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    Moving copter copilot to pilot seat

    In the OnAct section of the trigger that is executed using Radio Alpha just add the line Heli1 land "HeliPad1"; if you want the heli to return to the helipad otherwise just use Heli1 land "LAND"; to make it land where it is. (note: "LAND" is a predefined variable that does not need to be created.) You'll also want to set the trigger to 'repeatedly' since you'll no doubt want to order the heli to take off and go land somewhere else at some point. So you don't really need to create a waypoint, I only mentioned that in case one wants to create some patrol waypoints then have the heli return to base and land when it's done. If one wanted to do this they would add one of those same lines to the OnAct. of the last waypoint in the patrol route. The condition should just be left at 'true', your only concern is the OnAct field. Does that answer your question? Feel free to PM me directly if you need more help.
  2. Grizzle

    Moving copter copilot to pilot seat

    Yes, only landAt is for planes while land is for helis. I also think that with planes using landAt that they will cycle around and take off again unless you trigger some sort of hold waypoint at the airport. Here's what I do for Heli's: 1. Drop down a helicopter and name it Heli1 or something to your liking. 2. Create an 'H' object somewhere at the airport. (empty\objects\H) 3. Name it HeliPad1 or something to your liking. 3. In a waypoint or trigger add this: Heli1 land "HeliPad1"; 4. In a waypoint or trigger add this: Heli1 land "LAND"; No matter where the heli is when it gets the command, it will fly to the helipad and land. If you execute Heli1 land "LAND"; it will land wherever it happens to be unless there is a helipad nearby in which case it will move to that and then land. Pretty cool eh? After playing around some more I realized providing the name of the helipad is moot. Using "LAND" or one of the other values are the only items acceptable. What I found was that if the land command is issued and the heli is near a helipad it will land on it. What the range is I'm not sure but it doesn't seem to extend far beyond the airport bounds. For your other problem with the pilot being dead, you can also use script commands to deal with that as well. One possibility is to add an eventhandler to the pilot that fires a script when he dies that moves another crewman into the pilot seat. But you should probably ask about that in the mission editing forums. ;)
  3. By any chance, did your sniper eat a burrito for lunch? The AI have pretty good hearing.
  4. Grizzle

    Moving copter copilot to pilot seat

    There is actually a 'land' and 'landAt' command available through scripting. I've tested both of them and they work. But yes, through the GUI those commands don't seem to be available. land: Force helicopter landing. Landing mode may be: "LAND" (complete stop) "GET IN" (hovering very low, for another unit to get in) "GET OUT" (hovering low,for another unit to get out) "NONE" (cancel a landing) Available since ArmA 2 57463 build. Example 1:_cobraOne land "LAND" landAt: Order an AI airplane to land at a given airport. ID is the number to identify which airport on the island you want . Example 1:_plane1 landAt 1
  5. Right. And I think it is important for people to understand that sounding 100% accurate in game doesn't mean it's going to sound good. The most important thing (and I think this is where Chammy is coming from) is that the weapons sound as good as they can within the limitations of hardware, source material etc. and knowing that success means all the sounds chosen not only individually sound good but sound good together within the game itself. He's crafting a soundscape. I 've found that using vanilla sounds or other sound mods had me wanting to turn down the sound during heavy firefights as it was more like a cacophony than a symphony and left my ears "tired." This shortens the time I can play before needing a break ;) This approach may be less realistic to some, but I like the fact that he's looking at the sounds from a broader perspective versus individual accuracy.
  6. Grizzle

    Isla Duala

    Awesome Island. I have noticed a strange graphical issue with road/hard surfaces in that they fade/blend into the ground at distance. Not a real issue, but curious if this was intentional or if it's a bug. It would be nice to see roads from a distance, but it's not a game breaker. Edit: I'm having a problem with AI planes taking off from the two dirt airports. The two larger ones seem fine, but on the dirt they don't take off following the runway and instead go off in some other direction inevitably crashing into something. Edit: After some more testing it appears to be just the dirt airport in SE Afrene that has the takeoff vector set incorrectly.
  7. Grizzle

    Just bought arma 2.....

