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    Arma 2 oa still broken!!!

    :) ... :confused: ... :mad: ... :eek: ... :cool: Relax, you have just entered Phase 3 in The Evolution of an ArmA2 Player.
  2. Grizzle

    Actual combat????

    First, stop trying to be Rambo. I felt the same when I began playing but soon learned it's better to be alive at the end of the mission than to have lots of kills. Sometimes I get most of the kills out of sheer chance, other times my AI squad mates do. You'll learn to not care so much about that soon enough. The AI is much better at spotting through vegetation and trees than I am. I'm not saying the flora doesn't impact the AI sight, it does, but they have much better eyesight when it comes to spotting you in the woods etc. Start checking your map when you AI squadies begin calling out enemies. They'll show up so you have some idea of where they are when you can't actually see them. THat being said, you WILL become better at spotting, it just takes time. When I first started I rarely ever spotted the enemy before my squad did. That's not the case anymore as I have 'trained' my eyes for what to look for. I personally select the medic using the F keys then hit 6 and usually the heal option is first in the command list. There's more than one way to accomplish as someone else already pointed out. You can point at the medic, select him then point at the injured party and issue the heal command that will pop up in the context menu of the injured man. I think I've tried BEL when it was first released. Don't remember a whole lot about that mission, but your issues aren't with the mission itself, it's just that you're in that adjustment period. Once you get beyond it you'll learn to appreciate the fact that enemies can be deadly and killing things in this game isn't as easy as most other modern FPS make it. You should try Cipher mission if you haven't already and of course there is always the editor where you can lay down some enemy units and your squad to get some practice spotting and killing.
  3. Updated. See first post.
  4. Grizzle

    Head Bob...how many use?

    Thanks for the confirmation of a long held suspicion. Though I must admit, I thought you might merely be freakin awesome, but goddamn awesome? Next level, so next level.
  5. Grizzle

    New recoil, please make it go away

    First I want to say that not everyone uses BETA or visits that particular forum. I think it would have been better to announce this change outside of the BETA forum to get more general feedback as I think most of the folks who mess with the beta's are hardcore players whose attitudes and opinions don't always align with the rest of the player base. That being said I can't complain *too* much about the new recoil, but as some others have said the real issue is it doesn't return to center AT ALL which is completely unrealistic. Sure I know moving the mouse down would simulate your muscle tension keeping the gun somewhat on target, but I don't think the gun should just stay where it ends up after a few rounds if one doesn't adjust the mouse when firing. I do find it a bit more tedious to play now and I never really thought the recoil needed to be made harder to handle so I'm not sure why the change was made in the first place. If it was done to appease the hardcore MP crowd I can understand that, but it shouldn't be done at the expense of SP'ers or those that don't really play MP.
  6. Grizzle

    Head Bob...how many use?

    One click up from off.
  7. Right click on the game/DLC in the Steam Games Library and see if it has an option to view your key.
  8. Grizzle

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    Ya know, as much as I like Steam -and use it for 99% of all game purchases - I went and bought Combined Ops on DVD even though I already have A2/OA on Steam. In this particular case, life is much better without Steam in the mix. Plus I helped out my favorite developers by doubling down on my purchase of their products. Not suggesting you need to do the same, but it seems these games are just not as Steam friendly as the rest of them.
  9. My last comment on the subject. I have never bashed any community developers nor will I ever. I also don't consider my stance to be confrontational as I have never addressed the developers directly or asked them to change anything. I find the splash screen annoying and have taken steps to remove the annoyance. End of story.
  10. Grizzle

    Add-on Fail!!

    That is a fix for Steam users to run A2 and AO in combined ops mode. I think the OP needs to re-read the Steam thread to find solutions to this problem.
  11. On the contrary, there are mods out there that use CBA that really don't need to. It's easy to remove the dependency, make alternate adjustments and not lose any functionality. Personally I believe CBA should have been released as a library of script files as opposed to a compiled mod. Then mod makers could pick and choose what they need and incorporate it into their own mod in a way that bypasses the issues with CBA splash. Ultimately the problem arises due to the way CBA is deployed. Since the issue is with XEH, mods that use CBA but don't use XEH will still suffer from the splash screen when in fact it is totally unnecessary. So no, my changing mods to remove CBA is not extreme, it's smart. Lastly, spend any decent amount of time in the editor working on a mission or mod while testing it and you'll soon come to understand why it's such a pain in the ass. If you do and it doesn't bother you, well I guess that just makes you more tolerant of simple annoyances than me.
  12. Grizzle

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    It's a fun mission. You should be proud. :D It's the perfect mission if I'm in the mood for some not-too-stressful but hella fun war gaming. I think the amount of resistance encountered is near perfect and seems very realistic. Make more missions!
  13. Grizzle

    Does the 4GB.exe patch work?

    Download the latest OA beta. It supports LAA. See below:
  14. Looks to be a lot of fun. I didn't get very far on my first try, but I learned not to load everyone into a transport chopper and throw caution to the wind....
  15. Grizzle

    Getting Arrowhead

    Completely off topic, but do you play TF2 under the name SVO too?
  16. Based upon my experience with an X52 - yes all the buttons/hats etc. are mappable. Just picked the command I wanted to map and then hit the appropriate joystick button or move an axis etc. Though I haven't tried it I'm sure you can map the joystick to movement of units other than vehicles.
  17. Grizzle

    [OA] Co04/SP - Steal The Car !

    Tried this and I did have the Heal option. Not sure why I didn't get it in game before because I was also injured then. Do I have to be injured by x amount for it to appear?
  18. Grizzle

    [OA] Co04/SP - Steal The Car !

    Thanks for the mission. Finished it on the 2nd try and had some really surprising moments coming face to face with the enemy. The 2nd time it happened it turned out much better :) , but it was no less an "oh shit" moment. I didn't seem to have the heal option so I don't know if that's an issue on my end or not. Also, wasn't too fond of the color filter, it drained too much color for my tastes. Keep up the good work!
  19. I don't have issue with it and it can make life easier for mod makers, but it doesn't offer anything a mod maker couldn't do themselves. It just saves them the trouble and I can definitely appreciate that :) I feel I should say that the entire mod community has my praise and appreciation including the makers of CBA. I hope my comments haven't been misconstrued as being overly critical of the addon as a whole. I just take issue with the splash. And since it seems unavoidable we can't exactly expect the makers to fix what they can't fix.
  20. Best best to ensure all mods and missions work is to go for Combined Ops.
  21. Is there some information about what is considered "vision" in the arma engine? I see lots of people talking about pixel level identification. Is that really a valid description? The way I assume it works is that a 'line' is drawn between targets and a value is calculated based upon the number and type of object intersections on that line as well as the terrain type the objects are situated upon. Or something very similar to that. The way some describe it, the vision system actually takes into account holes in LOD and objects. Meaning, if you stood behind a wall with a small hole in it and part of you was visible through that tiny hole, the AI would see you. I have a hard time believing this is how it is implemented. Does anyone (besides BIS devs) know for sure?
  22. Robin Williams ...and Bigfoot (you know, to explain himself.)
  23. Grizzle

    Have you noticed

    ...and some of them look really creepy. Scary, creepy.
  24. No MP here. Like you, I find the SP game and editor offers plenty of fun and challenges. Strange because when I bought A2 I thought I'd be in MP all the time but found the experience to be more frustrating than rewarding.