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    sideairfriction and effects on bombs

    I had the same problem.. no real solution. But... you could just use a bomb that you know the sideairfriction value is .2... just make the plane drop the bomb, delete the bomb, and spawn a new one in it's place.
  2. Homefry

    Has anyobody tried 3d Glasses?

  3. Homefry

    ECP 1.085 Released!

    The AI will not talk when the units are in stealth mode... as it wouldn't make much sense then. Other than that they usually talk and/or scream.
  4. http://forums.opflash.org/viewtop....tart=60 Go there... down towards the bottom.
  5. Homefry

    WOOSAA, look what me find

    Wow... that was a nice thing to come home to. But... thanks for the support guys.. . Don't worry... the people who don't have it will certainly have it soon enough... just keep your eyes out for a new thread in Addons & Mods: Complete... And... for all the people that have the pack I hope your enjoying it...
  6. I've got a question... is it somehow possible to output a specific string... and nothing but to a file? <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">~.04 That's what I need in the file... after each line of code. I'm outputting a unit location.... on a .04 second loop, then taking the positions and running them to have an AI helo fly the exact path I did. Problem is I have 400+ lines of positions but no delays in between.
  7. Homefry

    Armed Assault Community?

    The community is right here... the OFP community will slowly (or quickly) migrate over to Armed Assualt... and I imagine we will pick up plenty of new people too.
  8. Homefry

    The Iraq thread 4

    ....and the "Vietnamization" of the Iraq war begins... You don't take everything you read at face value do you? Or is that just stuff that goes with your thinking?
  9. Homefry

    Falcon 4: Allied Force

    Not to sound like an idiot... but how did you get the original F4 for free?
  10. Homefry

    Recommend me a PC for OFP!

    Well the thread title say's "OFP", so I assume he wants one that will play that well. First off... as mentioned before, your processor is the most important part for good performance in OFP, followed closely by RAM. Truthfully... either one of the two systems (the one you posted, or the one colossus mentioned) will play OFP fine fine. Hell, I'm running a P4 3Ghz, with a FX5700 Ultra and a gig of RAM and Flashpoint runs fine.
  11. Or you could look around the community and notice that all these have been done to a very high quality.
  12. Homefry

    War against terror

    Mate... I'm not sure if you have flown off the handle or not... from what I gathered GB was just showing how flawed the logic some use to blaim Blair or Bush for terrorists blowing things up and killing innocent people.. His comments were full of sarcasm... I'm just really very confused by your post here. It seems like you flipped out over something that made a lot of sense. When the idea of a modern soldier is killing innocent civillians totally unrelated to any sort of politics is acceptable... then I'll consider a terrorist a soldier. But now.. and probably not in the future.. it won't be.
  13. Homefry

    3D real time satallite map

    Google Nasa Worldwind... and see what you get. You can get pretty good imagery from all over the place.
  14. Homefry


    Good to see it's still going... I like the mod and was wondering what happened to them...
  15. Homefry

    script help

    Try this... fast heli landings. snYpir made it.. so you know it is good. And it works like a charm.
  16. Homefry

    Chinese Navy could surpass size of USN

    The article is rather troubling... I sincerely hope the exercises and buildup are for something rather than an invasion of Taiwan. I think if China throws enough of its military might at Taiwan fast enough... Taiwan doesn't stand a chance. That said... America will be in a tight spot. First off... the region it said it was going to protect is now lost... and it has to determine what to do next. It can condemn the action, and move forces to free Taiwan. What will ensue... if hostilities begin.. will be the largest naval battle... and probably air battle we have seen since WWII. Even with America having superior technology... the sheer numbers of Chinese naval craft and aircraft could overpower a relatively large American naval response force. The fact that America has sworn to defend Taiwan puts us in a very tight place in the event of any aggression... so I think we just have to hope that China stay's cool and doesn't do anything stupid.
  17. Homefry

    Heat exhaust

    Did anyone not see what Col. Klink posted...? It does the job well... and it's finished.
  18. Homefry

    The best war movie ever

    We Were Soldiers didn't get as much recognition as some films that are much crappier than it.. it was a pretty good movie.
  19. Homefry

    Chinese Navy could surpass size of USN

    != means 'not equal' = means 'equal' Still confused?
  20. Homefry

    Chinese Navy could surpass size of USN

    You mean Russians. they arent called Soviets anymore. Now back to the subject at hand,Now a days the USN could prolly throw a real beating to both the Chinese navy and Russian navy esp. the Russian navy. I think the proper word is soviets since we are talking past things right? Maybe,but thats like refering to germans as Nazis if dont mind the extreme analogy. Nazi != Country Name USSR = Country name
  21. Homefry

    If D-Day was today

    Western Europe, and they sure did screw the rest over. I'd blame the Soviets on that one... not the west.
  22. Homefry

    Mission Stories

    CLICK ME! It hasn't been updated in quite some time... but it's something to check out.
  23. Homefry

    Tornado Season

    I'm going to Kansas in a week or so on 'business'.... I don't want to see a tornado though.
  24. lol its been an long ride You can get off any time you'd like...