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    The Unsung MOD (Vietnam War)

    omg you actually gonna include china lake's pump action grenade launcher !!!!!!!!! who needs shotguns? just load 4 buckshot rounds, dump em in the bush, reload, dump them again and again and again anywhere you want! although you have to be a seal to wield that toy :| P.S. i'm so excited that forgot to write: can't wait for the release! P.S. #2 if release is in hours i just could wait sleepless(need advice here).
  2. looking good, but i spotted one thing, the beautifull loading screen :)
  3. gratz with release RHS and Manfred, after all those release candidate versions it's finally out! :D
  4. looks promising soul and btw :p
  5. i'm curious, could you make "the real shockwave speed" video?
  6. Yep, that's true. Lets just wait for author to "fix" this :)
  7. @larsiano, believe me, there is no manual converted to english language which would be same as the original(russian) language one... even C.I.A. converted manuals differ a lot. but there is a sollution, you could split that manual into photos, then use abby finereader program, scan those photos, it would recognize the text from images and it would make those images into text and then you can use any kind of language translator(with mistakes ofcourse) just by copy & pasting the text.
  8. nice trailer of the regiment devildog, i'm just wondering when we'll be able to see first episodes?
  9. Gedis

    The Unsung MOD (Vietnam War)

    what about 30rd magazines in various branches of SF?
  10. Uploaded all 3 manuals, here you go: Soviet airborne sergeant's operation manuals Includes: 1975 edition manual: part1 and part2; 1989 edition manual: part1. I like il, but you should explain how to use those attach cargo scripts. to load cargo: [this, vehicle player, player] execVM "\il76\scr\attach.sqf" to unload cargo: [this, vehicle player, player] execVM "\il76\scr\detach.sqf" to unload all cargo: [this, vehicle player, player] execVM "\il76\scr\detachall.sqf" paratrooper drop: [this, player] execVM "\il76\scr\paragroup.sqf" Should i insert these commands into initialization box of cargo vehicle or into IL's init box? What this, vehicle player and player stands for? Maybe vehicle player = cargo, player = Il? Plz explain.
  11. already 9 years? O.O man, time goes fast... i remember it as good as it was yesterday... nevertheless, good stuff!
  12. Soviet airborne sergeant's operation manual part 1, 1989 This should be usefull smersh, there are part1 and part2 of 1975 manuals, if needed i could upload.
  13. Topas, you forgot to screenshot "ze mortar" ;)
  14. Gedis

    Any good old games?

    good old games? ffs guys, the only real answer is: OPERATION FLASHPOINT...
  15. Gedis

    The Unsung MOD (Vietnam War)

    one of most wanted mods and when remeber how i liked ofp's MP with unsung mod... ah darn, i jizzed ma pants again >.< CAN'T WAIT!!!
  16. Gedis

    HOME a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

    wow, nice movie and i have to conffess, i'm resposible for what's happening.
  17. @Rifleman and the rest of you guys, who have data/information just PM soul_assasin. The more data/information available for the makers of any addon/mod/team/etc, the better, realism-like addon will look and behave.
  18. Glad to see it finally released officially. Well done RHS ;) You guys have no idea what kind of perfectionist people worked on this addon. Want to have a hint? Several alpa, 7 beta releases, 3-5 readme fixes and many more...
  19. Shadow NX, don't worry, that was aimed at western tech lovers, those who call eastern tech "junk".
  20. well if you say so, but take in mind that that "junk stuff" is working in almost all enviroments, western equipment has to catch this up somewhen... oh and low prices should catch up too.
  21. Welcome back RHS! Can't wait for your releases. I saw you have some really good stuff in the works(i can't tell, because i don't have permisions to even tell what secret stuff you are doing) :) Keep the great work, your quality is really welcome ;)
  22. cool, MS paint in BI simulator engine via MAP :D
  23. Sprut SD is a varient of PT-76? Interesting... :D
  24. Gedis

    OKB 915 addons for ArmA2

    wow, looking good, so rhs got you back again? :)
  25. voted all 3. but come on, arma2 is not only about best fps shooter, etc. where's the best moding friendly game, creators support for the community and best community votes? world needs to change...