    Firstly - congratulations and welcome! Windows 7 provides better performance than Vista. In order of best perf, your choice of OS are XP 32bit, 7 32/64 bit, Vista 32/64 bit. Not sure what you mean with the RAM comment. 4GB is plenty as 32bit OS's can access 2gb and will actually use around 3gb - google it. You'll be fine. Most important is the hardware spec you will be running it on.
  8. Grizzle

    wit's end

    Sorry that you got so frustrated but glad you've had your AH-HA! moment :) It feels good doesn't it?
  9. Grizzle

    Well deserved praise

    Agreed. What's even more amazing is that you don't even have to actually play the game to enjoy it. Many times I'll just build a mission, set myself as a civilian, then run around and just watch the ensuing carnage.
  10. I don't think all complaints are about being confused or not knowing how to use the tools, there are just as many who find it unnecessary and prefer to handle getting and installing mods themselves. I am one of them. I am very technically proficient (being a developer myself), but I prefer to not have to use these tools to get mods and I have various reasons for feeling this way (one of them being -having to spend an hour yesterday trying to get one of these tools to download a mod update when it would have taken me all of 5 minutes had there been a simple link to the files - and no it wasn't that I was doing anything wrong it was that the game server's meant to provide the info needed to get this mod had issues.) If the modders want to continue to push these tools then more power to them, but they shouldn't be surprised or offended when some people complain.
  11. If you click a unit and get the waypoint info, it's because you are in Waypoint mode (F4). Hit F1 then try again. ;)
  12. Can the up-to-the-minute version be had through YOMA? If so, can someone provide the URL?
  13. You'll probably have to play the animation directly as setting them to danger will probably also make them run around. Download AnimViewer from somewhere on these forums and start hunting for that animation!
  14. Grizzle

    Some guys not selectable via F keys

    Make sure you don't have any other programs running that might trap key presses. TrackIR comes to mind as one thing that can trap key presses and not send them to the game if you have it configured that way.
  15. Grizzle

    new to Arma2 (Looking to buy)

    Since you're on Steam and if you haven't already done so, download the 1.05 patch and apply it. Check the Steam forums for info. They haven't released the Steam patch yet.
  16. Grizzle

    Console version of ARMA 2

    Time spent porting to a console would be better spent improving the original PC product. The nasty horde of mouth breathers infiltrating the multiplayer games would ruin the experience for many. The depth of control required to get the most out of ARMA would be nigh impossible to pull off on a console resulting in a dumbed down game. Once a SW developer decides to target the consoles, the quality of the product for PC users will suffer. Case in point - MW2 (or pretty much any game ported to the PC) I started my video gaming life with Pong so I've been at it for quite a while. I have played on many consoles during that time and currently own a PS3 (which I will probably sell because I really don't use it to play games that much.) The most fun I have had with the PS3 comes from Little Big Planet, but I couldn't get past more than an hour or two of trying to play an FPS/shooter. So for me (and many others like me) the console is great for certain types of games and really, really bad at others. When it comes to control schemes, mouse and keyboard wins hands down if only by virtue of the fact that everyone who uses a PC in their daily life already knows how to press keys and move the mouse accurately. This translates to a more natural 'skill' and proficiency of control for video games (which makes me extra curious about those who claim they suck using mouse and keyboard to play games.) I've tried all types of controllers and I cannot see how anyone can argue against the superiority - in accuracy alone - of using an M/K combo. I even bought some funky mouse controller for the PS3 hoping it would allow me to play more games. It was horrible, which indicates to me that the level of control a real mouse brings to the table is just not possible on a console even with a mouse controller made for that very purpose! I definitely favor the PC for gaming, but I don't hate consoles. I just think they are two different gaming platforms that cater to specific styles and preferences of an individual.
  17. It does sound slightly 'muffled' but it doesn't bother me. What I find interesting is that I get different sounds from the same gun if I fire a lot. I'm assuming this is by design but can't be sure. All-in-all this mod is awesome and is on my keeper list.
  18. Grizzle

    Console version of ARMA 2

    ...one can always just hook ones PC up to the HDTV and surround system. Or am I missing something?
  19. Yes we do and we are very happy to do so.
  20. This should all probably go in the editing forums... Add a SecOp module to the map. Sync it to your player (F5 - click and drag from SOM to player.) Create a trigger and set Activation to Radio Alpha or other radio command. Set it to 'repeatedly'. Name it (for example: Trigger_Support) Put something in the Text field - this is what will show up on the Radio menu in game (for example: HQ Support) In the OnAct: of this trigger place this: [["transport", "aerial_reconnaissance", "supply_drop", "tactical_airstrike", "artillery_barrage"], player] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc; Save the map and preview. Hit 0-0-1 to activate (if you set it to Radio Alpha, otherwise hit the right combo.) Select 'HQ Support' (or whatever you put in the Text field.) You should get a hint window with some support info. That's it! Now, to use it hit 0-8- and take your pick! Enjoy! Oh - if you don't want SecOp to give you missions and just want the support options, then put this in the SecOp module init field: this setVariable ["settings", [[], true, nil, nil, false]];
  21. Grizzle

    GPU Comparison Links Requested

    User reviews on Newegg.com are always helpful.
  22. Grizzle

    CPU Optimizations

    +1 (this text appears just to meet the minimum post length requirements.)
  23. Grizzle

    AI Bug when Switching Weapons