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  1. Sounds like it is not installed properly. Do you get any errors when loading the editor or launching a mission? Are you familiar with installing mods and addons?
  2. That is correct - if you want to be able to take the movie data you create and save it to an SQF file for use in a mission. There are no arma scripting commands that allow saving of anything directly to a file (at least not that I have found anyway), so this uses the provided clipboard commands to copy the movie data to the windows clipboard. All that the FinalCut.exe does is monitor the windows clipboard for data and provide you with the means to save it out to a file. Do you have some sort of concern with the .exe that I can answer for you?
  3. Thanks for the kind words and suggestions. Very glad you enjoy it. As you play with it more and can think of other useful things, please mention them.
  4. Yes. Using the new CREATE method you have full control over the camera and can set the specific rotation angle around the subject. Even though CREATE is intended for creating scripts, you can also use it to watch the action while moving the camera to your liking (though it will not automatically switch subjects) and snap screenshots using your favorite tool :) I may post a short video demonstrating this once I publish the new release as it will also allow you to create offset subjects that aren't always centered and makes for some interesting shots. Darkhorse - Here you go, a video showing you can use the Create mode to just mess around with the camera for screenshots or custom camera setup for recording with FRAPS etc. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGVMlJLx8JA&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGVMlJLx8JA&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object> I'm working on getting this released as I type this. Should be out soon. ---------- Post added at 05:12 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:11 AM ---------- Beta 0.2 Released!! See the first post for download. PLEASE READ BELOW! There may be some small bugs in this version and I have experienced some stuttering in certain situations so let me know if this happens to you (notably with Orbit and the SU-34 in some situations) though it tends to sort itself out after a short while. I think it has to do with the speed of the aircraft and Arma loading lots of textures. As always PLEASE provide feedback so I can make this most useful and work as well as it can for those that use it, especially with the new features to create movie scripts. Be sure to read the PDF file for instructions as there are currently some limitations that will be addressed in a new version. Here are the important excerpts: Note: Due to lack of keyboard control when the mission type is set to Intro or Outro you will need to setup the objects while in the default Mission type and do all of your scene creation there. Once completed and the script has been saved, you can copy paste all of your objects to the Intro/Outro mission type for use in your missions. You will then edit an objects initialization section to execute the script you just created. If you have questions about this feel free to ask in the forum thread. Due to the use of camPrepare commands which use interpolation to move the camera from one point to the next, using Create for scripting of camera movements on moving objects will not work as you expect. This will be addressed in the next version. Note: There is currently no way to reload movies that you create. Once you exit Arma or switch missions all scene and movie data is lost!
  5. LOL - I'm sorry. Sometimes, the time I think I'll have to work on it doesn't pan out. I'm going to be snowed in tomorrow so I promise I'll release it by the end of the day. Hang tight!
  6. It is difficult to "script" the action, but there is an option to execute a script for each "scene". So technically if you setup the scene and write scripts to cause actions to occur at specific times, you can assign that script to the camera scene using the tool. The text box above the smooth and cuts button is where one would enter the name of the script to execute. I will be releasing the beta 0.2 version in a day or two.
  7. I for one abhor the trend of making video games into movies. Nothing turns me off to a game more than one that tries to be a movie. When I lay down my $50.00 I want to PLAY the friggin thing not sit through some lame cut scenes waiting for the next chance to actually play the game for 10 minutes before I have to sit through another labored cut scene. When I want to watch a movie I put in a DVD. Same goes for games where you pick up texts along the way that are meant to expand the story. When I want to read, I open a book. I have countless games I never finished because I was so put off by the 'movies' I lost interest very quickly.
  8. New video of soon-to-be-released Beta 0.2 is available in the first post. Check it out!
  9. Simple question - must the cam scripts be in SQS syntax or does SQF also work? I imagine it really doesn't matter, but from the few examples I have looked at they all seem to be in SQS syntax.
  10. Grizzle

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    So I broke down and bought it. Disappointed so far. Not trying to start a flame war, but the gameplay and cheesy weather effects to mask the lack of view distance is a big turn off. The game absolutely reeks of consolitis. The Battlefield series that was, is dead. I hate to sound like an old fart, but modern FPS games just ain't what they used to be.
  11. It's moving along. Lots of work involved. Creating dialogs is just as much work as creating the actual functionality. I've struggled with a few things like commands that flatly don't work and this has hindered development somewhat, but I'm trying to get the mechanics and framework down so I can improve upon it using suggestions from users. Which brings me to my next request. I'm not completely familiar with making intros/outros though I have seen some examples. I'd like to know what sorts of things those of you that make intros/outros would require to make it simpler for you. Right now, one will be able to set camera locations and targets in series and have them played back. This assumes that units and whatnot have already been placed by the user using the editor - so the app really just focuses on the filming of the scene. The app will be able to output a formatted script that will replay the camera moves recorded and can be used as a stand-alone script for missions with intro/ outro scenes. There are some issues with filiming certain types of scenes, but you'll all get a chance to see what I mean very soon. Having never created a script for intro/outro (or even viewed many of them in missions) I'm at a slight loss for what would be most effective so I'm hoping when I release the next beta that people who have or do create intro/outro scenes will chime in with many suggestions. Stay tuned - I'm gonna drop a teaser video soon (I know I said that before, but real life sometimes gets in the way.) Patience!
  12. I take all my 'permanent' mods and put them in one folder and have separate folders for other mods that I may not want to run at times so I can remove those folders from the -mod switch. So the answer is yes, you can put more than one mod into a single folder. It also makes it easy to organize. For example I have an @islands folder where I place all island mods and a @units folder to place new units etc. The one thing you must follow is the location of any userconfig files. Place those according to the instructions of the mod maker.
  13. Grizzle

