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  1. Russia's modernization programs look promising for the country's armed forces. On top of Armata they still have Ratnik to implement.

    I can't wait to see the T14 on Victory Day this year, will be a pretty cool sight.

    from otvaga forums:

    http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/webarkadiy/52154141/68230/68230_original.png (656 kB)

    T-14 vs. T-72 Ural:

    http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/webarkadiy/52154141/68588/68588_original.png (620 kB)

    you can see it is limited in mobility, due to frontal section,

    also bigger,

    but all 3 crew members sit just in front of the turret in main hull's capsule (commander, which you can see turned out in photo, sits on the right, gunner - on the left of the hull (paralel to commander) and driver - in the middle, slightly in front of both commander and gunner,

    new gun,

    some of suspension parts are reused from T-72s/90s.

    they need to mount side skirts to see the overall view.

  2. Hello all,

    it's me, "RHS Historical Members" (as noted in credits) :)

    Nice to see that RHS are still making new standarts, pushing, so i gues damian fills the spot well.

    Scrolled few pages back and i see that metal is back and kicking too.

    How is kenji? still masterfully tinkering T-80s in o2?

    And how's gurdy and BMD pack doing? Did he moved to rakushkas yet (i still remember the very limited resources about it)?

    I'm happy that we guesed it right, back then, chose BMD-4Ms. Seeing kurganets... and to think they wanted to make them for VDV use... well, we knew better ;)

    And as for me, i'm still booting aa2 from time to time, replaying cwr, fighting the soviets (it fits my feelings about nowaday happenings, soul, your wife should know what i mean.)

    And i'm still refusing steam >.<

    And to the new commers,

    you wouldn't beleave how many gigs of info these guys 'eat' before starting to model single vehicle, weapon, gear...

    operational manuals, books, magazines, articles, schemes for BMP pack was ~2gigs and that's just from my side... T-80s - that's the legendary pack, since it was started back in OFP days, i think i sent stuff 3 times, someone had to feed kenji ;)

  3. Thank you a lot men! I saw some of them but not the details inside sure it will help :D

    we'll had you in the credits :p


    wow, thanks, I wasn't expecting such honor!
    not for the moment, it's why we'll have to work few more days to fine tune the behavior of the Ekranoplane.

    But If I'm not mistaken this Ekranoplan was able to flight 3Km AGL (but with a lot of fuel consumption..)

    I have to do some reading, but at least I remember that It could fly without WIG effect, though with limited cargo load and as you say: with extreme fuel consumption.

    That's why there was a need to utilise An-225, to transport it faster and further, anywhere where needed - as I call it, the "consomolet's crew rescue syndrome".

    Oh, I forgot to mention in my post, where I talked about pushing the limits of the game's engine, Gnat was and is surelly one among those old timers, who did huge part then, what AA3 has now.

    I'm glad that he's on your side ;)

  4. at last!

    Video showed that it doesn't sail like a ship (at low speeds) or am I mistaken by the landcontact offset memory points (aren't there floating/when in water memory points)?

    The main wheel (in the middle) also acts as a 'wavebraker', so if seas are calm or far from beach it should be retracted.

    The small 'tail' wheel should be rectracted when in water.

    I hope you boys restricted it to fly low? :)

    Overall, challenging and amazing project! The weight of project brings back the memories of OFP, where step by step it became... something more than any of us dreamed about ;)

    pay attention to the background, it'll explain why:


    and since it was one of my projects too, but ended pretty quick, by not being able to properly align schemes in Oxygen, the research results:



    inside photos:





    Отец (Father)


    Орлы (Eagles?)


    ОрлÑта (Eaglets)


    I hope it helps

  5. New CWC version available.

    This version contains some fixes for Air Superiority. Thanks be to w0lle!


    First post updated.


    Thanks for the bug reports! If you have a chance, check out the CWR2 Community Bug Tracker and help us keep organized.

    well, it seems tradition keeps on even after w0lle gone MIA...

    so another great gaming session with autosave while aborting will perrish, due to another sneaky campaing release...

    revert once more.

    w0lle, we miss you!

