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  1. GD Mast

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Ok, Looks like AlexVestin's mod "AV IndUs (US Army inspired units)" but I've got it installed already.
  2. GD Mast

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Ok, Got another small problem. When I select "Backpack (empty)" and start to look at the available backpacks, I've got about 6 backpacks that are blank. One of the backpacks is named, Backpack OCP and it's kit name is AV_Kitbag_OCP. Does that mean I'm missing a mod? Or is it something else?
  3. GD Mast

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    Hi Ruthberg, Trying your mod for the first time here. There's a "Lea" folder in your download, where does that go exactly? I've started playing ArmA 3 again, after a long hiatus and my mind has forgot a lot. I do have Loadout Editor installed correctly and working. Thanks,
  4. GD Mast

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Thanks for your answer.
  5. GD Mast

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Just installed this for ArmA 3. Can I still use it for ArmA 2 CO? I ask this because it installed over my LEA for ArmA 2.
  6. Hi kju, Pastebin is not working for me, I even downloaded the app and tried to do a copy and paste. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Just signed up with Pastebin.com and downloaded the file. Anything special I need to know about Pastebin?
  8. Found a minor spelling error at the expansions page. Industries is missing the "r".
  9. I'm getting this message. Addon 'AiA_CharacterItems' requires addon 'AiA_BaseConfig_F' I looked into the folder and it's there. Then when I activate the AiA HQ pack, I get this error. Addon 'AiA_InfantryModelReplacement_BAF_With_massis_UKSpecialForces_and_Craigs_UKPack' requires addon 'ARC_Units'
  10. Looking great Heripai! Glad to see your still working on this.
  11. GD Mast

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Thanks for the update Delta Hawk. :cool:
  12. Lol... omg. :) I never would've believed it. Thanks NightIntruder.
  13. It's the Fiat Military sedan and the Polonez Military sedan. It's the sirens/horns on the roof (on both sides of the strobe) that are facing to the back. Here's the pics. http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/fiatmil_4.jpg http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/polmil_4.jpg
  14. Hi Vilas, On the P85 car pack, the police sedan's sirens look like they are facing backwards (1st and 6th pics from Armaholic page). Sorry if this has been mentioned already.
  15. GD Mast

    German Misc Pack released

    Marseille, Your civilian pack is showing v1.6 instead of v1.7.
  16. GD Mast

    Guerra do Ultramar

    With all the talk about FALs, what about the Bush War Mod FALs? Just port them over.
  17. GD Mast

    Guerra do Ultramar

    Thanks for the link , will look for the download.
  18. GD Mast

    Guerra do Ultramar

    Excellent news... downloading now. Got to give this a try. Reminds me of the Bush Wars Mod for ArmA (wish someone would port that over to CO).
  19. Thank you very much Vilas! Happy New Year to you.
  20. Great to see this finally released. :) Thanks! The Merkava 3 tank with the white stripe on top of the barrel is bright at certain angles. Any clue on what's causing this? Also, the @CBA_CO folder that's included, if I already have that folder, I don't need this one... do I?
  21. Quick question... is it safe to install over older version of CSLA or delete older version? I used Six Updater for the older CSLA version.