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  1. woot woot, downloading, hopefully in 10mins gonna upload to torrents the whole thing.
  2. OMG you are seeing this? he's going for a run while we wait O.O THERE IS NO TOMMOROW!!! omg omg. :eek: On a serious note, i need that part1 working link, so i could upload whole pack to torrents... to prevent overload of the servers too :p
  3. GD plz upload part 1 anywhere, i will make a torrent, PLZ cmon, anyone who has part1 upload it and post here a link, since rapidshare's link to part 1 is closed.
  4. someone plz reupload part1, plz!!! while i'm waiting i already formed up a torrent, just need to download part1 and i gonna upload it to torrents.
  5. yeah part 1 is no longer downloadable... P.S. just part1 and 5 left to download (1h of waiting between downloading from rapidsh*t)
  6. list of pages for trigger(refresh) happy fingers: http://www.armaholic.com/ http://www.armedassault.info/ http://www.armanam.com/
  7. been doing this from last friday, also watching and sharing lots of documentaries, reading stories about 20th and 21st S.O.S, looking throught UNSEEN photo's of secret operations/vehicles/weaponry and man power involved - i'm lucky there are a lot of websites with increadible photos and stories O.O i mean cmon, i have done my homework. the most worrying thing is the performance of latest official BI patch... last line of defence is a full defrag, but i somehow don't think it'll help, or maybe it's just because of arma2 folder weighting 30 tons of goodies :| P.S. option of winning a lottery is also not that great, since i don't believe in it = no new hand made rig for me untill i find a good job :( 5k of $ would be sweet to invest in PC parts... at least my connection is good, last night i was dowloading latest BI official patch at 5.5MB/s speed and it was not from torrents (in 1min7sec - 528.8MB) :P
  8. oh and guys, don't forget to look into webpage's gallery, there's some neat history of RHS :)
  9. that's when download accelerators like getright (there are way better ones) kicks in and helps the client. but keeping mirrors alive sounds pretty decent for me too ;) btw, i have my finger on the refresh and dowlnoad trigger = can't wait.
  10. as inspiration for our movie makers, watch this one: http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?196031-Letters-from-Vietnam&daysprune=-1 or you can download it from thepiratebay (google it and you'll find the website) that documentary is really nice, the soundtrack, famous actor/actress voices, good footage and briliant intro.
  11. here's some more on csar missions: D3kCaU0xRuI _C6XdUjxL1g&feature=related B8MRfeFNi7o&feature=related
  12. you mean super jolly green giant = hh-53b/c? 5ATcN-Wgz1U
  13. oh cmon guys, stop teasing, i'm already doing 5-30min refresh cycles of this topic from friday(excluding 8hour brake when i sleep each night)... just one question, will more missions be included in this release?
  14. are you kidding me? 2 RCs and loads of betas before the final release? yeah, BI should get worldwide award(why not nobil prize?) for keeping comunity UP-TO-DATE with FIXES and for motivating players, that BI doesn't leave noone behind :) due to warning of full reinstal of armaverse needed i will pass this one. P.S. i hope earlier RC will not require to reinstal, when final patch will come.
  15. oh cmon... can we have at least a countdown timer? >.<
  16. i would preffer list of: new suff; fixed stuff; changed stuff.
  17. Voted #1, because full package speaks for itself, but #2 is good too. Since i want to jump in CWC campaing at first launch, #2 is not that much of an option ;)
  18. you mean armoured vehicles maker? ;) Oh, I just want to note, that this T-64/80 saga began in OFP era and seeing these babies released again, but tottally changed is really pleasant. You would be surprised what kenji can do with basic oxygen2.
  19. before ofp came to my virtuality on 2001, i didn't even knew such car as trabant existed, now i dream of free "tune yourself" version of it in arma2 at least, would be cool if such setup would be provided in RL too, although whole car should be made out of carbon fiber :) yeah, can't wait for memory rehearsals, cwr ;)
  20. Gedis

    USS Nimitz

    good stuff, but as i'm admiral kuznetsov's fan, i'm not gonna be putting a foot on it, unless i'll decide to make some personal US vs. RU task force's airwing battle missions (as in ofp). keep the updates coming and maybe gnat will be kindly forced to update kuznetsov. :) some nostalgic multiplayer practices, from my field of view: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2894974323774333833# http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6103512857605990677# http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1813638550057881623# deanosbeano and matt rochelle, you still remember this? xD still have 3 original vids on my HDD:D oh and as you can see it dates back to 2006 september 18th O.O once again, lovely work and I hope to see such kind of MP vids from Arma2 era ;) oh and sorry for a little offtopic, but memories are hard to keep away, specialy when they are good ones.
  21. Gedis

    WIP "St.Petersburg 2017 Edge of Extinction"

    You should make a full lenght CGI movie and show it on cinemas, you would gain a shitload of money. Oh and I forgot to express my self: O.O
  22. Gedis

    F-22A Raptor

    remember, as long as mig-29ovt or su-27/30/35 with 3d tvt can outmanuever craptor, addon will be fine.
  23. Gedis

    MiG-29 wip

    nice detail and good choise, since it's from your country :)
  24. Gedis

    CSLA for A2CO

    no space in HDD left, no worries, i'll find something to delete, since this is a must. low FPS? (15-20 = my PC is old), no worries, had it on ofp, will have it on arma2 too. some nostalgic feelings: gues what? expansion part1 expansion part2 P.S. um... time to download :P
  25. I think answer lies in that F-16 cockpit movement, so look there for ideas or just ask myke :)