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  1. Grizzle

    ARMA 2 OA shooting sound

    And they could replace the shot sound with one that plays "I'm over here!" ;)
  2. Grizzle

    New beta for OA 71952

    I had something similar happen once, but only once. I switched the 'video memory' setting to something other than what it was set to (normal to high for instance) and it cleared up right away. Sounds like a memory leak.
  3. I'm glad you mentioned that. The tutorial is MUCH better than any previous version. It moved right along and everything seemed to work as it should (for the parts I went through at least.) I remember thinking how well put together it was so I wanted to validate your point and give kudos to the tutorial designers and say job well done!
  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion Lord Byte, and you are no exception. Though I think it a bit simplistic to think that if we all stopped buying BIS games they would step it up and add more polish to their products. More than likely they'd all lose their jobs and we'd never see a BIS game again. This game is a niche and as such they aren't likely to get much in the way of funding so they must rely on the community to make their living. I don't think that's necessarily the best business model, but that's the reality of bringing a product such as this to market. As open and honest as this forum is and as involved as the developers, CEO and support staff are I'm sure they are completely aware of the public's negative impressions of their product. Just as I'm sure they are aware of how many of us appreciate what they do. No large gaming shop is going to do this sort of game for the very reasons and potential issues you cite. So those of us that want and enjoy this sort of game are left to decide if we're willing to put up with a few ragged edges to get what we want. I don't think of myself as supporting bad policies by spending my money on BIS games, I think of myself supporting the kind of game I like to play and the people that make it. And for that I'm more than willing to put up with some of the quirks because without BIS, there wouldn't be a large scale mil-sim at all.
  5. Grizzle

    Not happy :(

    Grats on your mission success packersfan! W0lle was right - this game is very dynamic and each time you play through a mission it will be different. As I recall I died quite a few times in that mission myself (as well as losing some of or the entire squad at times), but this is what makes the game so awesome. It's unpredictable just like real life. You should head on over to the user missions forum or armaholic and grab yourself Cipher SP mission right away. It's always fun and always different, sometimes a cake walk sometimes a blood bath. Perfect mission that exemplifies the greatness that is ArmA 2.
  6. Grizzle

    New beta 71900 is up!(OA)

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but it only happens when I'm running the beta. The issue is that I no longer can look up or down while walking or standing still. If I try, I can only look a little bit in either direction before my view is forced back to center. Very strange. Thing is, if I start running it works fine! I may have hit a bad key combo at some point turning on some setting that I am unaware of, but if I launch AO retail the issue does not occur so I'm not so sure it's a setting because I believe AO retail and AO beta share the same config file. If someone has run into this before and knows what it is please let me know. It's very irritating. EDIT: Just read back a few more psots and found a similar issues. Assuming this is a bug.
  7. I did :p I'm sure it's just me, but I'd rather have silence then yet-another-bombastic-in-your-face-rock-song to go along with battle videos.
  8. Grizzle

    1.07 model lod problem?

    Me three. Happens in OA too, but I've noticed mostly for units that are mounted on a vehicle.
  9. Really nice video! Music is too loud though :o
  10. Are you running anything like TrackIR or some other keyboard macro program that might be intercepting certain keystrokes? I'm guessing that BIS have included a scripting command action to turn on/off the lazer and flashlight. If you can find those commands (someone may chime in) you can try to execute it directly to isolate the issue down to your keyboard. ---------- Post added at 08:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:20 PM ---------- I'm hoping they're planning to rewrite the engine from the ground up. This one is showing its age.
  11. Here's what worked for me: I've had ARMA2 installed with the 1.07 patch applied outside of steam. I purchased AO and it installed in its own folder. After BIS added the "launch combined" feature to Steam I launched it and it didn't work so I tried the suggestion of running ARMA2 - using the Steam link in the Steam UI - and it started to DL the 1.07 version (yeah I know it sucked, but it's what made this all work.) After it finished downloading I ran it once - using the Steam link in the Steam UI Closed it. Launched CO from the right click menu on AO in Steam UI and bingo there was Arma2 on the expansion page. Worked like a charm. I think the important thing for me was running the games using the Steam links. I typically have my own shortcuts that point directly to the games as opposed to running through Steam. In fact if I run OA using a regular shortcut CO doesn't work and I would expect this because it is the Steam link for CO that runs a script to combine them - for that session only - so it appears that if I want to use CO I have to use the Steam links.
  12. Grizzle

