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    Flashpoint 2 at e3

    Is it? I really can´t see it. Well I based my knowledge on the movie from Gamespot and from what I could tell , it looked nice compared to normal OFP , with upgraded models etc. I'm not registered at Gamespot, so I can't see the movie. I wish CM or BIS had the movie available for free.
  2. Homefry

    Russian army recon team

    Looking good. What gun is that?
  3. Homefry

    Flashpoint 2 at e3

    Has anyone been to E3 from the forums?
  4. Homefry

    Flashpoint 2 at e3

    Isn't it Codemasters who determines what's shown, not BIS? So I don't think its BIS's decision as to what gets shown, its Codemaster's.
  5. Homefry

    Operation flashpoint e3 confirmed

    How many days until E3?