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  1. Hiya, I am making this crap for the last week. I mean named selections, cause model was done in a day. What could be wrong? Named selections Memory lod Geometry lod Help, please. Here are the pics.
  2. Ok, I am not quite sure this link will work. First time to use this. This is sth I did on the way while doing a serious weapon pack for GROM - Polish Special Forces. Many thing used are a part of Operation Carrot mod and made by me. It has not beed fully tested so things may go wrong (I don't think so, but...). Here is read me: Courtesy of Polish Modification of Operation Flashpoint - operation Carrot. http://www.flashpoint.pl/om/ Weapons for US SF Operation Flashpoint: Resistance addon Requirements: - Laser Delta, - OFP at least 1.96 Usage: Extract the .pbo file into your OFP Addons or Res\Addons folder. This Addon adds: Several weapons for US Laser Deltas Find it under: - SFOD-D - 1st -> Operator (GDY...) weapons:           mag: GDY_M4SPC6_8       GDY_SPCmag GDY_M4eotech        GDY_M4mag GDY_M4acog GDY_M42acog GDY_M4m68 bugs: - really don't know - pics in the gear field don't show up (Who knows why?) - LODS are not optimized (not sure how) CREDITS AND THANKS (in no particular order): -------------------------------------------- - Bohemia Interactive Studio for producing one hell of a game we still enjoy; - King Homer for his outstanding bipod and mag texture - Thank You - BAS for letting me use their cool Eotech sight - Mr Burns and Pathy for cracking the config for me - Laser for his Deltas - They deserve more publicity - Kuba for testing - Zoloq for excellent Eotech pics - everybody at the forums for their feedback and support; - all the military people from the forums that provided me with nessessary data and resources (pics, sound and tech data) Enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it. Should you choose to use parts of the addon or as a whole contact me at gordy@o2.pl Test it and give your feedback. I hope it works fine. If not we'll fix it. Link: http://www.freewebtown.com/gordy/GDY_M4_fixed.rar
  3. Gordy

    Polish GROM operators

    im giving ppl free addon all i want in advance is simple PM sking about password you have problem with that ? personaly i dont give shit about thos who think that sending simple PM is so hard that they wont download my addon. why should i ? compare time you need to spend writting simple PM with time i need to spend on making addons. its my free will in what form i will release my addons. It's true that it is your choice but you are making an ass of yourself. "compare time you need to spend writting simple PM with time i need to spend on making addons." What's this? Are you trying to prove anything? "make an effort to get this addon"? It isn't enough for you that you have made an excellent addon? You need a written appreciation from everyone now? You need attention? Become a MP, you'll get more than enough for much less work. This is why I don't download demos any more. "Register for free" so we could track you and crap you PC with tracking bugs "Give us your e-mail" so that we could send you crap and sell you data to "free scam software", "penis enlargement", "lottery winning tickets" If something is meant to be free, should be free with no obligation, no catches, no kiss-ass PMs or passwords. Don't like it? Copyright it and sell it. I bet that you made it passworded, just because. No obvious reason. Vanity maybe? Or maybe you though it is too well made just to give it away like this. I am overreacting perhaps but people like you just make me sick. Now Placebo you can ban me for week or two so that I couldn't come in here even by accident. BTW, You didn't encrypted models, did you?
  4. Gordy

    Polish GROM operators

    Passwords? What kind of crap is that? Why don't you include dongle inside or require a blood sample? I read the readme file and there is no explanation whatsoever why should you choose such a release. If you release an addon publicly you shouldn't password the archive containing it. Why? Most of the people say: "f... you" and will not download it. If you want a limited release don't plublish the news on an open forums. One more thing. Passwords will not prevent it from being copied over and over again without your permission. This permission problem turned into a satire these days.
  5. Gordy

    Radeon Vs. Geforce

    ATI has much worse OpenGL drivers coding. I can tell you that as I use Maya and it craps out on me every now and then just because of that. I even consulted that with OmegaDrivers guy to help me out with it. So, if you use OpenGl applications stay away from ATI cards.
  6. Gordy

    ArmA Progress Updates

    You have got to be kidding me. 5 years in developement and you think it's being rushed.
  7. Gordy

