen (more over the aiming point) with useless information.
  15. Subscribed. Once I'm done playing it I will provide feedback.
  16. HKFlash

    Project RACS

    Very nice vehicles!
  17. HKFlash

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    I still don't understand how can I become administrator of one of the servers...
  18. HKFlash

    Adapt: AI teammates

    I managed to fix it by reverting the mission. Simply go to the campaign menu and click on revert on the Gori mission.
  19. Hello, Were the A.I. teammaters removed for the scouting done when the camp is moved to Gori? When I leave camp to scout I find myself alone. Regards
  20. HKFlash

    Adapt: AI teammates

    Very weird then.... I will see if I can solve it myself.
  21. HKFlash

    Adapt: AI teammates

    Anyone else having this issue?
  22. HKFlash

    Adapt: AI teammates

    Are you talking about this vehicle sir? It's empty. But I remember some versions ago it was not. By the way, this screenshot was taken after the Breaking Even mission.
  23. HKFlash

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Well you can't go wrong with Ryan that's for sure! :)