  6. I found a bug when you send a member up a guard tower the person does not go all the way inside of it just stands on top of ladder.

    ---------- Post added at 02:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:10 PM ----------

    Is it possible to throw in Mobile SAM systems for each side? Here are 2 during the time period.

    US http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/cf/Chaparral_Mim-72.jpg MIM-72 Chaparral

    SOVIET http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0b/Soviet_SA-9_Gaskin.jpg/300px-Soviet_SA-9_Gaskin.jpg SA-9 Gaskin Sam

    or SA-13 Gopher, heck, soviets had a lot more than this, though with short-to-medium range...

    New withSIX problem

    http://s4.postimg.org/8cut8rbwd/prob.jpg (181 kB)

    Host list exhausted..

    Same problem over here...

    here goes another campaigns release... i hope with more fixes (can't think of any right now, but there should be, just to keep cwr boys busy) :)

  7. Never thought bad news could be so great!!!

    FIXED : BRDM 2 Penetration materials and hitpoints - shweet.

    ADDED : New helicopter: (cwr2_mi17_unarmed) - good.

    FIXED : Jeep YJs do not run on diesel fuel - so we can refuel them where?

    FIXED : External Camera positions for M151s - uber fast fix!

    FIXED : URALs hopping when on bridges or other surfaces with a GEOLOD - always forgot to report this one...

    ADDED : new weapon: .45 caliber uzi SD (cwr2_uzi_45_sd) - not a fan of UZIs...

    CHNGD : Rates of fire for some machine pistols - hm...

    CHGND : Destruction type of the AH64C - explain?

    FIXED : Incorrect damagehide for AH64C - explain?

    CHNGD : MP5SD rate of fire - mp5 is weak...

    FIXED : Using the iron sights on the skorpion causes the player to see his own shoulder - although supperior to pistols, but i never liked it.

    FIXED : Pistol magazine define issue for us officers - explain?

    FIXED : String table for groups now reflects 1980s nomenclature for cobras (AH-1S (MC)) - max power at it's best.

    FIXED : Soldier inheritance issues causing soldiers to always be reported as MAN - always wondered why it happened...

    FIXED : Performance fixed for AK rifles (section reduction) - explain?

    CHNGD : Specular properties / diffuse colour reduced on the Cessna 172 to reduce glare - James Gastowski love.

    ADDED : New helicopter: (cwr2_uh1) - fits era.

    ADDED : New APC: (cwr2_btr60) - Thanks Stagler - nice, though old for that era.

  8. I have never gave the time for original soviet campaign, when I tryed, I got hooked up by the Retaliation too much and forgot about red hammer, well, since that campaign is not available, this will do, Thank you very much, time to blast those evil americans to pieces :)

    I'm SO happy about this, I want you to imagine me dancing like this!:

    Yeap, that's me with the short tight jean shorts and bunny ears.

    Is it really you? HOT!!! Just don't give in to the cwr guys, better me, I always liked assian girls, they are soo cute ^^

  9. Damn it, I lost 4 good men on mission "Counterattack"

    At least I managed to hit that damn Kamov with an RPG. It did a very nice Crash landing and the Pilot survived initially

    my advice:

    there are 8 dshk stationary MGs in that mission, so you can place them where ever you want and order your guys to man them.

    for me 6 was enough, I dissmantled 2 of those in the rear, and moved 2 stove and 2 dshk bags with a truck to the frontal line, where I had a captured bmp-2, T-72 and T-55 also manned and in line. Went far in front to detect gunships and there they went down in flames... after all those waves of enemy troops and gunships those 6 dshks had less than 50 bullets in the last belt(1 i think had barrelly 13 bullets left)... :) so try with 8, also no need to order to man driver seats for your armour when they are already driven to the defensive line by your self

  10. Awright. I know there is one SVD in ammo truck in Ammo Low but didnt find any in two missions before. Thanks anyway, keep up the good work.

    Oh, I see that in Ammo Low you get two extra random soldiers (N0. 9 and 10). Can you make it just two rifleman?

