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  1. +1 You've got something sinister running on your machine.
  2. @esco7800 - I failed to mention that if you use the ASL position from the hint box that you should use the setPosASL command instead of setPos. This doesn't apply when using the buildingPos, just when using the x,y,z POS shown.
  3. Well, the buildingPos isn't always perfect, but it works fairly well most of the time. Are you using the latest version? Try the opposite, instead of using buildingPos just use the ASL position (this setPos [4313.44,3240.71,27.4387]; etc...) and see what happens. You can also try lowering or raising the last value to get the height right.
  4. Remove the last setPos - it's not needed since you are setting the house position.
  5. Yes, just remove the module from your mission before distribution.
  6. Grizzle

    Beta spamming

    Does the contract with your GSP limit the number of updates to a server in a given day? If not then I don't see what the problem is. If the tech is upset at so many requests then maybe you should find another provider.
  7. When perusing the config files, those anims that used door_01 etc were never higher than door_04, but you make a good point. There are also some other anims I found that I couldn't seem to trigger the anim for. Yes there is at least one building with 18 doors listed so I bumped it to 20 to cover a little extra. The way the config does it is to check if object animationPhase >=0.5 or < 0.5 to determine if it should throw a 0 or 1 at the command. I tried something similar without success, but I think it was a syntax problem on my end. @deadfast - thanks for posting that, I was wondering about pulling them out of the config but was too lazy to search for some examples.
  8. Updated - See first post and read the whole thing ;) @Das Attorney - I never thought to try using nearestObject with just the ID...you just made my day :). The only downside I can see is if the unit and the position are far apart during init, but other than that what a time saver! Thanks!
  9. There is no problem with Steam and mods. It is however a bit nasty to get CO working. I own both A2 and OA on Steam and I went and bought the CO DVD to avoid the issues with Combined Ops and Steam. So there's some advice from an avid Steam user (I have over 50 games on Steam and this is the only one where I felt the need to purchase the hard media.)
  10. I did manage to find some, but not many. Using a value of 1 to close doors seems to catch the VAST majority of them. What I've found is that some buildings use different names for the door anims. A few of them I couldn't get to close even though I'm fairly sure I was using the right anim name. In any event, to close most of the doors you will find, the following works just fine. A little more research and some tweaks and I'm sure we can get them all to close. _houses = nearestObjects [[0,0,0] ,["House"], 15000]; _anim = 1; { for [{_i=1},{_i<=20},{_i=_i+1}] do { _x animate ["dvere" + str _i,_anim]; _x animate ["door_0" + str _i,_anim]; _x animate ["vrataL" + str _i,_anim]; _x animate ["vrataR" + str _i,_anim]; }; }foreach _houses;
  11. I'm more than happy to make a mod to do this. Obviously it would be geared towards OA and wouldn't handle custom buildings unless the authors stick with BIS naming conventions.
  12. Are you speaking of Takistan or Chernaurus? I just wrote a simple script to close doors in houses if I got with 10meters of them. Ran around Feruz Abad and the doors closed on every house I approached. Even gates in fences closed. The different selection names shouldn't be a big deal to overcome. The 0 vs. 1 may be an issue, but I haven't seen that one yet. Can you remember an example of a building that used 0 to close?
  13. Excellent suggestion. But you forget, Drew is lazy and I just can't imagine him getting out of his chair to run around in the woods.
  14. You can get it for $30 on Amazon, but you should probably wait for a sale. You know, because you're cheap.
  15. Grizzle

    wont let me edit

    It's telling you a mod you had loaded when you created the mission isn't loaded anymore. You can add the mod back or... Open your mission.sqm file in notepad. Look for "my logic" or whatever the message says was deleted. Remove that entry and save the file.
  16. Grizzle

    How do I get my AI to rearm defences?

    Out of curiousity I tried this and that seems to be the key. Who woulda thunk?
  17. Grizzle

    mikebart's Project's

    Doh. Somehow my eyes glossed over the word Requirements in his post. I thought he had packed the veg and rocks in with the island pbo.
  18. This is the command you are looking for: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/rank After you add new units to a group, loop through the group checking the rank, once you find the highest rank, use the command kylania referenced to assign the leader.
  19. Ditto. ...and I'm oddly disappointed.
  20. Grizzle

    mikebart's Project's

    Dl'd from Armaholic. Crashes on me. Tried A2, OA and OA beta. Crashed on all three. What am I doing wrong?
  21. Grizzle

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 73116

    It's been my experience that when the installer says it's done, it's done. It's actually incredibly fast despite the warning that it could take a while.
  22. I find it odd too, though mission makers can easily close the doors if they want/need to.