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  1. Well, i don't need a vid, afterall, you are talking about my most loved CWC's mission, I know it all. Apparently, except that unlocked UAZ, the green car was/should be with low fuel though. BTW, that vid was booring, I advice doing that mission rambo style, by wasting everyone (easiest way to do that is to capture that Hind who is buzzing overhead)
  2. so, someone mentioned CWC's mission 'after montinac'? Back in OFP, that uaz was locked, as fuel in that car was also low. Now I don't want to play CWC yet, since Resistance campaign isn't owned yet, but I bet CWR guys locked all BMPs, T-72s, T-80s and Mi-24, especially so that I couldn't enter and use those, because of demo ownage :) You also mentioned that sound missing error, in demo it was there too...
  3. I made a short spin at beta R2, via editor i found, that backpacks can be dropped in vehicles by players ( =cargo) without the AI help, because to do that in previous beta, you had to order AI to take backpack, mount AI to the vehicle and by gear menu order to drop it, so that It was placed to cargo and transfer to other campaign mission. Thought I will do extensive tests in the resistance campaign when i'll have time to drown my self into awesomeness :) Actually I was thinking why resistance campaign was first, there are few reasons: it wasn't that much popular as CWC back in the day and it perfectly suites the 1st beta stage - rebelion even in file perfection! :)
  4. while I'm updating, I wonder what's been changed in beta R2? It's obvious nightly + some super secret undocumented stuff... but what? :)
  5. why when I have the most fun and sucess, new updates are released, specially altering the campaign?! Though thank you! :) so, mission field excersise, the biggest fun was armour transfered from mission scrap, where i had in possetion, 1xT-80, 4xT-72s, 2xBMP-1s, 2xRepair trucks, 1xRearm truck and 1xgood old FIA P3V truck. So just before ending field excersise mission, I was controling: 1xT-80, 4xT-72s, 1xBMP-1 and captured 2xBMP-2s + 1xBMP-1 and all those trucks... had to limit crew, since my squad is out of 14 guys. Another awesomeness the equipment, I have camo SVD, my 2 medics have SVDs, 3 guys with PKMs, the rest of the fellous are with AK-74/AKM GLs, all with binoculars and night vissions and with RPGs, when I have to pick the loadout in briefing before mission: additional 11xRPG-7Vs with additional 62 rockets just so you get the idea... I noticed that when equiped with handguns 1 of my fellow MGer got stuck, so 13 APSes are useless now... P.S. the talk was about the previous release
  6. As said previously, I overwritten campaign and other pbos from nightly, but i pressed the diagnose button on 'play with six'. I didn't see that anything was updated, but then I started to play and noticed, it did backwards update... so I had to reupdate by hand again and restart 'second service' mission... and after such frustration, WOW, weapons DID transfer to 'ammo low' mission (though it took a while to move all that gear from fia truck to civilian one, in which we are suppose to get in and drive off to the new base in mountains) and transfered even from 'crossroads' mission! Another BIG surprise for me was the beggining of 'ammo low' mission, where I got 2 more guys, and 1 of them was a marksman with camo SVD (EPIC!) another one was a sniper with ghilie suit armed with CZ550 sniper rifle (legendary, but not so epic). So, I started reequiping my guys with APSes, binoculars, NVGs, RPGs, AKSes, because I now have a $h!tload of weapons and ammo... but then I ran out of time and convoy moved elsewhere, so I fully reverted that mission and another surprise came, It turns out, that those 2 guys are randomly given, they are different each time revert is done, so I'll do constant revert until that camo SVD will be in my hands! :) Now another great thing, the DSHK from 'second service' mission which I dismantaled to backpacks and placed to that civilian truck also transfered! Which means backpacks in cargo are now transferable (though need to try same thing on normal backpacks). Now the downside, in 'second service' mission, I got a medic, which had backpack, though it didn't transfer and in 'ammo low' mission, that medic was without that backpack. So, I figured out the way to transfer that medic's backpack, just need him to enter a truck and drop it there :) Smells like I'll have to replay whole campaign again ;) Oh I wish civilians could pick up the backpacks, because in mission 'crossroads', there are 4 live running spetsnaz back paks :D load them up to ural and viola, in 'ammo low' mission, my medic could have spetsnaz backpack with RPK-74...
