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  1. o i whant a island like that badly i can get the same photos used for that island maybe if any one whant to try to make ground textures of them
  2. Hornet85

    game upgrade?

    you will need res iam sorry
  3. Hornet85

    game upgrade?

    sounds like you only got CWC then you cant get higher then 1.45 i think
  4. to bad i cant use PS or PsP then if any one is willing to try to make textures of sat or air images il be hapy to try to make a island of it
  5. will not be easy to make ground textures out of that need to get closer air photos are used on the sweadish island not satelite by the way
  6. Hornet85

    Black Hawk Down

    The True Story of Black Hawk Down wher can i find that one?
  7. Ben thats the Swedish Forces Pack (SFP) not FDF its a swedish army project I will love to try to make island with satelite images but i cant make textures so thats not gona hapen
  8. Hornet85


    might be hard to read ground textur will be changed
  9. Hornet85

    What do you prefer ? -FFUR installer

    3 for ppl that got bad conections
  10. Hornet85


    yes thanks to US coverment this is a realy easy mod to make ve dont have any idea wth is going on in ther all we know is how the base looks like from the air and thats abut it. Use of deadly force is authorized (can any one go ther for us plz?) and read the last line on this one spooky
  11. Hornet85

    Starship Troopers MOD

    yes ther is low poly bugs to (warrior bugs that is)
  12. Web site Hello ther iam the new MOD leader and i will try to save this mod ther for i nead all this ppl listed below to add me on msn: klo_k@hotmail.com or if you dont got msn PM me every one that dont whant to or dont got the time to stay in the mod thats fine but i will like to have any mission, model, texture, scripts, maps or any thing you have made for the island so the guy/girl that comes after you can finiche the things off if you still whant to work for the mod i whant any thing you have made to just to see how the work is going and to put every thing in one place wher it will not get lost So any of this members (the list is from the site) see this write to me and tel me what you whant to do Ville-Valo Manticore Nanahara Shuyha Snake God of Death -=S=- Metanol Gandalf the White Smudge Mace TheWickerMan Goldsmithy Cheetah  Wildo Tom Callaghan Quel Waffendennis Crazy Ian Kyle Sarnik DaveP / HuNtA Lou Bedil Black Raptor Lukemax Rico
  13. Hornet85

    Starship Troopers MOD

    Some pics from me to you
  14. Hornet85

    Bigest party

    Live from Amsterdam Holland Live 40,000 - 50,000 ppl partying all night long
  15. Hornet85

    AH-64 Pack Release

    realy gr8 work as allways laser and Kyle
  16. Hornet85

    M4A1 Pack

    ye gr8 work
  17. Hornet85

    M4A1 Pack

    ye gr8 work
  18. Hornet85

    CSLA 2 Update1

    oki only one smily
  19. Hornet85

    Idea -:- "UN"

    UN cars helos and every thing
  20. Hornet85

    A good urban combat island?

    you dont hapen to have a site with info in english?
  21. Stealbeasts and OFP in the swedish army combat school its all in swedish but on photos you can see parts of it 2006 the army will say if they will or will not use it
  22. Hornet85

    Strategic Bomber pack: B-52 + Tu95

    SR-71 Black Bird not a bomber but it is just love
  23. Hornet85

    BWMod Leopard 2A6 released

    realy nice tank cant wayt to blow it up with the Swedish 122 hehe nice work guys like allways
  24. Hornet85

    Updated Eagle

    ye the best planes in OFP so hope its still alive Â
  25. Hornet85

    International Special Forces

    what abut Blackwater guys not SF but it will be nice to have