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  1. Another great project Wld427, thanks ! :)
  2. Wow, looks awesome as always guys, thanks for the hard work !
  3. GI-JoE

    Improved BRDM2 units

    Very nice addition to the game hcpookie ! :)
  4. GI-JoE

    Wheres the T-55

    Agreed. Yes, CDF and ChDKZ reskins would be awesome too. Looking forward to your work Mr.Tucty, good luck with this project :)
  5. GI-JoE


    Great work NZXSHADOWS ! :)
  6. Very nice beast Franze, great to see it in Arma2 ! Thanks a lot ! :)
  7. Thanks for the reply and the explanation Myke (but i doubt my skill will permit me to do this' date=' unfortunately...) In fact i was saying that it would be great that you'd use wld427 an EddyD nice CDF textures to make a CDF variant. Of course it will need their approval (i'm pretty confident in this, unless wld427 wants to release it by his own). Please don't take it as a demand, but as an humble suggestion... If it is too much work or that you don't want to put energy on it, of course it will be completely understandable and not a problem at all ;) ...and sorry for my bad english !
  8. Very nice work Myke, as always :) I have a question for you : would it be possible to have a CDF version too ? It would be a nice addition. I don't know what you decided with wld427, but he made a very nice CDF skin for it, would be great to see it again !
  9. Very nice addition vasmkd, great work. Thanks a lot to you and Vilas ! ...And congratz for your child :)
  10. Sorry i'm a bit late but : thanks a lot for this incredible addon. It's a real pleasure to play with, as always with your work. Can't wait to see what's coming next :) Again, thanks for this great work guys ! edit : ho, and nice website ;)
  11. GI-JoE

    CSLA for A2CO

    Hurrah ! Awesome news ! Thanks guys :)
  12. Great news ! Can't wait to play with CSLA again :)
  13. GI-JoE

    Project RACS

    Now that's enough !!! Release a USMC F18 NOW or i'll... well... DO SOMETHING !!! More seriously, those who love playing "Armaverse" factions will have an orgasm when wld will release the ton of fantastic stuff he made. edit : i have to add :... and those who don't will immediatly be converted into Arma factions fans ;)
  14. Very nice units, thanks Lennard :)
  15. Wow, nice ! Very good news ! Thanks and best wishes OTK team :)