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  1. G-Capo

    Falklands Mod 1.0 Released

    Any one have screen shots or videos from in game? Much appreciated
  2. G-Capo

    Falklands mod progress

    Hey all just kind of stumbled into this thread.Any planned release for ArmA? Also any videos on this mod released.Looks very interesting. To the staff making this mod.THANK YOU
  3. G-Capo

    Right & Left Handed

    One of the improvements to the M16A2 over the A1 was that it had a "Spent Case Deflector" which directed the casing away from the soldiers face. From the USMC Website: From World.Guns.Ru : So lefties can at least fire the M16 Me dont know that me work with stoneage weapons like AK have no cartrige deflector fire bullets straight into leftie eye. Great Mod in your sig Â
  4. I voted yes. I would like a campaign also were players can face off each other,Throw in civies and two sides face off for every city
  5. G-Capo


    Another idea I had is a peace keeping mission were 30 soldiers online against 40 soldiers that look like civilians,There can be 100 civilians spread across the map and the Peace keeping force has to secure water ways,highways and airports for food and aide to come in.The other guys are pretty much the terrorist and they can set IED's and ambushes.Once an attack occurs the Peace keeping force will have to search houses to look for the terrorist.If a peace keeper dies he re-spawns in at an airport and can be brought in the action rather quickly.If the terrorist take over the airport the peace keepers cannot bring in aide and cannot spawn in. Just an idea,Would be rather fun especially if it was like Iraq.An idea for any mod teams out there  ,Or even Bohemia..I would pay 80 bux for a game like that with Civies,cities,IED's and all that stuff.
  6. G-Capo


    Yes I see your point,Maybe it will be possible that after a peson is killed in a huge clan battle they spawn in say in a forward base close to the action,To get to there position lets say a city that is being hit hard they can take Humvee's and or helicopters in a 3-4 minute drive or flight,Then they are dropped off hunker down in buildings and begin repelling the attack,Sure you may get show after landing or even your convoy of helicopters gets attacked but some times you will come in uder fire take out 5 guys and hold the city.It depends on your skill and also were your clan or leader tell you to depart,Like if you depart in back of the enemy you can wipe them out and link up with the guys in the city etc etc. Â
  7. G-Capo


    How many people can play on multiplayer at once?,It would be cool to have say 100 man servers,Mainly for clan battles.Like this 25 man clan is allies with this clan and they want to fight it out with 2 25 man clans. Would be fun and you get points for capturing airports and ports.If they capture too many of them the other side looses. Also if you die,You will spawn back in all the way in the rear,So they will have to have 2 helo's flying troops back and forfth from the staging area to there positions which could take 5-10 minutes. What ya say?
  8. G-Capo

    We have a Sukhoi on OFP2!!

    Maybe they will be battling it out in the Ukraine,Belarus,Caucases,Croacia,Slavenia. Or some other country,Or possibly Africa?? Or it's just made up.
  9. G-Capo

    We have a Sukhoi on OFP2!!

    The Su-32!,This is very good news  ,The Russian Federation Air Force is just acquiring the SU-32 as of know they only have 7 and are building 10 a year.This is very good news,So this tells us that Ofp2 will take place in modern day,Possible battlefield could be Kaziksthan or one of those other countries bordering Russia.
  10. G-Capo

    What can we expect from the new engine?

    Hope the engine isn't a system hog.
  11. G-Capo

    New exclusive Screenshots

    Looks great I cannot wait for more screen shots
  12. G-Capo

    Artillery? Yes or No

    Thank you how did you know? . Arty is a must BTW
  13. G-Capo

    How bout ...

    It would be cool to build stuff like that,Maybe repair houses that have taken tank shells or been blown up.