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    OFP2 Shots on ofp.info!

    I still am wondering why the pictures are grainy and blury. It would seem as if they cannot offer high-quality pictures to us, which would make me lean towards an X-box game, though that's just me. I would hope it is for the PC, but then again normally the first screens released of a game for the PC (or any game for that matter) are normally nice and clear so people can see the details.
  2. Homefry

    OFP2 Shots on ofp.info!

    Exactly... worse comes to worse we just dirty them up with face textures... Hell in this entire thing I fail to see anything that isn't moddable.
  3. Homefry

    VTV isn`t working

    That's some serious research... though all I got out of the entire thing is that there is another publisher other than Codemasters and they too are going to be at E3.
  4. Homefry

    Codemasters not attending E3

    I think this is somewhat old news... by old I mean a week or two. And the release date has been 2006 for some time now.
  5. Homefry

    M4A1 Pack

    Agreed... that's pretty insane looking work mate.
  6. Homefry

    M4A1 Pack

    Agreed... that's pretty insane looking work mate.
  7. Homefry

    Theaters of war

    Also note the date the update was made (the post that is...).
  8. Homefry

    O2 disconnects me

    Happened to me to though... eventually I just stopped modelling when online. I have broadband now though.
  9. Homefry

    BIS @ E3: Confirmed!

    You guys know the saying.. a watched pot never boils...
  10. Homefry

    Heli on low fuel

    Sure... just use the fuel command... remember it ranges from 1 to 0... I'll write something off the top of my head... probably full of errors and won't work (I haven't done any scripting in a while). <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> _helo = _this select 0 #Fuelcheck ?(fuel _helo < .2) : goto "heloland" ~5 goto "Fuelcheck" #heloland _helo land "LAND" exit Something like that... syntax not guaranteed... good luck mate.
  11. Homefry

    Heli on low fuel

    Sure it's possible... but what do you mean by a free place?
  12. Homefry

    Falcon 4

    I've been looking for a good flight-sim to get into, other then Lo-mac, and I've known about F4 for some time. I was hoping there would be some people who play OFP that might play Falcon 4, and can give me an idea of what to expect.
  13. Homefry

    Madden 2006

    Are you sure these screens aren't from something like the intro movie or similar?
  14. Mate... if you guys want it bad enough I can set up a mailing list... just send a mail to me: amosscott@gmail.com
  15. Homefry

    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    http://www.tacticalblunder.com/~upload....mg] http://www.tacticalblunder.com/~upload....mg] http://www.tacticalblunder.com/~upload....mg] http://www.tacticalblunder.com/~upload....mg] http://www.tacticalblunder.com/~upload....mg] How in the hell do people add pictures with thumbnails here? PH's Huey BAS Littlebirds HYK US Soldiers CBT Stuff BAS Chinook Nool's Pacific Island GOON's Iraq Island INQ's Do it yourself M4 kit
  16. Homefry

    St George's Day

    I hate to take the role of the ignorant American.. but why exactly is this being considered racist by some..?
  17. Could you chaps look at getting permission to add these VERY useful animations that let you look around corners!! http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=8187 PS. Zayfod FFS visit MSN more then once a month LOL how am I ment to suggest/report things if your never around LOL.. The only problem with those is that they are not MP compatible in the sense that one user can use them in an MP game, while another cannot, making the game unfair. We are looking into having different configs, however, one with the leaning animation and one without.
  18. Yes mate... that's what the dev version of ECP is for... for people to make changes.
  19. Homefry

    BIS @ E3: Confirmed!

    He used 'games', its plural so more than one... We'll just have to wait it out and see.
  20. Set the behavior differently... just check the old COMREF for the info....
  21. Homefry

    Internet 2.0

    Assuming of course that all hardware data rates stay the same for the next ten years..... which I doubt will happen. It is still extremely hard to imagine 10 GB/s being used by a home user for something useful... especially at this stage. Maybe in the future... but I can just see this being abused.
  22. Homefry

    Any one have the solution to this problem?

    I take it you have also tried clearing the history? EDIT: Haha, that'll teach me to reply before reading the entire post. Do you really want AutoComplete on? I'd just turn it off... myself. Or you could just switch to Firefox.
  23. With the new ECP, I haven't encountered one yet...
  24. Homefry

    Hooping and Hollering?

    That would be awesome... to bad there isn't anyone to implement it...