  7. Sweet, I'm just waiting for the backpack fixes: transfering loading backpacks to vehicles backpack fixes for medics(maybe for civilians too) you should test CWC with latest fixes, unless you want to have some rest and transfer this job to comunity :) Just updated the campaign to 1.04 and weapon config, I'll test it :)
  8. Ok, I overwritten the PBOs on casual folders, from my nightly directory(last updates april 8) and completelly restarted the campaign. Info: AA2:CO 1.62 + beta 103718. Civilians can use MGs, AT weapons, though can't use backpacks, normal ammo slot increase, while sidearm slots decreased twice, though civilians can't use both NVGs and Binoculars, you can have only, either binoculars, either NVGs(since beta). Sadly, 1 RPG grenade now completelly destroys BMP-1, when hit to side :( (realistic, though I got used to resuplying from crippled BMPs) Since I'm now in a hunt for RPK-74s too for my medics, I found (remebered the bug), RPK has single fire and automatic fire modes, though only single is written when selected, when other mode is selected - nothing is written (since demo). Campaign 1st mission - the invasion - has spetsnaz guys to arrive to the city, though they are not there... also, from same mission gathered weapons/magazines don't transfer to other missions, but that's not an issue due to the storyline.
  9. bloodthirsty, war vet, Victor's advice regarding "ammo low" campaign mission: THE VALLEY, when on the mountains, perfect possition for ambushing the ones who are bellow you... Well, 1 mine and 3 satchels... Since they missed them, I triggered satchels, and they damaged T-72, crew bailed out, BMP-1 was hit with a wolley of RPGs from my guys, and I wanted to save it for more ammo...
  10. hm, my 2 medics have aks-74s with aps handguns and I haven't seen any problems yet, though it's a risky situation when talking about soldiers with immaginary(not anymore, since the campaign's fix) AK-74GLs + RPGs + APSs + NVGs + maybe Binucular loadouts :)
  11. wow, thanks for your passionate work, smells like I'll have to replay whole campaign after beta stage via expert mode - I mean Viktor will be expert in single handedly owning everything and anything enemies will throw at him and his amateur fellous :) Ah, another question emerged while I was trying to dismantle DSHK to backpacks and place it in vehicle as cargo, to test transferable to other mission or not, it didn't. The question is, why DSHKs? For resistance - yes, but for russians, that should be NSV, which was addopted in 1971 (because model vise in OFP, it had M2HB looks, but I forgot how it was named).
  12. cool, i once more tryed to replay mission "excercises" - the one which shows that mission is completed, fades to black and nothing happens. Seems that mission had broken loadout save too... And those AK-74GLs are very rare, 2nd i would have taken for my uber equiped geurillas (ak-74gl + RPG7 with 3 rockets + NVGs), but loadout didn't transfered... dunno if it is fixed in JUST released 1.02 version. P.S. just wanted to ask, why AK-74GLs are sooo rare? Out of 14 my guys (equiped with NVGs), all none PKM guys (equiped with binoculars) and none medics (with AKS-74s and APSs) are with AKS-74 + RPG7 with 3 rockets... Also, another question, why backpacks don't transfer? For example medics, the ones who should have standart Medic backpacks (but they don't, at least resistance medics, russian medics have them standartly), so I tryed to transfer even russian specnaz backpacks (can only be taken by ordering to pick it up via action menu, but didn't transfered to other mission). Just want to say, I could equip my guys with APS handguns too, but I'm afraid they would stop using their rifles and MGs, same goes for all having binoculars, I ask, if arma2's illness is fixed in CWR? And yes I go over each corpse, looking specially for AK-74GLs and RPG rockets (not that I don't have enough of RPG rockets, just you don't know when you'll face tank platoons who wish to be blasted). Ah, why we are still at this, can armoured vehicles be transfered too? Specially from that excercise mission to the mission after it?