    I am pretty certain that you can't get SVD before ammo low mission, though in ammo low mission, you can get 2 SVDs, 1 from ammo truck which is in the convoy, the other one, via your 2 new guys. It just depends how lucky you'll be, to roll a marksman.

    When I played ammo low with 1.05 resistance campaign, I rolled a marskman with SVD and Sniper with CZ550, sadly, I forgot to put on backpack on my medic in the briefing and had to revert the mission, never got lucky that much again... And that's good, because I don't immagine how you could harvest CZ550 ammo, when there are no such ammo crates in whole campaign (I might be wrong here, but I haven't seen such bullets in ammo crates).

    In this mission whole squad is random, sometimes i have only riflemans. Sometimes 4 guys with MG, 2 snipers, 2 AT gunners ;)
    No, the additional 2 guys which you get are random, the rest of your squad, depends on your swift action and heroism to defend the resistance camp from previous mission.
    Do you mean if team member dies and gets replaced? Becouse in Blackwood you get 7 members; 2, 6, 7, 8 are rifleman, 5 is medic, 4 is AT and 3 is MG. Then in ammo low you get 2 additional random members and in Scrap you get 3 rifleman and 1 medic.
    Just want to rephrase, max you can get is 7 guys, it depends on how fast you can kill soviet troops in the first seconds of defense.

    P.S. all this was 1.05 resistance campaign memories.

    I wish that all resistance guys had backpacks 'hardcoded', it's resistance, hiding in the woods, in nature, common sence. Though, the problems would start when you would want to pick up some MGs, AT weapons...

  11. New version 1.06 of Resistance is finally here (Sorry, days went too fast and took too long to update the campaign). I added russian stringtables, fixed/tweaked many reported issues, added code to transfer backpacks that player and/or his team-mates are carrying and added backpacks to many crates/vehicles. I will test the function better myself too once I finish downloading new mod version. Let me know if you spot any issues before me. If the backpack transfering (between missions) isnt yet working for some reason, I will release an update very soon.

    Temporal download link (until the first post have updated link too):

    EDIT2: Link now in the first post.

    Edit: Reuploaded corrected version. Please redownload if you downloaded before. Sorry for extra hassle.

    as always, bad timing, I finished the resistance campaign just 1 day before this... /facepalm

    I loved it soo much! the resistance, what freedom it gives, no political idealogy, strugle for any arms, no limitations what weapons to use, just free will to scavenge anything and use it to liberate the nogovan people.

    Hell with CWC, I'll start resistance again! This time i'll try to roll the dice to get engineer on the begining of 'ammo low', it'll make so much easier to repair all the tracks and form uber armoured resistance forces later on :)

    Also this time I need to play with difficulty settings, so that russians would be more challenging to take on.

  12. Hm, IIRC, mission did fail if detected in OPF, not sure either though. I shot up guys in UAZ and put a LAW in them for good measure :) and then hid in the bushes. Pressed x4 time and tanks never came. Ill try again without killing UAZ. For some reason I have the need to wipe whole map in CWR for each mission :D. Oh, btw, soon after I killed UAZ two man Soviet patrol came from same direction as UAZ.

    well, brother, you aren't alone, I'm doing the same on resistance campaign.

    Actually, I'm cleaning even the insides of the vehicles too: I hit armour and helis in a way, so that the crews could bail and then the blood spills, heh, even when i capture the same vehicle they have bailed a second ago, poor fellous, but hey, they asked for it :)

    any news regarding backpack transfer fix?

  13. Do you mean when using the helicopter optics or when seated in the helicopter?

    I do not believe the hind has night vision in real life. They used parachute flares to mark night targets in Afghanistan.

    I mean using gunner optics. Well Hind is not officially night capable, but at least pilot can use NVGs in RL. I forgot that gunner moves his head down, close to the... kinescopic monitor (don't know how to call it else) to see the targets

    I will not comment further on realistic optics or not realistic optics. We said that several times in the past: The goal of this Mod is to bring the glorious OFP back - not to make super-hyper-realistic Cold War Simulation.

