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  1. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about Steam in this thread. sigh..


    Up until I had that account disabled problem, Steam worked flawlessly. This is partly why I was so pissed when that happened. My issue is strictly with their poor support and has nothing to do with the software or distribution methods. It simply works.

    All that being said, I will still have second thoughts about buying future games from Steam.

  2. I've used Steam since they came into being. I've been a avid supporter of their service because it's easy and convenient. But something happened recently to change my attitude a bit.

    When I tried to logon the other night I was notified my account had been disabled. I checked my email to see if they sent me anything that might explain this. Nothing. So I followed the directions on their site to submit a support ticket (there is NO WAY to contact them via phone for immediate support.)

    While I waited for some response I searched for posts that might indicate what the issue was or what to expect from support. Turns out the average wait time for a response from support is 3 to 7 days!!! Unacceptable!

    To make a long story short, I can no longer recommend Steam based solely upon their HORRIBLE support. I did get the issue resolved after three days, but during that time I could not play any steam purchased games. Their response was that my account might have been hacked, but what bothered me MOST was that they never bothered to notify me and left it up to me to initiate the support fix. It's bothersome because they took the initiative to suspend my account - ostensibly to protect me from fraud - but didn't find it necessary to contact me when they did it.

    Steam is great for convenience but if you ever have a problem that requires support they fail miserably.

    If and when they can increase their level of support by providing a call center and longer support hours and commit themselves to quick turn around times, I might consider recommending them again. But as it stands now I cannot.

    Lastly, I originally purchased A2 and OA on Steam but ended up buying hard copies from the local store to avoid some of the issues these particular games had with Steam. I should note most other Steam games don't suffer from the same sorts of issues that A2/OA do/did.

  3. sure thing.

    (minus the comparison part... too late to go back to previous version.)


    Thanks for the video. I would have to say (not having played it) that they actually look much better to me. The only ones I can see that might be too fast is the weapon switch and even then it isn't too bad.

    The kneeling and such look perfect to me.

    That being said, I may change my mind once I test it, but I'll have to vote for a keeper with a possible small tweak in the future.

  4. After playing more, I strongly think there is something partly worse with AI since the AI changes in last few betas. They spot the enemy good like before, but then they may ingore the threat and turn their back constantly to the enemy like they didnt exist. I have been testing a less easy mission where player group is landed next to an enemy infantry squad. Before the AI changes, my group members still managed to shoot back quite good and fast. Now they just follow me blindly, turning their backs to the enemy 50m ahead (or even next to them) while there is bullets flying around them and they are in danger mode. Now it sometimes seems to take 5-10 seconds for the AI, to react to the suddent enemy next to them, even when in radiochat they report the contacts normally. It dosent help that I have AI skills set to friendly 1.0 and enemy 0.1 in game settings.

    The same slow reaction have also happened with enemy BMP transporting units only 100m away from AI friendlies. You can sometimes even see an enemy and friendly unit running together for some seconds before reaction. And this happened with enemy/friendly skills set to 1.0 in game settings.

    The AI changes have been mostly very good, but the reaction times to turn to look at the hostile, aim and shoot are much slower now.

    Edit: And I am not using any mods.

    Yes. I have seen similar instances with opposing forces literally running side by side for a few seconds before one got shot. It was odd, but not really a problem IMHO.

  5. Little EDIT: The new Atoc thingy seems to be what is used in Fallout New Vegas? When i look at the grass in that game i see the same dithering around the grass.

    I see this too, and I actually sort of like it. It seems to give more detail to the grass from a distance. I've already decided it's not distracting enough to be an issue for me.

  6. There really needs to be a games industry award for "Most Dedicated Developer." BIS would win hands down every time.

    I've already bought ARMA2/OA twice - I may just have to find a way to get more money to these guys. I think I'll buy the BAF DLC - it's the only thing I don't have.

    Seriously these guys are the gold standard for game devs IMHO.

  7. I have a video showing the AI in action (all be it not online as I need to re up a new youtube account). All I can say is that if anyone saw the vid they would think it was MP session (it was SP).

    I like it, alot. took me by suprise when i moved and they suddenly took it upon themselves to flank and spread to trees and crouch, peeping around. Realy "felt" like they were acting upon what they say .. "go, covering" ... and yes, they looked more like they were covering and the next bounding unit moved up to next tree to play peek-a-boo. Must get it online.

    I agree. Played some PMC missions over the weekend and I was mighty impressed with the AI. Seemed much more realistic and I felt they were moving/reacting much better than I had ever seen before.

  8. Despite all the discussion on whether or not to tell us who shot our player (I do like this feature), I wouldn't rule out a bug in this case.

    Remember that bug where you would die if in a vehicle driving down a hill? I had chalked that up to an unseen combatant too, but it turned out to be a bug.

  9. You should be able to create your own using the editor, selecting Independent as the side and you should see the Predator units listed there.

    I think also that if you download the Lingor Island map that there are a few pre-made missions for the Predator/Lingor combo. Do a search in User Missions.

  10. And where did I ever say I was giving up on it? You're all doing a whole lot of talkin', but not alot of listening.
    Eh, I don't think I'll be playing to much of it really. A friend gifted it to me, so I felt I had to at LEAST play it for awhile, but alas, it's just not my style...

    Sounds like you're giving up on it. If I misinterpreted that then please forgive me.

  11. Ok, you clearly aren't getting what I was posting, that wasn't the point at all, lol. I was just saying no sights Benchmark the game because of how unstable it is.

    And yes, I'm Irish, but born & raised in America. McBride clan.

    Ya know, I've run into my share of bugs in the game, but I would never call it unstable. And I've also seen some sites that DO use ArmA for benchmarking performance.

    Anyhow, it sounds like your expectations haven't been met. Fair enough, but I have to say that anyone that gives up on ArmA2 after just a couple of days isn't really giving it a chance. It took me weeks to appreciate everything it has to offer.

    I will warn you ahead of time though, don't go and buy OA thinking it will adress your gripes. It won't.

  12. Yes, I have a Quad, and yeah, I imagine a SSD would help. I already know everything you just said, though, but if MP is the only good aspect of it, I'm not really a fan.

    On the contrary I think more people play SP than MP. SP has endless potential whether it comes from playing the numerous missions provided with the game or some of the excellent user made missions/campaigns.

    I played MP a couple of times when I first got the game, but found it took way too long to get into and enjoy the game. Switched to SP and played the hell out of Cipher SP (probably the best dynamic SP mission) and never looked back. As others have said, sometimes I just open the editor, plop down some units and modules and go at it.

    Yes the AI isn't perfect and looks awkward at times, but I think one gets over that fairly quickly after experiencing a few of the "OMG did that just happen?!" moments that result fromt he AI driven un-scripted nature of the game.

  13. So, you ignored our advice and installed the biggest, most complex modification you could find? And now you're having trouble. Duh.

    I don't think you need to be insulting. But I do wish people would stop recommending ACE to noobies. It's the worst thing a newcomer can do. The game is complex enoug in its vanilla form much less adding the complexity of ACE. I'm sure it's overwhelmed quite a few new players when they're told to jump from step 1 to step 100 right off the bat.