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    Arma 2 on windows 7

    This hasn't been my experience with Win 7 64 and A2. In terms of performance it is only *slightly* worse than my old XP setup. You are right about one thing though - there's a lot of useless crap running - which is why I have this site permanently bookmarked in my head. I went with the "tweaked" version.
  2. Check out the mods listed below - they both add the capability to take weapons/ammo from bodies (I don't think they work with crates) but at least it's half of what you want! VFAI - very focused mod that will add some of the features you want. GL4 - Does a lot more than what you need, but you can also disable items you don't want.
  3. Grizzle

    How to use Cut Rsc

    Try this: testMan switchCamera "GUNNER"; where testMan is the soldier whose view you want to see from and "GUNNER" is one of the following: "GUNNER" - gun sights "INTERNAL" - first person "EXTERNAL" - third person "GROUP" - (not sure here as it looks just like third person)
  4. Grizzle

    Bodypart names...?

    Eliteness will show this information as well. Load a P3D select the memory node then open the tags. This is what I found for the sample Soldier model: Memory Points (Soldier):
  5. Grizzle

    What to do next?

    Without a doubt - CIPHER. It's a mission not a whole campaign, but for SP it's a must have.
  6. Grizzle

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Please for the love of God, NO! ;) ---------- Post added at 01:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:12 AM ---------- Very well said! :clap:
  7. Grizzle

    Why is this game not more popular?

    I agree that's it's mostly due to lack of advertising, but secondarily because there is no Head-shot! - God-Like! - Dominating! voice over when one scores a kill.
  8. Grizzle

    Setting up "walking" as default

    I just did it in mine and it works fine. Slow Forward = W Move Forward = 2xW Fast Forward = Left Shift + W Try it - you don't need to 2xshift first
  9. Cool. Thanks for clearing that up (it was driving me a little batty.)
  10. Yes I did. Both the master setting and individual settings, which is why I was confused when I saw a man light on fire (which I love by the way :) ) and the GL4 campfire effects. I checked the settings afterwards and they were still disabled. Let me try a few things and get back to you to see if there is really a problem or if I was just confused (I play late into the night a lot so it's possible I was just really tired :D ). ---------- Post added at 08:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:31 PM ---------- Nice!! Update: This may not be a clear indication of a problem and you may tell me this is normal but here goes: screenshot of default ARMA2 campfire (no GL4 loaded) http://img651.imageshack.us/i/defaultcampfire.jpg and here's one with GL4 loaded using defaults (all true); http://img85.imageshack.us/i/gl4campfire.jpg Notice how much 'fuller' it is with GL4? It looks exactly the same no matter the value of these settings: GL4_Local set [71, False]; GL4_Local set [72, False]; Now it may be that you've replaced the textures for the fire regardless of the effect settings, which would make sense, but I actually much prefer the look of the default ARMA campfire so I was trying to get that back with GL4 loaded. I can't seem to do that.
  11. Anyone else having a problem with the burning effects being disabled but still working?
  12. Grizzle

    Isla Duala

    +1...from a non-ACE user. I think some mod dependencies are fine, like vehicle and troop addons. But ACE is a complicated mod that seriously alters the game play and not to everyone's taste. That said it is the authors choice and I won't complain about it when ACE dependencies exist.
  13. Grizzle

    Little Birds in ArmA2

    Loving the LittleBirds. Any chance we can get the flare launchers added? Tried using the addWeapon method, but what I found is that the flare script is expecting the vehicle to have some named selections for the flare launcher which apparently don't exist for the LB's.
  14. Grizzle

    Possible illegal use

    What exactly is the issue?
  15. Grizzle

    What the heck am I doing wrong?

    I think everyone who has played ARMA felt this way to start. But as others have said, stick with it and you'll do just fine. I am fully adjusted to the game at this point and no longer suffer from the 'death by unseen forces' issue :D
  16. Grizzle

    Moving copter copilot to pilot seat

    This works. I tested it out. It's just not bulletproof because I'm deleting all the waypoints for the Heli, though for your purposes it won't be an issue.
  17. Grizzle

