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  1. Using N++ 5.6.6 with the SQF plugin and it works fine. @muzzleflash I had a similar file loading time problem but it must be a specific version because it hasn't happened in a while. Try updating?
  2. +1. I know BIS says behavior of exitWith{} may be unexpected at times, but I found it works great to exit while loops.
  3. Voted. This happened to me the other day but I just thought I got pegged by an unseen AI. Now that I read this it was definitely the bug.
  4. Grizzle

    How to fix Performance

    There is a small program you can DL that will do this for you: http://www.prnwatch.com/prio.html
  5. Funny you should mention those things. Though I had only intended for this to be a 'quick and dirty' mod, the more I play with it the more features I want to add :D Now, I don't know about doing exactly those things, but I am thinking along similar lines. So far, in addition to the A2 compatibility, I've added the following hint text to display: - Your current position above sea level - The name and distance of the 'nearest location' (whether it be capital, city, village or other) I'm going to make the display a real dialog so the user can have more interaction. I'm going to include some helper functions so users can utilize the info displayed. I will probably allow the user to 'tag' spots then output a full list to the clipboard/rpt when they've got them all. Maybe even surrounded by code framework to make it easier to implement the spawns. Anyhow, I should be releasing the next version in a day or two as time permits.
  6. I have a function that will return the house based upon one of the values in the house ID string. You provide the city name and a substring value of the house info and it passes back the house object. :) I will post it when I put up the next version which will have Arma2 stand alone capability (I got it working - with one small caveat). Anyhow, check back periodically for the update and I'll explain how to use the info the tool provides to retrieve the house object so you can spawn units in them.
  7. Grizzle

    Help Me Find A Mod

    What do you mean by they "don't work"? You don't need ANY mods to play the game. Everything works out of the box. Mods add stuff or change the way things work to suit a particular taste. So what's wrong with your sniper scope?
  8. Grizzle

    PCGH benchmark GTX480 / GTX470

    Yes. It's my opinion and experience that DVI cables provide sharper images. It's not night and day, but it's noticeable. ---------- Post added at 11:21 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:18 AM ---------- I have a 260 and have read great things about some of the oc'd 460's, but I'm happy enough with my performance to think the upgrade isn't necessary. Plus, as has been noted numerous times, ArmA is CPU bound so a faster GPU isn't going to make all that much difference.
  9. Yes I know. He's just another frustrated newbie and we've all seen that before.
  10. Give this one some time. He sees the light but just can't quite reach it yet :) His "OMG did that just happen?" moment hasn't come yet, but it will :D
  11. Grizzle

    Why to get them both?

    Twice the fun!! If you don't get both, you may run into problems trying to play community made missions and mods that rely on content from both games.
  12. Grizzle

    Cant uninstall

    Maybe you'd get more helpful information if you posted something other than "I installed some unamed mod and it broke my game". What mod was installed? What message are you getting when you try to connect to MP games? Details might help us to provide some useful information.
  13. Grizzle

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    Finally had a chance to play through it. Lots of fun and one that I'll play many times more for sure. Keep up the good work!
  14. LOL oops.. it's there now.
  15. Grizzle

    Cant uninstall

    I've never known an installation program that also removes files the user placed in the folder after the fact. The uninstaller simply isn't aware of those files so the user always has to remove them manually after the uninstall. As for it not showing up in Add/Remove programs, I can't speak to that since I use the Steam version. Nevertheless, here's hoping the frustration subsides as the game is most definitely worth it.
  16. Grizzle

    Devs time for a 64BIT version???

    This is quite the juicy thread. Thanks to Suma and DWarden for being so forthcoming with all these juicy tidbits!
  17. You would need to dePBO the mission so that you can open it in the editor and add the movie effect to the map.
  18. Grizzle

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    I wanna be like BIS!!! You guys are Rock Stars! Thanks for everything! :clap:
  19. All very good info. The problem I have is finding shooters during the day (no muzzle flash) because the gun smoke is so slight I can barely see it. Most of the time I have to concentrate really hard to catch a wisp of smoke. This isn't a complaint or issue, just an observation and to be honest it adds to the tension of the moment. :)
  20. Grizzle

    rioting civilian

    sounddogs.com - I'm sure you'll find a good audio file there. Convert the file to OGG format. Add a description.ext file to your mission folder and within it place this: class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class AngryMob { name = ""; sound[] = {"\sound\angrymob.ogg", 1, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; The path of the file depends on where you place it. If you have a subfolder in your missions folder called 'sound' the path would be as above. The first numeric value after the file name represents DB level. Change it to 0.0 - 1.0 to suit your particular needs. Create a trigger and use playsound "AngryMob"; in the activation field.
  21. Grizzle

    Devs time for a 64BIT version???

    All in good time. I just read an article that 64bit OS's make up about 40% of the installed base or all PC users (thanks to Windows 7). It won't be long before 64 bit is the norm. I wouldn't put too much faith in A2 or OA being re-written for 64 bit. It's something that really needs to start from the ground up.
  22. Grizzle

    Which SSD for Arma2/OA?

    If BIS would make better use of memory caching an SSD would not be needed. Even with LAA awareness OA still uses less than a gig of memory on a 4 gig system (Win7x64).
  23. Grizzle

    Orders to my team - RUN!

    Pretty much, but they still often get stuck in combat mode and move too slowly.
  24. This shouldn't be happening. You might check your keymappings and possibly change the mapping that brings up the UI. I imagine this issue is tied to a mod or something as I've never seen it. ---------- Post added at 05:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:14 PM ---------- Shouldn't be any issues with OA. I'm fairly certain I use all base class names for units etc and the rest are all standard/camera commands that should operate the same way in OA. ---------- Post added at 05:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:15 PM ---------- The real concept was that one would use a program like FRAPS to record the video then do some post editing. It can create basic camera scripts, but there are some issues with it since it relies upon scripted units and whatnot to execute actions at the same time. Watch the video showing how to use the create feature. Once you've output your camera script you'll need to add it to your mission intro and call it via some init function in your campaign. I plan to increase the usability of the 'Create' feature when I have more time to work on it.
  25. Grizzle

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    I tried it and it hasn't crashed yet, but I haven't played it through yet either. (EDIT: Sorry, it just locked up on me so I guess you have a real bug.) I am having problems with the insertion chopper not unloading because it gets fired upon. You might want to relocate some close enemies farther away or move the LZ and/or flight path. Also to make the insertion heli touch down for a few seconds while unloading add an invisible H on top of (or close to) the unloading waypoint. Add a unit with the following selections: Side: Empty -> Class: Objects -> Unit: H (invisible). No need to do anything else and the heli will do its thing instead of hovering a few feet above ground.