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Looking at the picture of a soldier I get the impression that pro 3D applications will not be supported. I am just guessing but It'd allow to kick the game to the next level for animation or its looks. I hope I am wrong there. Every editable game these days supports external non-developer based tools if I am not mistaken. On the update part, I get the impression of Spetznaz, Duke Forever or games "always in the update-developement-improvement" stage that never see the daylight. I understand that BIS has a need to reach perfection but in the game industry 5 years is too damn long. In such a fast paced progress, I'll see a 7800 cards or X2 CPUs in phones in two years. I think BIS's main concern right now is a military tools developement rather than game industry. Or I just had a bad day.
  8. Gordy

    ArmA Progress Updates

    First Half? Damn it. Another six months? Hmm, well. Dare I ask about the Game 2?
  9. Now, that sucks, doesn't it.
  10. Gordy

    Radeon 9800 Pro specialists here?

    OFP is not stricktly GPU based. Most of the gains come from RAM (512MB is way too little) and CPU. Remeber when OFP was created. It doesn't support all that fancy crap the card has. I came from 8500 to 9800 PRO and there was little change. When I came from P4 1.4 to 3.0 and from 512MB to 2GB I can suddenly run 5000 viewdistance without hickups. Only when I set highest detail It gets down to 20 FPS or so. I wonder what it would be when I get my Athlon 64 X2 4800 + 4GB RAM + 2x GF7800.
  11. Gordy


    So, ... What about those seals? Bad joke, I know.
  12. Gordy

    BF2 Criticism and Thoughts

    103 patch had the same issue tha 102 had. Start-up root code had some mispelling in it which was not corrected. For me 103 brought complete game halt as it doesn't work anymore. BIS watch and learn.
  13. Gordy


    So, what's the status? I skipped the whole thread, only to find out what I already know -> nothing. It seems that PR team (if there exists any) has somewhat misconception of what a PR really is. Perhaps they mistook it for censorship. Well, whatever. I'll buy it when/if it comes out.
  14. Gordy

    The Death of Maya

    I don't know if it's of any interest to you, but Autodesk (3DS Max) bought Alias (Maya). What this means is the end of a good quality products as Maya certainly was. Buy Maya. Now, crappy Max will destroy the industry. Sadly. Some creation from CG forums: press release
  15. Gordy

    The Death of Maya

    I don't know if it's of any interest to you, but Autodesk (3DS Max) bought Alias (Maya). What this means is the end of a good quality products as Maya certainly was. Buy Maya. Now, crappy Max will destroy the industry. Sadly. Some creation from CG forums: press release
  16. Gordy


    Nice to see you're still working together. I remember when I used to play OFP for the first few months I had no idea what an addon was until I saw a BAS web-site. I freaked basically in awe. A frontier fell open. Thanks and respect BAS.
  17. Gordy

    I HATE STEAM!!!!!

    Is it me or you put it on the wrong forums?
  18. Gordy

    Pro evolution soccer 5 PCdemo is out

    You know what? I don't really care for any game coming out this year. After OFP everything seems like crap and I can't wait for the continuation. Nothing can change that except for ArmA or Game 2.
  19. Gordy

    The German election

    WHy? This is English language forums and for all OFP owners. Let's make a thread for every country's election worldwide, shall we?
  20. Gordy

    weapon creation limitations?

    All I always wanted is the realistic weapon handling in terms of: 1. loading (Different for every weapon) 2. Carrying position (Different for every weapon) 3. weapon stances (sniper sitting position for example) 4. FPS view without gun pointed out at all times but the way one would really keep it. 5. Various aiming capabilities (SPR with sniper scope + reflex sight) 6. realistic hits.
  21. Gordy

    KRISS of Death

    Another Idiotic design? Decide for yourselves. http://www.defensereview.com/modules....sid=784
  22. Gordy

    AGSS II Helo Gunner Simulator

    Read it: The story is at: http://www.defensereview.com/modules....sid=785
  23. Gordy

    AGSS II Helo Gunner Simulator

    I do some reading on new technologies and I don't mind sharing it. I hope you like it. Enjoy.
  24. Gordy

    Mi-8/17 Pack - Beta 2

    Chill out guys. If someone doesn't understand the nessesity of respecting other people's work then it is a waste of bandwidth to make them do so. There are no greys here or special cases of coincedence. If something is not mine I will not touch that. I ask permission to do so. Clear as the Sun. I vote for closing this thread. I don't know if there is a point in BIS forums regulation for this but there should be at least as a proper way of conduct.