    Moving copter copilot to pilot seat

    I think the problem is that it doesn't complete the MOVE before it gets the land command. Here's a solution that you can do in the editor without dealing with script files. Heli1 = Chopper HeliPad = the "H" at base In your "Request Apache" trigger add this line to the beginning of your existing code: {deleteWaypoint [Heli1, _x];} foreach waypoints group Heli1; In your "Land Apache" trigger cut and paste this changing the object names where necessary: [Heli1] join grpNull; player hcRemoveGroup group Heli1; wp = (group Heli1) addWaypoint [(getPos HeliPad), 0]; wp setWaypointStatements ["true", "Heli1 land 'LAND';"]; (group Heli1) setCurrentWaypoint wp; Ok - now for an explanation. The line we added to the "Request" trigger is just to delete the waypoint we create later on when we call the "Land" trigger. For the "Land" trigger - [Heli1] join grpNull; player hcRemoveGroup group Heli1; - we need to remove the heli from the group before giving it the waypoint, otherwise it'll just hang around with us. wp = (group Heli1) addWaypoint [(getPos HeliPad), 0]; - this creates a new waypoint at the HeliPad wp setWaypointStatements ["true", "Heli1 land 'LAND';"]; - this adds a line to the OnAct. of the waypoint - you can see what it does :) NOTE: pay attention to the single quotes around 'LAND' double quotes will throw an error because the whole line must be enclosed in double quotes for the function and extra double quotes will confuse it. (group Heli1) setCurrentWaypoint wp; - finally this actually assigns the waypoint to the Heli and it moves towards it. Once it reaches the waypoint, the line we added to tell it to land will execute. Now the next time you "Request" the heli it will delete the previously created waypoint and join your group. This isn't a perfect solution as it's kind of a brute force approach and there will be problems if you have waypoints assigned to the Heli already, but it works! :D
  18. hmmm - I don't do either of those things and mine plays just fine. In fact I leave VSync on for all games because I can't stand the screen tearing effect without it.
  19. Any idea what it's called? Been searching and can't find it.
  20. Grizzle

    Moving copter copilot to pilot seat

    If you use hint it plays a sound and shows text in the upper right corner. You can also use player sidechat "Message"; but it doesn't make any sound. So just add one or the other to the sequence of commands. hint "Joining group"; or player sidechat "Joining group"; Glad to see it works out for you. There's a lot to learn but once you do it really opens up the game. By the way, I was messing with a pilot replacement script, but when I was testing it I discovered the AI already replaces the pilot (at least while on the ground). I walked up and shot the pilot and a few seconds later one of the gunners jumped out and got into the pilot seat. The issue you had may have been a glitch, but I'll keep working on a script if for nothing less than the learning experience.
  21. Grizzle

    Moving copter copilot to pilot seat

    Using the solution above you can now give the heli targets by selecting them using the F-keys opening your map and mouse over a target - you should see the action menu show "Attack..." left click. The heli will now attack that target. Some aircraft (cough - C130J - cough) are tricky. But they'll usually taxi and take off on their own so you don't need to stick them at the end of the runway. To get the plane to land use the landAt command. The thing is, they will land but will taxi right around and take off again without a waypoint to hold them there. There are other events that can be tied into (LandedTouchDown, LandedStopped) that could be used to tell the plane to stay put after it lands... ;)
  22. Grizzle

    Moving copter copilot to pilot seat

    Ok. I like a challenge. Do this: 1. Create your Heli and name it Heli1. Don't group it with anything. 2. Create a "join me" trigger (radio alpha - repeatedly) and in the OnAct. cut and paste the following: [Heli1] join player; Heli1 hcSetGroup [group player]; 3. Create a "land" trigger (radio bravo - repeatedly) cut and paste the following to OnAct: Heli1 land "LAND"; [Heli1] join grpNull; player hcRemoveGroup group Heli1; 4. Enjoy the awesomeness that is Arma2 The heli will sit where it started until you do Radio Alpha, then it will automatically join you in formation no matter where you are. You can also now give it orders. When you're done - do Radio Bravo and it will land wherever it is, power down and ungroup from you. Rinse repeat. Of course you should put in blocks so you don't keep executing them in the wrong sequence etc... but I think this should give you something workable.
  23. This can be done without scripting. 1. Create the Heli 2. Create a waypoint of MOVE 3. Create a second waypoint of MOVE. 5. Add a trigger 6. Set the trigger to Radio Alpha (don't set anything else but the name and text if you want). Close the window. 7. Hit F5 and drag a line between the trigger and the FIRST waypoint. 8. Position the FIRST waypoint directly on top of the heli. Preview. The heli will sit there doing nothing until you issue 0-0-1. Then it will take off and fly to the next waypoint and hover there until you tell it to do something else.