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  1. Hornet85

    Island for mission

    the addons will make it lagg
  2. Hornet85

    US Marines

    looking forward to this addon hope you find a good scripter
  3. Hornet85

    Calling all addon makers!!!

    il take som models if its ok was thinking of the F/A18 Super Hornet and maybe some US tanks and trucks and me whant to take a look on that B17
  4. Hornet85

    Snow Snow Snow

    no that cant be done
  5. Hornet85


    this is looking realy gr8
  6. Hornet85

    Update site?

    do you guys realy think BIS will post news if you cry for news hel i whodent and i whant news to but hey let them work and we will probebly have OFP 2 some time in the next years
  7. Hornet85

    Unsung - updates

    nopp thats right but on open plases we will nead alot of ground vegetation
  8. Hornet85

    Unsung - updates

    Just a few questions: -Do you plan to create more ground vegetation(bushes etc.), looks a little bit deserted right now? Yes -How about updating your site with a progress bar so we know all the units that you plan to create and how far along are you with them That will be hard bekus it changes all the time -Am I right to say that the next releases are first the sky pack and after the island?Or are you planning a FDF style entire mod release? Yes probebly firs an Demo then the rest of the MOD and maybe more things later on like new campanges and new addons -What are the specs of your computer or beta testers.More exactly how much does the island lags compared to Nogova/Tonal. Right now the island i got is like Nogova and trust me we all dont got gr8 computers it will work for you
  9. Hornet85

    Sweden 40/60 mm Bofors gun

    ye looking realy good And Colonel_Klink you made and WV Beatle (i got one) have you ever finished it?
  10. Hornet85

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    just put -mod=wgl in your OFP shortcut
  11. Hornet85

    Jungle plant pack

    i dont think we are braking the law if we dont sel it or some thing like that.
  12. Hornet85

    Norwegian forces studio

    hey thats the Swedish SF they are in hardcore training
  13. probebly when it is done
  14. Hornet85

    Norwegian forces studio

    do you guys have any % on how long iy will be for the firs relise or how long you have came whit the pack?
  15. Hornet85

    Alien Attack Vessel

    dident inq make a Area51 camp lol
  16. Hornet85

    Nogova 2004

    and some football fans and huligans
  17. Just look for free musik Altavista MSN Google Just look for it its hard to find put it is out ther. and if you got problem downloading from OFP Info go to www.download.com and download a download manager that works just fine.
  18. Hornet85

    Norwegian forces studio

    yeye im not an English man lol
  19. Hornet85

    18-wheeler truck pics

    ye realy nice! Wear kan i find that cop car?
  20. Hornet85

    Norwegian forces studio

    ye guys this is looking realy good keep up the good work
  21. Hornet85

    Norwegian forces studio

    haha i fund it   nice hiding place ther looking realy nice guys
  22. Hornet85

    Jungle plant pack

    When it is done
  23. yes and hehe Hornet that is me and i know its not the best one but hey i dont even have Photoshop
  24. Hornet85

    Know what this is?

    thats an AMOS on weels