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  1. Hornet85

    Kronö island Beta v0.1

    looks like the 0.8 version will be out today just wayting for Redkid to fix the Demo mission for it some new pics Armoured Regiment Old factory
  2. Hornet85

    Everon Defence Force soldiers

    How abut some thing like that a Light anti tank gun on a jeep or a truck?
  3. Hornet85

    Kronö island Beta v0.1

    they are stil working hard Coastal Defence canons for next version in the next version of the island ther will be 10-15 new objects made by me mostly signs but also Weapons storage factory bus stop coastal defence stuff
  4. Hornet85

    VTE open beta 09-13-05

    wow more Vietnam stuff gr8 work
  5. Hornet85

    Kronö island Beta v0.1

    sorry Placebo it will never hapen again Finarvas most of Sweden is realy flat but yes ther will be some hils and things like that to
  6. Hornet85

    Kronö island Beta v0.1

    thanks guys update 0.5 sone to come [mg]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v179/Hornet85/Hv4.jpg[/img]>100kb Home Guard base
  7. Hornet85

    Kronö island Beta v0.1

    thanks to OFP Info for download links ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/unofaddons2/Kronoe_beta_01.rar ftp://www.gamezone.cz/ofpd/unofaddons2/Kronoe_beta_01.rar
  8. Hornet85

    Kronö island Beta v0.1

    yepp but i dident get premission to edit them (the House pack that is) the Mapfact stuff i dont know Sgt Eversman sorry forgot abut it
  9. Hornet85

    Kronö island Beta v0.1

    RTFM yes Mapfact Barracken, Military objects pack and Instructors finnish House pack
  10. Hornet85

    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    ORCS T72 (i think) OWNs HKP9 and My island
  11. Hornet85

    Semper Fidelis

    sad to here you stop making marine addons wher realy looking forward to this but i can uderstand that you guys got alot of privet life to so have fun and i see you for armas (any chanse that the stuff you cant finich of will end up as open sorce?) sorry for the bad english
  12. Hornet85

    Us colonial marines

    "cough" you need one more beta tester "cough"
  13. Hornet85

    Jon Doe

    nice thanks Offtime will make it alot easyer
  14. Tomorrow (3 September) we will start at 6am and breakfust brake at 0730 and then play allmost all day the mission is Bastige island and you will need the latest WGL 4.12 Join in to the Swepack irc chanel on quakenet befor 0545am and take part in this long game if you dont have a IRC client download mirc on www.mirc.com this is in GMT +1 Right now the players are Hornet85 granQ Redkid i hope some of you join so we can have a big and fun gameing day
  15. Hornet85


    wow thank you a wtf you get one more
  16. Hornet85

    Cat addon (static)

    Chip dont tel me you whont shoot at it? first thing i did wher to load up WGL place it 800m away lay down with the light 50and BOOM
  17. Hornet85

    A full day game mission Bastige island

    and ye we will have like 30min brake for dinner to but if we are alot off ppl we can almost go and come like we will just leve the game on
  18. Hornet85

    Jon Doe

    ye no problem NATT (Nogova Anti Terror Team) [sWAT] i might change the vest Sorry offtime this is the last pic i will post of it in your topic will make a new one sone
  19. Hornet85

    Jon Doe

    i have started to make a Jon Doe Riot Police got a SWAT version coming to just whanted to show a pic of him Relice will be sone will just fix some textures and the config sorry to highjack the topic
  20. Hornet85

    My OFP2 addon released

    no its mayde to look like a addon from OFP2 not for OFP2
  21. Hornet85

    My OFP2 addon released

    brat try to make the soldier
  22. Hornet85

    Casurina Island

    Umm... I haven't really tried it yet been too busy building it. At the moment it doesn't appear to lag without units on it, but i would say it may start when you put large numbers in that area. Perhaps the fog level will have to be up high.Hang on I'll test it... Ok a quick test ,I used 8 squads, 4 east, 4 west in the heart of the city. Detail set to high, viewdistance about 1000, on a p4 2.8 and a gforce fx5900,running DXLL and ecp (latest version) it's still playable it does lag a bit, but that's the price you pay for detail. That's why i'm banking on armed assult adressing the lag issues.Then again it may not help at all.I have to say I noticed a drop in lag when using berghoff's nature pack compared to the BIS trees.But if you want big battles in the city, put the fog up and use spawn points. that sounds gr8 will love to play this island
  23. Hornet85

    My OFP2 addon released

    nice Brataccas  :
  24. Hornet85

    Jon Doe

    bank robber maybe sawed off shotgun and a balaclava and its done
  25. Hornet85

    Casurina Island

    how is the lagg on your computer if you have a smal and a big batle in the town on the pics?