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  1. Gordy

    Mi-8/17 Pack - Beta 2

    This means the thread can be locked now, doesn't it?
  2. Gordy

    Let us make the Game2 commercial!

    I'd preffer non-game engine rendered animation. It works for Warcraft and I don't see reason why it shouldn't work with Tha Game.
  3. Gordy

    'Smart Scope'

    Might interest you.
  4. Gordy

    FDF Mod

    It's a good choice for them to stop right now. It is never a good choice to make a such extensive mod prior to new game release. I suppose they got all the models ready with textures. They will wait for new engine capabilities and that's cool.
  5. Gordy

    Modding:Tutorials not Tools?

    Tools are as buggy as the game itself. I found Modding B2 quite easy. I didn't need any other tools appart from those I already have. Editing a texture was a childs play compared to OFP. As far as I know you don't need 10 grand worth of software as there are tools like XSI Mod tool (free), which has most of the capabilities of the commertial one and is only limited to exporting low poly meshes. Then you use Gimp as a replacement for photoshop and notepad for scripts and configs. The only thing required is the initial help of the developer to make pluggins for a specific external tool. The game is in developement for years now and it wouldn't hurt to prepare a few export/import pluggins.
  6. Gordy

    Armed Assault info for modmakers

    Well, booleans are for very beginners. Anyway, Support in terms of shaders, exporters would be very handfull.
  7. Gordy

    Armed Assault info for modmakers

    Excuse me? Are you crazy? Currently I am working on a scene that has approx. 4-5 mln polys. Part of the scene is a car AM DB4 GT Zagato that has a lot of curves and there is not one planar face in it. 99% of my modelling is based on extrudes and that includes making holes (without booleans) in meshes over 1 mln polys.
  8. Gordy

    ArmA Tools

    You (or him) couldn't be more vague at this point.
  9. Gordy

    Possible to port 3dsmax models into Oxygen?

    Well, In O2 select region or polys that you have mapped in Max with a specific texture, press E (gonna have a window) and map it again. As I said O2 usually remembers UVs. Thay may not always be as well placed as before but they should be OK. Put all the textures in an addon folder fo convienience sake. Hope it helps.
  10. Gordy

    Possible to port 3dsmax models into Oxygen?

    Yes, Export it as *.3ds and import in O2. U can also apply UV maps to it and O2 will fairly remember it later on. One important point though. You need to have a clean and well thought topology of the model and in Low poly. O2 can handle up to 11K or sth like that. If you have a messed up topology it will sub-divide it in O2 giving you more polys to worry about. Sometimes it can be up to twice as more as you might have expected.
  11. Gordy

    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    BAS chopper in CAT Afghanistan
  12. Gordy

    War against terror

    oh, yep, thanks.
  13. Gordy

    War against terror

  14. Gordy

    Ask a mod

    thanks for the reply. I also don't think it has to be mod or addon related.
  15. Gordy

    Shoot-out at Blackwater

    New vids from Blackwater HK416 live fire tests. enjoy. Real Player required Also, tests of AA-12 Full Auto Shotgun real player required To read the story go to: My Webpage
  16. Gordy

    Ask a mod

    Yep, Thanks for the answer.
  17. Gordy

    Ask a mod

    I have a question to mod team of these forums. Is there a possibility to create a so-called "artistic thread" where all addon and mod makers could show their concept and artistic works? I know that there are lot's of that kinda forums around but I personally would like to stay here. Also, there are game oriented forums where the proper threads are included. You know all the great addons and mods start with a concept and idea that is put on digital paper, but ends up on the shelf collecting dust. Just an idea.
  18. Gordy

    Tears of the sun seals

    I am sorry to say that but you mixed up Politics and reason. Military hardware purchase hardly ever has anything to do with reasoning. It is business and politics. I guess the one who gets better back scratching, wins.
  19. Gordy

    War against terror

    It may not fit this thread 100% but it's interesting for several reasons: 1. Shows what's it like out there 2. Most of all for OFP puropses. That's what it means to be knocked down by bullet (he lives and quickly responses to attack, which is also interesting). what's it like to take a shot at a body armour. No gore or other crap like that.
  20. click me for mo' info
  21. Gordy

    BF2 Criticism and Thoughts

    What I like about the BF2 is it's incredible modibility. Any feature is easily accessible and modible. No converting and other compiling crap. Wanna change weapons values, no problem, texture, no problem -> just download a nvidia dds texture pluggin for PSP and voila. Soldier or material values also no problem. I wish future BIS releases would be similar in that aspect. Also, I am bit confused with people trying a game that was intentionally made arcade-style and then them complaining about it.
  22. Gordy


    Hiya fellas, I got a model of a Mi-8 on my HD to spare. It's sth I did some time ago and I am not going to do anything more to it. If you want it, give me a PM. here is a O2 screen.
  23. Gordy

    OFPL Mil Mi-8

    Great job Offtime!