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    Real life photography/photo editing

    M16 FN MAG58
  2. Hornet85


    Realy nice work ther m8
  3. Hornet85

    Felish mod: Released

    sounds realy cool will try it out later today
  4. Hornet85

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    think it is the same
  5. Hornet85

    What will you do?

    Campange first then when its done mission editor
  6. Hornet85

    ArmA Progress Updates

    some of the things out of the interview At Armedassault.EU
  7. Hornet85

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Direct link to fixed version http://www.armedassault.eu/downloads.php?cat_id=2&download_id=16 ArmedAssault.EU
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    you are allowed to sue the SFP model if you want to but if you have found a beter one then its gr8 cant wayt to see some nice USMC stuf
  9. Hornet85

    ArmA Progress Updates

    it is 37mb 2 videos showing ingame shoots with the Minigun and Blackhawk
  10. Hornet85

    ArmA Progress Updates

    dont know i put it on public so normaly no you dont have to be registerd do this work beter? http://saf.cherrypowered.com/downloads/armedassault_gc060823_gf.zip
  11. Hornet85

    ArmA Progress Updates

    works with IE yes sorry abut this but we dont have alot of space on www.armedassault.eu so i cant upload it direct to it direct link ArmA videos on SAF site try save as might work beter
  12. Hornet85

    ArmA Progress Updates

    www.Armedassault.eu Downloads 3rd from the top Just download and watch  Hornet85@Armedassault.eu
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    yes the one he contaced did but iam not a member of SFP and i have never ben a member of SFP Â Try contacting Shar but he might take a week to anser qranQ is in Asia for a year so taht will be hard... But iam a big fan of USMC got alot of ther gear and stuf and tons of photos of difrent units and gear.
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    Flags or any patches at all is rare on Marines mostly only a flag on the vest or nothing at all. Dont know wy but thats the only way i have seen it
  15. Hornet85


    they do exist onboard CVN-76 VFA-113 the Stingers http://www.lemoore.navy.mil/vfa-113/
  16. Swedish Armed Forces now releases their first island - Värmdölandet Beta 1 Made by Hornet and The Shadow Coding by ZiP This is a public beta we know that ther is alot of bugs so you dont have to write the bugs down here. But plz comment on the rest Some photos from the island. Needed Addons: Instructor's Finnish Building Pack - http://members.surfeu.fi/instructor/ Swedish Forces Pack - http://swepack.game-host.org Thanks to: SWHH for the base of the island, SFP for their great Swedish Forces addon and Ares/Instructor for his lovely Building pack Download http://zip.kicks-ass.org/saf_varmdo.rar http://hem.bredband.net/b589554/saf_varmdo.rar ftp://ftp.freenet.de/pub/4players/hosted/ofp/dl/inseln/saf_varmdo.rar More mirrors will be nice Â
  17. Hornet85

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    A litle cold flying with the arm outside the heli maybe
  18. Hornet85

    Mapfact Combat Divers

    its down
  19. Hornet85

    SAF Squad Värmdölandet

    the new objects are taking longer then expected so you will have to wayt one more week sorry for this. New Screens
  20. Hornet85

    Real life photography/photo editing

    so bekus iam real military iam not alowed playing arsoft on my free time? I do not play as SF i play as a Normal USMC Grunt i just hae the SF uniform and i have a SAS uniform and a SWAT Uniform i collect Military/Police items to. i Never stated that i wher in any SF unit i clearly stated afterwards that it was AS. The background pic is from Mexico by the way... So if any one whants to keep on descusing this im all up for it but not in here.
  21. Hornet85

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Real life photography/photo editing Its AirSoft so i dont realy care what real SF think its for fun and if they cant see that maybe they have the wrong job