    Downsampling ArmA 2

    If an image is rendered at a higher resolution than it is displayed, downsampling is the appropriate term.
  13. Happened on my first run through. I made it the second time. As for the men in the tower, they can be shot through the windows so I don't know why you're trying to climb the stairs.
  14. Runs the same and better for me depending upon the island etc. It's definitely NOT worse though I do occasionally get some stutters when things are loading and I bet I can reduce that with a defrag. Either way, it's very playable and very cool.
  15. I've only played two missions so far and I like what I see. FLIR!!!! OMG!!! Performance wise I don't seem to have any issues as ARMA 2 always played smoothly for me despite the somewhat low FPS. Time will tell performance wise, but it's looking pretty good so far. FYI - I have the Steam version and did not experience some of the issues others have noted (having to DL ARMA 2 1.07 all over again) but my folders aren't combined either though I hear there is a way to do that after the fact. Q6600 OC'd to 3.2ghz 4GB RAM GTX 260 Win7 64
  16. Hi Folks, Been away from the scene while I try to find a job but I still fully intend to continue work on this mod. I just need to get some personal things settled first then I'll be back at it. @node runner - Perhaps we can discuss your idea at more length as I think it would be possible depending upon how your animations are scripted. The 'create' section will allow you to execute a script for a given scene and this may be a possibility but I can't be sure until I more fully understand the request. I'll be sure to post again once I am able to resume work on the mod. Thanks to all!
  17. Ah. Sorry about that ;) I will have to look into it as it wasn't really designed for MP, but I think it would be valuable to make it so.
  18. First, you need to know the name assigned to the player by the game. In the subject filter, deselect everything but MAN and the side the player is on (selected item color is white and deselected are gray.) The subject list will then contain only men/units from that side. Look for the name of the player and select it, you may need to scroll down the list to find him. Pick a camera scene from the scene list such as Follow Subject and click Action!. You may also want to set the scene duration value to 0 so it doesn't keep switching camera angles/scenes. Let me know if that helps.
  19. Sorry, but I'm confused. Can you possibly rephrase the question? ---------- Update: Haven't had much time to work on this as of late, but I did get the tilt/roll (pitch/bank) working, only there's a catch. In order to have this capability generated in the camera scripts, the generated scripts need to move away from using the camPrepare statements which complicates the output of the script. It can be done, and I will do it, but it may take a little while. Will also be adding the time accel to the create function as well. I plan to add a start accel and end accel value for each scene so you can start a scene at 1.0 and slow it down to 0.2 (or other value) over the duration of the scene (or just have the scene at a preset accel value). I think using two values will make for some cool effects rather than going from 1.0 to 0.2 immediately. :) I've been looking into adding the post-processing effects (blur etc) as well, but I'm afraid it's going to require some fairly complex interface programming to pull it off (LOTS of options for setting up the effects.) I haven't decided whether or not I really want to tackle that just yet. The next version will include the pitch/bank and accel functions. Cheers!
  20. Grizzle


    Excellent mod. Thanks to all involved. It desperately needs a new LandTex though so I'm glad you're working on that.
  21. Grizzle


    I had the same problem with summer trees - maybe the archive is whacked? OK, so I downloaded it twice and it failed to extract both times with a CRC error.
  22. Grizzle


    Looks awesome. Will definitely give it a try.
  23. I dunno Joe. That is odd for sure, especially with it blocking other mods. What version of Arma2 are you running? Do you use the latest beta patch? I can add some lines to show up in the arma log that may help track the problem down. You may also want to try and execute it directly by placing the following line in a trigger or init field for a mission: _result = execVM "\GZL_Director\GZL_Director_Init.sqf";
  24. Thanks Darkhorse. demi - use the example provided above. Once in game, scroll the mouse wheel or hit '[' or ']' to bring up the action menu. These are the default key mappings so if you changed them, check your control options to see what has been mapped to 'Previous' and/or 'Next' and use those keys. You should then see Director listed in the action menu. You only need to do this the first time you access the addon after launching ARMA2. Once it has been activated from the action menu, then you will be able to strike the 0 key on your numpad to bring up the dialog.