  13. Actually it is very good, that resistance campaign came first. I never thought I loved it that much and never ever thought Victor, the legendary war vet, was so bloodthirsty :D Meh, he's owning everything, even 3 incoming tank platoons were single handedly burned by him(and he had armour support, just didn't used it). It sooo nostalgic... Makes me wonder, why BIS them selves don't want to port such a greatness, via dlc or what not... CWR team, there are no words to describe how thankfull I am!
  14. YES! Logical, realistic and proper sollution for the problem, though rocket's model needs to be changed. after all the replays of base defence this sounds frustrating...
  15. SPOILER ALERT!!! LOL, i'm happy civilian Victor can't take MGs or RPGs, and has only 4 ammo slots, cause that would be... Too easy for me :P I hope you get the idea how much I am excited, I'm running all the to do plans on that mission as I write, and I'll utilise them tomorow in-game. P.S. i saw nightly folder on play with six, but it was empty, sickboy, can you look into it? because i doubt custom mod parameter in that tool makes that mod primary. P.S. #2, just want to add, armour values for T-72s might be right, but RPGs rounds... depends... by the looks those are PG-7V which is old and underpowered (model looks like it), compared to 1977's PG-7VL round which is 2-3 times stronger. HERE
  16. I knew it! It was aprils fools! You basterds... you released it the day after! :D Well, since you specially tricked me twice? and still released it, no hanging or banning is needed anymore, well done! Sorry for beeing rude, but I just can't deal with people who lie, so I kinda try to fence off by a wall, untill I understand the actions/words and only then let people in. Though, the wall was breached, by the experienced "liers" (don't get me wrong, I let my self to be tricked!) So, thank you for your hard work, for tricking me (I can't believe I just said that), next time I'll have barded wire on the wall... :) Can't wait to get it downloaded, and jump into the "astonishing memories of life"!
  17. can this be 'innocent' aprils fools? :)
  18. this is interesting, i'm waiting for wolle to say it... also to get forum mod rights just for this occasion :mad:
  19. so I was wrong, it's not a fools joke afterall! now I can't wait to start downloading via play with six... can't wait for yet another cold war deployment! P.S. I always believed, that you guys, will do what you said - men of words ;)
  20. hm, 12hours till 'death by hanging' left... get the joke?
  21. that video game me shivers in a good sence. Instantly it was clear who is James and later Angelina, that's sex! :) and that oldfart Guba... 2nd "best of the year" video, this one to the heart, another one, the - we were soldiers like, to the effects. If it'll be aprills fools joke, well, death by hanging... not even slow/painfull death. P.S. Remember, if you will see the flash, it will be already too late ;) and a bit of sadness, my mythical and immaginary James Gastowski was him
  22. MARVELOUS!!! Some of the scenes are better than in original movie! I wrote Lodar's name in my "best of the year" notes. dang, after that hypnotising video, I forgot to mention: keep on birdying Unsung ;)
  23. Gedis

    Mi-28 W.I.P.

    as before, fire up your translators and read/scan through all the pages in the links: http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/makarov_aleksey/mi-28/ http://photo.qip.ru/users/pakuro/3827461/ http://dishmodels.ru/wshow.htm?p=2380 http://scale-rotors.ru/showthread.php/4029-РњРё-28Рќ? http://militaryrussia.ru/blog/topic-524.html http://forums.airforce.ru/matchast/3943-mi-28n-istoriya-serii/
  24. yeah, I thought it would finally come as a "feature", but... if only magazine would be a proxy... I would love new tacticool AKs with RPK like drum mag.
  25. Gedis

    Mi-28 W.I.P.

    it's nothing, believe me, compared to what i'll come up with during my 24hour work shift, gonna be initiating deep net digging. Pufu, stay tuned, late tommorow or thursday spam will be here ;) in the mean time, scan and read through all the pages of provided forums links.