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  1. Considering no one here is an expert, and furthermore no one has the actual data for the flight performance of the two aircraft, it is going to be extremely difficult to have a fact-based and realistic argument.

  2. Guys, normally I wouldn't waste my time replying but this seems pretty ridiculous.

    Complaining isn't going to cause BIS to work any faster. I'm sure they are quite aware of what is wrong with the game and the anger some of you are feeling. The problem with this thread is that it serves no purpose other than to offer a place for people to complain. It's not going to cause anyone to be more productive, and it's just going to cause needless bickering and arguing.

    All we as a community can do is sit, offer constructive suggestions, and wait. If you're unhappy with the game, return it.

  3. Militarily, the United States has the capability to strike nearly any target it'd like, within reason. There's a reason we bought all of those B-2's, outfitted our submarines with cruise missiles, and still fund carrier battle groups.

    but IMO the US lacks convincing infantry, they've had only one REAL test after WWII and failed it. invading NK would most probably result in a clean sweep by the Koreans

    Yes, that's why I said an invasion was out of the question... and that striking militarily will lead to further military action which we cannot control. All we can do with our present assests is to prevent nuclear weapon launch by long range missile, along with destroying critical infastructure for command and control elements.

    They can still level Seoul, and invade... we couldn't do a whole lot to stop them there.

    EDIT: And the United States, presently, does fine as far as combat operations are concerned. It's more a matter of peacekeeping giving us trouble. But now we're commited elsewhere, so ground operations would probably be out of the picture anyway.

  4. Not many cards to play. Iraq was/is a complete bullsup and I fear NK know that, perhaps apart from some F16 sorties, the west not got many options up sleeve (conventional sleeve). Its a very serious situation, too many embargos and going harsh etc may push them over the edge. The of late very rare action diplomacy is needed. I doubt we will hear the words. "We invaded on the premise that they have weapons of mass destruction". Because this time they do!!

    I beleive in keeping your cards close to your chest and that you don't go out on a turkey shoot when there are tigers in the kitchen.

    However the alternative is we give them 5 years and end up selling them things. That normally makes everyone happy smile_o.gifsmile_o.gif

    Militarily, the United States has the capability to strike nearly any target it'd like, within reason. There's a reason we bought all of those B-2's, outfitted our submarines with cruise missiles, and still fund carrier battle groups.

    Just because an invasion is basically out of the question, we can still strike targets inside of North Korea. Primarily, we could strike all of the known IRBM sites, the military airfields, SIGNIT sites, and military command centers in the country.

    The problem is simply moderation and escalation. We can't strike targets in North Korea without the conflict escalating farther than we can contain. We can hit all the high priority targets we'd like, but the fact remains that we've got a large North Korean army not far from the South Korean border.

    That isn't to mention the fact that China isn't far away. Even if they are okay with being tough on North Korea, I see them being very against strategic military strikes on the country itself.

  5. Didn't the article posted not to long ago (PCZoneUK, or something?), say Will was just one of their writers?

    it was a joke.

    Yep! Sarcastic, flippant and tongue in cheek! tounge2.gif ... Just about everything that is written in PCZONE! biggrin_o.gifsilenced.gif


    I didn't read it in detail, hence me asking my question. I know what a joke is, but thanks, orange juice, for the reference; in case I forget. icon_rolleyes.gif

  6. I know there are get mouse positions included with fwatch, however, is there a good way to implement some sort of selection function within the current limits of OFP.

    To explain, if I were to click once, then move my mouse down and to the left, and click again, would there be a possible way to select all units within that created box? I'm thinking not.. but if it were possible, it'd add a whole new dimension to RTS type modding. smile_o.gif

  7. It's with great sorrow i'm writing this, my OFP compadres.

    Due to a great personal tragedy i'm gonna leave this wunderful place on the web.

    The SCARS are being packed and waiting on the tarmac for Air SJB to take over. I know Jackal will do wonders with 'em (and probably release it a lot sooner than yours truly would).

    I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you all for some great and fun years in this community.  notworthy.gif


    Thanks for all of your great contributions to the OFP community. I hope things all go well. Be sure to stop in from time to time and say hey. smile_o.gif

  8. Well, I've been thinking about starting up a project for a while. Basically, it would be a command system independent of OFP. A player (designated as commander) would be in charge of all allied forces in a mission. However, he would control these units in a seperate program, and assign waypoints and whatnot using a map (probably a .jpg or something). The only intelligence he would recieve would be that which was sent to him from players in-game. I guess it would add a new dimension to CTI games or whatnot.

    However, I'm not completely sure of how FWATCH signals events and I've been low on time recently. Maybe one of these days.

  9. I was browsing SimHQ today, and spotted this. Is this new?


    Nope. It was already posted in the forum and in the FlashNews.

    Really? I only recall the first to AAR's being posted. I just knew it looked like stuff I hadn't seen before, so I decided to post it. Anyway, maybe I wasn't the only one. smile_o.gif

    The more media this game gets, the better off we are in the long run.

  10. I did almost laugh when I heard the missile in question wasn't successful. Talk about over-exaggeration. It didn't make it 1,000 kilometers, let alone 6,000.

    What the point in TESTING if you know it works, waste of resources.

    I'm not arguing the importance of testing. I just found it comical that such large estimates were made, and the missile didn't come close. That's all.

  11. The North doesn't gain a whole lot from launching the missiles. The may gain some technical knowledge of the missiles, but they should already possess most of that information based on estimates.

    Politically, I don't believe they gain a whole lot. I don't think many people weigh the difference between saying you can do something, and having the actual capability to carry it out strongly (good example being the Iraq WMD situation). Most people I know believe the missile can strike a target somewhere in North America.

    The highest end range estimate, six thousand kilometers, would enable the missile to reach the west coast of the US. To me, that's a fairly large threat. I didn't believe N. Korea even having nuclear weapons was a good idea. Having them, and now having the capability to launch them at a country they constantly claim they will destroy; doesn't sound good to me.

  12. Ukrainboy spreading his bad mojo as usual.

    edit: You can already skip missions for crying out loud so shut up about it.

    Yeah but to do this I have to cheat. How about letting us skip retarded james bond wannabe missions instead of forcing us to cheat?

    Anyways that said, the whole OFP Campaign sucked anyways so I'm not gonna get too worked up about ArmA campaign is it will suck anyways. MP and Missions is where it's at. Too much bullshit rambo crap in OFP Campaign, probably same in ArmA.

    There is no right and wrong in relation to opinions.. you should know that by now.