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  1. lol, you are comparing Bradley IFV vs. APC... but i like the idea. On the other hand M1A1 Abramses with M829A1s should get their pay back. :D
  2. nor wrong nor right (for your life's sakes) :) It's sad those screenshots got released, I hoped it'll be heart stopping surprise when released without notifying, but x-mas is x-mas, so it's excusable soul :D
  3. good one about Armstrong standing, while Gastowski woun't have a chair to sit in his hangar for some phone chit-chats... The two guys who sat on their chairs during whole cold war crisis campaign! :D what were the names of the pilot and tankman, those should be blamed for sitting in their "cockpits" LOL since i'm at it, wolle is guilty too! for sitting on his chair and reading what i wrote :p ye, and santa! he's sitting in his deer ride... After Montinac mission is uber for those who really played it to the max during OFP era. Meh, i captured and repaired that Hind in cwr3 demo, i got borred of driving armour to the repair shop at "undisclosed" location (my tiny secret), so Hind with no tailrotor was way faster way to get there... sadly the end is still the same >.< even when you fly over the capture location.
  4. @vas, I was talking about that project where if I was your employer, you wouldn't sleep/rest till it's finished :P but for now lets keep it quiet, I don't want BI forum server crash, nor any image hosting site becoming unavailable due to activity ;) on-topic: and I think it would be enough if Abs's Tigrs had paint on them by Topas or Vas, that fancy look, i'm already dreaming :)
  5. Hehe, lets hope they woun't find out the screens of other "new" rhs projects... Looking good Abs, stay on it, you are on the right direction ;)
  6. dude, don't you know there is no santa?! or wait, i hope i'm wrong :)
  7. back in the day, there was an unwritten tradition regarding the releases, when people announced the dates, 99.9% of the "releases" were delayed due to some RL/bug stuff. that's where no dates rule came along. :) I'm not saying, but you can blame me if... you know what happens. ;) either way, waiting patiently.
  8. who would, it was just low quality opfor, before afrf came out :D another true story, if everything what's been discussed on rhs forums would get released instantly, i gues everyone who reads this topic would spit their teas/coffees on their monitor or choke. but just wip screenshots of "boomsticks", "wheels", "tracks", "long range tubes" is enough for that... oh $**t, i said too much...
  9. Gedis

    Mi-28 WIP

    LOL, i translated this photo to english, nice it's getting usefull, though the layout is different now. @exall, Where have i been? Hm, here! Waiting for the moment, but no one asked... You should see the RHS forums... :D:D:D
  10. Gedis

    Mi-28 WIP

    to make me happy it just needs camo paint scheme, which fits better :) you might find these walkarrounds usefull: http://photo.qip.ru/users/pakuro/4082298/ http://photo.qip.ru/users/pakuro/3827461/
  11. Gedis

    AH-64 Pack

    this is apache DLC for take on helis? ;) the quality is just superb, keep on doing magics!!!
  12. Gedis

    Mi-28 WIP

    wow! looking sweet! though my personal oppinion, that dark blue grey approved by RU MOD doesn't fit 28s at all! 8s/24s/35ms/ yes but not the havocs aka mickey mouses...
  13. those cutscenes gave me the creeps and threw me back to ofp age, nice work! Oh boy, i can't wait to dive into the storyline and never ever go out of it. The brilliant minds/ideas of BIS and talented community members, that's all i need.
  14. that's why retaliation campaign was/is(permissions and work load required to port) the best for opfor :)
  15. ah, MT-LBs... the day since Maa laid his hands on them durig OFP era, till now, it's one odd looking but interesting vehicle... but lets not disscuss about it now, 80Us must come first :) well done guys (RHS), proper data does make a difference ;)
  16. Gedis

    AH-64 Pack

    Mi-28A(analogue), 28N(digital) and future 28NE(digital with radar?). The armour hunter. Ka-50 is a one seater... while Ka-52 role is Mi-28 strike group's eyes and command (at least that's how russian MOD decided, for buying 2 kinds of new attack hellicopters). Ka-52K is planned for Mistrals and would be like Ah-1Z.
  17. @Max Power: sorry, my bad, I should have read the new forum rules when they were advertised :( @SGT_SAVAGE: well, some article mentioned that china lake could have 3 rounds stored in "magazine" and 1 placed in chamber, and also trigger could be held pressed while doing reload for faster shooting (ofc reloading+recoill would denny the accuracy...). Yet, more evidence is needed for myth busting, regarding this marvelous GL (for that era). and regarding those sounds, they sounded intence as mentioned above. I just wanted to point out, that those explosion sounds added a lot to the battle atmosphere! ;) ah, haven't i mentioned, that i can't wait for 2.5 release?
  18. YES! btw, with buckshot ammo it would be the perfect weapon for one overhypped zombie mod :D I like the new weapon sounds and DSAI. Those explosion sounds were from grenades, mortars, or arty shells? Sounds so intence!
  19. nice! i remeber that mission, which i struggled to complete, but once i played it just to see (the famous phrase sums it up): "if you see the flash, it's already too late" good job! ;)
  20. James Gastowski reference pictures (that's what my eyes saw when playing OFP)
  21. Shaved Guba or col. Blake? :)
  22. I'm glad it was finally announced. Though they still have no idea what to expect, luckly to us... :D
  23. crew served weapons reload system is HUGE achievement!!! A look into futute: it just lacks reload animations >.<
  24. Gedis

    AH-64 Pack

    omg, jizz in ma panz... :eek::butbut: i'm not sure if that was on arma2... seems like superbly detailed apache from some heli sim.
  25. cool, can't wait to meet her in-game :D