    If you can use NVGoggles with weapon optics then because it is supposed to be like this. :)

    I'm confused now, so realism or ofp? for example:

    SVD with NVGs back in the day worked, though not with this.

    supposed to be...

  14. Hold Malden mission just notised that there is no alarm sound at mission start.

    Also you can use both NVG and binocular at the same time.


    Same with some weapons: XMS, G36, M21 SWS, Steyr.

    well, in original game, NVGs could be used with binoculars, any vehicle's optics and all weapons. Though in latest beta release, NVGs can't be used with SVD (realistic), can't be used when you are a gunner of Mi-24 Hind (unrealistic).

    Realistically, they couldn't be used with all weapons which had optics on them, like M-21, G-36, XMS, Steyr, SVD, AK series with PSO sights, AT launchers, etc.

    WHAT, no BI credits scene?!?! It made credits worth to see...

  15. Still having a BLAST with resistance campaing, yesterday's experience:

    mission 'information':

    really tricky mission, had to do a $h!tload restarts, till I managed to successfully slow prone inside the compound, then had to do a $h!tload save loads to undetectedly exit the compound -even when hiding behind walls they somehow constantly spotted me, had to find a workarround = going into gear menu and opening my backpack untill they walked passed, and then again, the cripled wall's opening - when you try to prone over it, it automatically forces you into stand mode...

    The mission was really hard to complete successfully, easiest part was - also there are some special goodies in that mission:

    Overall there are 7 spestnaz guys, 5 of them with LEGENDARY BIZONs + silenced APSes and 2 near that compound with silenced AKSUs, also 7 specops backpacks, out of whoom, only 2 can be loaded to the pickup car... but 5 bizons and 5 silenced APSes + 2 specops backpacks made my day

    another great mission was 'counterattack', we had 1 fia T-72, 1 fia T-55 and gues what, 8 enemies DSHKs! So I scattered all in line, ordered troops to man them and viola, undefeated defensive line! 20 mines blasted all armour, without even spotting them. Sometimes I wish I had engineer guy, so that it could have repaired all that enemie armour for FIAs use.

    And then came the gunships!

    My guys were screaming, I felt panic in their voice, but I didn't order anything at all, remember? undefeated defensive line? So blackshark came down first and then sneaky hind starting to pound my line, I lost 1 guy in DSHK, so I had to load save. And then I became a SPOTTER, way in front to detect helicopters and down they came... Then came Mi-17 with paradrop, and it dropped AT-4 anti-tank launcher (there are 2 of them in this mission)!

    This mission was the best for that day!!!

    Today's status:

    mission 'contraband'

    the whole mission is full with goodies, like the boat loading your truck with all the westernish weapons, but the surprise was there are 4 live runing AKS-74GLs! (not AK-74GLs which I'm full of). Also noticed that SVD with NVGs don't work, pitty, but such realism is...

    BMP + DSHKs again, to shoot down that Mi-17...

    oddly enough only 2 out of 4 M-21 SWSes transfered to mission 'recknocking'.

    So I'm at it right now, remember what I said about first mission when you have to flee the town(well, related stuff)? So, I sneaked in the first hangar and there is a BRDM, gues what, I ran all RPG guys first and noone is even targeting me = no alarm, except that BMP-2 and 2xBMP-1s which led to alarm. So I ran over all the guys, BRDM is damaged, but somehow I managed to drive it into the hangar back, and there was a surprise, hangars repair vehicles! (logical though).

    So I'll restart the mission, cripple BMP-2 and drive it to hangar with 1 side of tracks (will take a while) and blast everyone what's left. Ofcourse I can use Hinds, Mi-17 or blackshark, but that would be too easy and what's the point, I have to blow them up...

    There are also loads of goodies in that mission, loads of ammo boxes, bizons, etc...

    So all in all, it's a blast! specially that counter attack mission!

    P.S. in recknocking, i think there was suppose to be a T-72 instead of BMP-2...