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  1. Gordy

    OFP Animation Sharing Center

    I don't know if it's been said, but this stance is quite commonly trained in case of an arm, shoulder has been wounded. My two cents.
  2. Gordy

    Lost wisdom

    How do you make two scope views? That'd be cool.
  3. Gordy

    LSR Addons

    I would agree with it also, although with some differences. Why don't we wait until new game comes up. I bet it will be filled with a whole lotta new cool engine stuff. Then, I also can do sth with it.
  4. Gordy

    Poseidon II , the ultimate engine?

    Hitman engine using Ragdoll physics was created around 1994. Far Cry around 2003. That's like a hundred years for the industry in terms of developement.
  5. Gordy

    Poseidon II , the ultimate engine?

    Far cry was not one of the first to use Ragdoll physics.
  6. Gordy


    Switching from Rifle to pistol is fast and might change but from a rifle to AT-4 should stay as it is.
  7. Gordy

    Lt HuNTeR Addons

    HK But the topictitle has been changed, it's not only about the HK33,53 and 93 So how about the textures? Working?
  8. Gordy

    Lt HuNTeR Addons

    So, can you refresh my (anyone) memory of that HK?
  9. Gordy

    Lt HuNTeR Addons

    For people to have fun with, and for myself as I enjoy making models. I am neither. I thought this forum was for feedback. Well I haven't gotten any. While topics with Humvees, M4A1's and other US equipment are getting ''flooded''. There were plenty of screenshots before in this topic, but they were lost as the host (Tacticalblunder) switched servers, but I will try to restore as many as possible. What I do with my models? When I finish or I'm close to finish I look for someone who could make use of it. VIT for vehicles or Laser for weapons. MODs (mod makers) constantly are looking for different models to speed up their work. Irish mod would propably use this. Sorry but my knowledge of HK33 usage is not existing, really. Also, HK33 is a very cool rifle and there is much you can do with it. Terrorists use not only AKs.
  10. Gordy

    Lt HuNTeR Addons

    Lt, You should ask yourself. Whom do you make this stuff for? Yourself or others. You did sth that is good or outstanding and not getting enough attention. That's a bit childlish, don't you think? I do things myself but I am not running around crying out loud: "Love me", "see me do cool stuff" or "Make me modmaker of the week". Come on. You want attention? give us pics, WIPs. Do sth. On WIPmans thread there is a pic on every page. BTW, It should be fun not a torture. Loosen up, have fun with this. Put a chick on the buttstock of the gun. Be creative.
  11. Gordy

    is it worth it

    I dont mind the screens so much the only thing I want to know is what are the new possibilities with this new engine Also unit models the bodys could look better BIS I dont say they look ugly but BIS can make it better than this the head hands look good only the body shape I don't care about the looks as long it has better engine. The rest we can improve on our own. And, when are you gonna learn? It isn't Doom3, HL2. It is undeniably the best and only FPS-like military sim that can live much longer than any other game around.
  12. Gordy


    If so, it'll be m-8. You can see m16a4 on the screens.
  13. Gordy

    Armed Assault info for modmakers

    Agreed. All major 3D Apps should be supported.
  14. Gordy

    32bit tga problem

    yes it freaked me out too. go for this: sorry this ones better.
  15. Gordy

    Flashpoint Community Hardware Specs.

    P4 2.8 HT Asus P4P800SE 1024 MB DDR 400 ATI 9800 PRO 100 GB 1 Mb cable connection 19" Iiyama 485S Logitech pad+Steering wheel. To be changed next spring.
  16. Gordy

    Upgrade advice

    I would advice you to wait for this to come: Athlon 64 X2 (double core CPU) on NVIDIA nForce4 SLI (sli is for double GPU management) Standard DDR 400 chips. PCI slot for GPU. It is a multitask equipment and should be obtainable (affordable) next spring. This will keep OFP2 (or whatever name) going.
  17. Gordy

    Upgrade advice

    I am affraid it will not be enough. I have now P4 2.8 HT, 1024 MB DDR 400, 9800 PRO and it ain't pretty my friend. I will be looking at some upgrade in the beginning of the new year. I advice you the same. Collect mo' doh till then.
  18. Gordy

    OFP2 and "armed assault" - what's up?

    buggy. http://image.com.com/gamespo....024.jpg Check out the shadow on the stone. What's missing?
  19. Gordy

    OFP2 and "armed assault" - what's up?

    Has anyone of you noticed that none of the soldiers carry any rig, just vests. No spare ammo, grenades, no pouches. Â Ok only russians have them.
  20. Gordy

    OFP2 and "armed assault" - what's up?

    So, there will be a OFP 2... but then probably with a new developer then... hmmm bring on todays pressrelease! (should be 3-5 hours time from now I guess?) They said the same about CMR series and before the release they decided that it is in the interest of the players to have a arcadish style WRC game.
  21. Gordy

    32bit tga problem

    Only 32 bit is good for alpha if that's what's you are looking for. PS has problems with it. Yes there is a little program that handles it very well and it's free. Hurray. GIMP.
  22. Gordy

    Opening .MSI files

    Oh boys, boys. It is like any archive but a little more difficult to unpack. If you have a Total commander 6 it should unpack it alright.
  23. Gordy

    Csla 2

    Cool tankie Maa.
  24. Gordy

    Upgrade advice

    Yes, Wait and try to squeeze mo' money til then. You'd be able to make the whole PC up-to-date.
  25. Gordy

    OFP2 and "armed assault" - what's up?

    Javohl, mein Herr.