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    Thanks for the response. I've grown leery of new FPS games mostly due to the console influence. I thought even BF2142 had jumped the shark so I'm very undecided about this. I loved the heck out of all the BF games up to the aforementioned 2142 and am just worried I'll once again be disappointed with a 'PC' game that's left its roots behind in favor of the most common denominator and dumbed down gameplay. Is there a PC demo? I know there was a beta but I haven't seen anything about a release demo yet.
  14. Grizzle

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    Is this closer to the original BF/BF2 games or MW2 arcade-y style? I've read some comments about the linear map design and am most interested to see if it's an open playing field like it was in the PC BF series.
  15. Do a google search. There are ways to install the Upgrade version without having previous versions. If I have time to find the link I'll post it. edit: This isn't the exact one I was thinking of, but it has all the info you need :)
  16. Grizzle

    Unit Proportion (Human)

    Odd, I always thought they were short when compared to the foliage we have to run through all the time. Though maybe that's because I'm one of those freakishly tall Americans ;)
  17. That feature is currently being worked on. Keep checking back for updates.
  18. You don't need Ultimate, Home or Pro should do just fine, but I always go with Pro. You can just pay for the upgrade version since you already have XP. I suggest you copy all your important stuff to a USB drive or something before the upgrade. Glad to hear the personal troubles are out of the way. :)
  19. ^^ Very strange. I've never had that happen before. When you say "when you switch the interface of Director to return to first person view of our players" do you mean by using the CUT! button? Update: I have some real tasty stuff in store for you guys :D - Updated Orbit scene to revolve around moving vehicles (more on this later) - Fixed a bug with preload - Fixed a dialog bug - Fixed min distance to objects so no more terrible closeups (I love finding simple commands I overlooked a million times) - Currently working on the Intro/Outro creation piece and will post a video demo of it shortly. It's basically another 'scene' called "Create" that shows a different dialog that allows you to set all of the camera variables to set up a scene. You can save the settings, change them and save again repeatedly creating a 'movie' that you can play back (think tweening.) It gets added to the scene listbox on the main dialog so you can pick it like all the other scenes. I have it recording and playing back, but still need to add some functionality. I have to build an external module to allow saving the movie data to a file that will operate as a standalone intro/outro for missions. Unless someone knows of a better way to save data to a file without using diag_log, I intend to use the clipboard and a stand alone application to pull data from the clipboard and output it to a script file.
  20. It's a good suggestion and one that I had considered. I also thought about having a mode that allows the user to set all of the various variables and save it out as a custom script that would play into your suggestion. This way people not familiar with cam scripts can essentially create their own through point and click. There's still a lot more to do so I'll have to start prioritizing features based on demand. Thanks for the feedback.
  21. I've found that to get a better experience, I fire it up and skip-key through differents scenes letting each scene load all the LODS before moving on. This forces textures and models into the cache. After a minute or two of doing this I restart the mission and kick it off again and the LOD popping and performance is much better. I'm not 100% clear on your description but it sounds like something I've run into and thought I had solved. If you get a moment, can you PM me with a better description? I'm off to do some gaming and a little more work on the mod.
  22. I accept suggestions to improve niggles too :) The more you guys tell me what you like and don't like the more this will become a better tool for everyone.
  23. jezza - Yes I have given some thought to being able to create intro/outro scenes and will put it on the list. Myke - Due to the random nature of things there will be shots (especially of fast moving vehicles) that don't work out so well. It does currently take velocity into account, but I can probably tweak that a bit more. Orbit works best for objects that aren't moving though it does still impart camera movement when viewing moving objects. Currently the best 'scenes' for fast vehicles are Follow, Fly By and First Person. Stationary pan is one I don't use much myself unless I'm interested in a more scenic view with the *possibility* of seeing some action. Will definitely put the check in for MP as it really isn't designed for MP to being with, but I may be able to add that capability in subsequent versions. As noted in the original post, I appreciate any and all feedback and as this is as much for the community as it was for me, suggestions are always welcome.
  24. First beta released. Link is in the first post. Use it, enjoy it, hate it or whatever, but please let me know of any problems you encounter or any suggestions for new features or improvements you'd like to see.
  25. Thanks for the comments guys. Ruebe - The scene fading can already be turned on or off, but I found that depending upon performance and several other factors that sometimes the cuts are really bad seeing stuff happen that isn't pretty :) It works great on say Utes and likely other less stressing islands, but Chernarus is such a hog that the fade really helps to hide some things. I'll check out your mod as it sounds like you have some interesting things going on with it. Who knows, perhaps you're up for a collaboration? You could probably teach me a few things about scripting and save me the hours and hours of trouble finding things out on my own ;)