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    Mi-28 W.I.P.

    I assume you guys are making Mi-28 with the radar dome, which is called Mi-28NM and it is still in development. So this means cockpit will be different from Mi-28N or NE. As long this is a community project... boys, fire up your translators and paste in these links: Mi-28 blueprint (not accurate) http://topwar.ru/5467-letnyy-centr-v-torzhke-mi-28n.html http://forum.aeropress-bg.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=123 http://paralay.iboards.ru/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=639&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&sid=b1315ebe23a193902415440e430ac865 http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic_t_30329_start_0.html http://www.telenir.net/transport_i_aviacija/boevoi_vertolet_mi_28/p5.php http://aviacollections.ru/category/vertolet_mi-28 LOL, well well well, the world is really small, these Mi-28A blueprints (picture #3 has my brother's immagenary weapon increase drawn, back in the days when we were kids, dang such a nostalgy :)) were scanned by me and sent to airwar.ru by my brother, during period, when EXACTLY this Mi-28N model was beeing created by DigitalCenturion and only later this model went CMA way, who would have guesed i'll get back to them :D meh, another nice memory from the past about cockpits in 2009, scanned magazine's photos and translated also found while digging the net. :D
  2. Gedis

    Mi-28 W.I.P.

    well, if you gonna correct the model, let me know, i might help with the resources. though i would like to remind: 1st model, 2nd textures, 3rd config and features.
  3. Gedis

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    As i was studying physics & computer science at university and as my favorite ones was astro physics, I approove both AA2 and AA3A vids. Heck, i loved whole 5 days "camping" in observatory, but night - that's were I spent hours watching the sky! Well done. But, If my memory doesn't fail me, wasn't there a mission in OFP cwc or red hammer campaigns where you had to escape by such navigation?
  4. oh, this dates back ages ago, correct me if i'm wrong, but arma1 v.1.14 or arma2 at early stages, when the same question was lit up by the our outstanding community and answered by BI. The BI answer ment, this will be like that, until CPU and GPU companies(specially GPU) will allocate HUGE resources reinventing the wheel, where CPU & GPU would work together, like 50/50(50% calculations done by gpu and 50% done by GPU for graphics & physics and such). Now lets think logically, would GPU companies make more money allocating those resources=more money for a single game, or would rather enjoy money flow from simple-stupid games like BF3, COD, etc. (where the mass players are)? Oh, and don't even dare to drag me into explaining why they are simple-stupid... Because it's not even worth for explaining, if people are brainwashed*. *brainwashed - by the global media = news, documentaries, videos, video games! and THE PEOPLE. for example: russian-georgian war for south ossethia, 'arab spring' which is still going on(lately in syria) and will move on on other country untill it will reach one particular one. these are the best examples... P.S. who still believes cold war is over? answer is 99% of you... so think with your OWN HEAD.
  5. Gedis


    that just confirms what I wrote in other topic, that Placebo is a ... creature :) Eh, russians? Don't worry, they will invade arma3 in a right time (you know what they say about sleeping bear?) ;)
  6. Hello all, since I can't run arma 3 alpha both on my PC and Laptop (pc - due to dx11, laptop - due to vga driver error), so I thought I would ask some of you to test some things in-game: put AI soldier on a boat (not get in) and sail arround, see if it slides off or stays in place; or try walking on a mooving tank - to test 'walking on moving objects'. place your self in a building, at night, place light source (street lamp or vehicle with lights on) and make them face the building you are in (so that the light would light the building), now walk arround the building and see if the interior walls/objects inside are lit up. Both questions are directly connected to the future naval aspect of the game. Thank you. ;)
  7. Gedis

    Ups and downs with Bohemia

    don't worry placebo, your name stuck so tight, it's almost like not BIS forums/BIF, it's the forum where lives a "..." creature - the Placebo :) cheers!
  8. Cool, the H-35. Indeed it is harpoonski, cheap, easy anti-shipping missile, well, with drawbacks, like easier to spot/track and neutralise, it inherited this from same class Harpoon, Exocet and etc... Unlike high tech/performance Moskits, Granits, etc...
  9. Amazing art screens! I advice to zoom in on the "scenery of war" screen ;)
  10. If it would be up to me, i would wait till release day and only then post screens, so that all of you could drop from your chairs by the given excitement. And to NOT tease you at all... what i have seen, dang I would be jumping out of joy! /evil :) P.S. i think i mentioned earlier, that peeps @ RHS armour production plant are really bussy and will be...
  11. had to mention it... oh well, here goes the surprise :D
  12. But this book (very good book series) states that only later production M1A1 turrets were made to later incorporate independent panoramic sight... and this one is about M-60 maybe you will find these usefull... P.S. on-topic, since both abrams and m-60 are related to cwr :p
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    Tu-95 doesn't offer a lot space for walking, since it was designed as strategical bomber... The same reason why Takistan could not operate it.
  14. F that, it was always totally opposite (in RL at least, due to b@llz). I wish Peacekeeper (retaliation) campaign was here, which would proove it :) Dunno why but ambush stuck into my head instead of infantry, I wonder when name was changed and I always wondered why it's ambush when it's not even close to it... (with previous patch i managed to take T-72, when they arrive at the mission's end, and blasted every piece of commies with it). It was my favorite mission from SP category... Veteran difficulty, you mean super AI?
  15. is it just me, or "ambush" mission is missing in single missions?
  16. Gedis

