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    A good urban combat island?

    for a good urban fight you need a game for it OFP is no good for urban war AI cant fight in houses and go big trubles moving around the streets but for smal scale urban fighting i must say Cat afganistan
  2. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    Miles Teg time abut 45min not realy wasted
  3. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    ye the trucks will be finiched but we dont know if we will relice every thing ones or if we will relice addons when we finich them tel us what you guys/girls things plz
  4. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    how do you know that? (yes they dident find any) but ppl belive in goosts and UFOs to and hmm dont think they have found any atleast not officialy ;) Edit: no duble post this time do to some bad things the last 2 days the mod have made a big set back and is in the nead of members like addon makers texture artist any one that think they can healp out Forum link
  5. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    yes a canvas can be put over IRL but as this for now is a static object that will not be neaded but if i get a good towing script maybe a version like that will come later on
  6. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    uppdate In game beta pic
  7. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    pic of the original idea http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd....-21.jpg its a roling factory for chemical weapons our model
  8. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    First pic of the SAS Special Air Service CQB yes we will stil work on the M16a4 to
  9. Hornet85


    The_Shadown they dont add new thing dont realy know abut that and i got some shit donw on the SKP/VKP car to some interior job
  10. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    sorry forgot abut that mag thing
  11. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    Bobcatt read it again (new uniforms and gear will come later on) and look att the botom pic of the post new uniform new gear
  12. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    k thank you
  13. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    you dont hapen to have a pic of that thing dust cover?
  14. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    thanks ErikJ that will be fixed
  15. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    no one say engine update i belive 1.97 hmm maybe the guy just wrote wrong maybe he ment you will nead 1.96 (english may not be his first langush just like me)
  16. Hornet85

    Gulf War 2 MOD

    wayt and see trust me it will be good no more info abut that for now il info all of you when i feel i can thanks /Henric Sandqvist aka Hornet85
  17. Hornet85

    Does this mean the end of OFP1?

    will stil play OFP1 some times and ye i will get ArAs Long live Operation Flashpoint Länge leve spelet vi älskar
  18. Hornet85


    What? "Pucko stridsvagn kl 6 eld" "Ja vist vänta lite ska bara dricka up kaffet" English "Commander T72 at 6o clock" "Gunner cant fire"
  19. Hornet85

    B-52 Stratofortress

    Wow that is realy good
  20. Hornet85


    Swedish version thanks
  21. Hornet85

    Semper Fidelis

    WOW realy nice almost cant wayt for this mod
  22. Hornet85

    New 51x51 km iraq Island !

    new ground textures and difrent houses in that big town is what it neads not all houses look the same ;) then it wioll be gr8
  23. Hornet85

    Us colonial marines

    looking realy gr8
  24. Hornet85

    Lt HuNTeR Addons

    HK 33 the proud of Swedish National Guard love that gun just an Aimpoint on it and its one of the best guns in the world
  25. Hornet85

    Armed Assault info for modmakers

    what i realy will like in O2 or any program like that is an eayer way to get textures/blueprints in wy not make it so i can import a JPG cant be to hard right i know that most guys use paintshop pro or programs like that but not all got that forgive me if this is an idea that sucks