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  1. Hornet85

    Crossbow Addon

    Nice! Can i see the arows coming?
  2. 5 years of OFP and sone 5 years of ArmA this will be the day to remember forever lets hope new players will find ther way in to the world of Flashpoint and ArmA after Q3 2006 Sone allot of us old players (oki not old but veterans of OFP) might have to stand back and find a life outside this world and let the younger players in on the fun and hard world of OFP combat.
  3. Hornet85

    Texture Me!

    o Hornets :P love this idea
  4. Hornet85

    USMC Mod V 1.4

    ye thats wy i added Edit: Ups not the same version. This is a Mamba on my pics ye used by EOD but now we have orderd the RG-32M (Galten)
  5. Hornet85

    USMC Mod V 1.4

    i have this pics now but i can probebly get more this week if your lucky we have 2 on the EOD platoon at my company Abut information i can allways look in the manuals but i cant upload them to you or any thing but i can probebly translate the basics in to english for you we will see. /Henric "Hornet" Sandqvist Delta Whiskey Platoon SWE ENG COY Rapid Reaction Force Edit: Ups not the same version :/
  6. Hornet85

    UH-1N in Police Version

    going gr8 guys hope its done when i get back :P
  7. Hornet85

    William Porter's Blog

    probebly yes :P
  8. Hornet85

    William Porter's Blog

    Falkland Islands :P French, German = Turists Spanish, Portuguese = Argentins English = UK ppl
  9. 2 more from my new island USMC on MOUT exercise US planes taking of to assault Iran
  10. My stuf and some navy ships
  11. Hornet85

    SAF Squad Värmdölandet

    glad you liked it and thanks for the mirror
  12. Hornet85

    What would U like to see?

    i whant all taht :P now start working Â
  13. Hornet85


    Is it a bird? or a plane? No its 10000 Nukes.... If USA go in to China they will get 9 miljon men against them to start with... WWIII? Yepp
  14. Hornet85

    Unmanned Robots

    TALON Sword if any one is intrested to finish it and put it ingame PM me and il send it over. You need to PM me today bekus iam going on active duty tomorrow morning...
  15. Hornet85

    Your Best Shot

    Vanilla OFP M16 standing on a hil in CWC campange fired a burst just for fun and hit 2 guys like 500m away :P
  16. Hornet85

    SF Weaponpack V1.0

    i what a high tec SR47 Eversman with alot of junk on it
  17. Hornet85

    Winter Olympics - Torino 2006

    looks like Sweden is the best
  18. Hornet85

    Los Alias island

    http://xn--kvrulanten-e6a.dk/arma.dk/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=20&thread_id=216&rowstart=40 Read this and say again plz Edit: ups 2sec late
  19. Hornet85

    SF Weaponpack V1.0

    nice work the Eversman
  20. Hornet85

    Mogadishu houses pack released!

    ye worked with download manager but not without
  21. Hornet85

    Mogadishu houses pack released!

    nopp no manager