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Thanks for replies guys, just had a blow with this and CWR combo, that M-60 indeed is a real wakeup gun :D The fact that 1st person and 3rd person sounds differ a lot would made my day, but you guys went farther!!! Dunno how the F did you guys done it, but it's impressive! P.S. Have I mentioned that I connected high-end headphones and maxed out the sound specially for this?
  17. Gedis

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    I have one question, since i couldn't find it in readme(would be no surprise if i missed it, since i'm after 24hours work shift...), do we have to completly remove 4.1.3 before we "install" 1.5 (could be vital for six-updater)?
  18. Gedis

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    It's been 1st day since i'm using JSRS (1.4.3) and now i'm kinda have high hopes after all the promotional fuzz and buzz. So stop teasing us Jarhead :D Topic should be closed until Lord, him self, wants to tease us more... On-topic, I want to know how easy it'll be to write replacement configs(i gues every sound's highs/lows must be calibrated to work good with distance/enviroment scripts?) Or is it 1 base sound and with reduced/increased power/effects to fit # of distances/enviroments?
  19. off-topic, at first I was VERY sceptical about six updater too, but the will to try ace with AA2 was just too high and I had to learn that D.O.S. look alike program to finally see the fruits, then nor did I hate it nor did I loved it. But now "Play with Six" is looking childishly easy to use (easy things needs a genius/es to design/build and progress gave birth to it) and it just does everything for you. on-topic, Why schnorkel pipe is removed from the rear of T-80BV's turret? It looks like stripped (I bet hidden selections with removed scripts is the cause)... OI! What have you guys done to my beloved campaign mission "after montinac"? No more enterable hostile vehicles? I keep my hopes high, since I haven't tryed the jackpot - Hind, yet... and yet again I'm sinking to cold war atmosphere brought by ofp, and you peeps :) P.S. this summary is about beta 4.
  20. this part of history i know, actually ERA concept was first researched in soviet union, but some thought it was useless, when decades later Israelians showed it's potential in combat, then soviets flew M-48 with blazer era with An-22 back to Soviet Union, examined it and rushed back the ERA's research and development.
  21. why B without era? you know OFP's T-72s had those bricks... >.< It's just my curiousity, nothing more... (I blame the upcoming T-80Us... the fate of tanks producing factory is unknown);) P.S. dang, already said too much.
  22. due to some events, few question have emerged about T-72: what do you think OFP's T-72 version was? to me, it seems like T-72M2 moderna... and what CWR2 team wants it to be in arma2 mod? realistic dates: T-72A(1979/1980/1982 production versions), T-72AV(1985), T-72B - B with ERA - B1(1985 for all of them). I also must point out that later production T-72As received some future T-72B's features... logically since CWC campaing is set to be at 1985, T-72AV and B familly can't be there, since T-80U(also 1985) can't, so the logical options left are: T-72A 1979; T-72A 1980 and T-72A 1982 year production versions (such a pitty, not even T-72AV, no T-72s with era bricks) but wait! T-80BV is also 1985 and it's there... so the options written, now CWR2 team's word is the next move :)
  23. well, sorry i called you like that, I just figured it out (like a nick name) someday when i was reading your posts regarding abramses on mp.net I must agree on IEDs. Yet I can't agree on UD, although again, if you are talking about finished product. If you are talking about initial project, yes i agree with you, because U got UD's turret. The rest is gas turbine vs. diesel.
  24. yeah, some are really different some are almost the same, which makes hard for damage inspectors. just some small variety of rockets here
  25. Ok, if those reports included which rpg grenade was used, then they could be viable. Because it looks like this now: insurgents tryed to penetrate armour with OG-7V(fragmentation) or TBG-7V(thermobaric) grenades, that's why there were no penetrations... It's the same stuff with iraqi downgraded T-72s and 1973 rounds... So you are the same guy on mp.net, the pro abramser. T-80Us gonna love you then ;)