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  1. James Gastowski just returned from his top secret mission, as journalist i asked him about the mission, he replied: "it was kick@ss, poor soviets will remember this for long time, general Guba just got new headache to worry about". Increadably, he gave me few photos of the mission, i was impressed... How in the heaven 1 man can do that? 1 man army? no... rambo? no... it's just James Gastowski. P.S. Can't wait for the full mod and campaign
  2. Gedis

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    response to using original sound files for cwr2? no way...
  3. Gedis

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    42hours would mean it was already planned before the downing arma2.com, this, AAN announcement and screenshots leads to think that it's something BIS wants to get our attention to :) and as always my arms are wide open for BIS stuff ;) P.S. someone should make a countdown timer, from the very first second of the downage.
  4. I really don't like ze chineeeeeese birdie, but "kiowa warrior wanabe" hellos looking nice. Just a quick question: are you thinking about franze's rotor R&D program integration? btw, J-20 < Craptor < Pak F@ck (best looks too)
  5. Gedis

    ArmA and Consoles

    how I understand your point of view: if BI actually made "lite"/Full/Full moddable armaverse versions on consoles, this for sure would bring money in, expand overall gamer interests, but what will be the downside of this? #1 and most important, it would do quite a LARGE damage to allready desperatly low PC gaming(in any point of view), since armaverse is the kind of those "1 in a life time with quantum leap in everything", that's why it would do large damage. #2 another important is - THE ATTITUDE to serious games, does console guys have it? #3 the effort to degrade product("lite"/full non modable versions) would cause some really unpleasant fights between PC(full modable)-console(limited versions) players, wait, what about controls too? how to map all those keys to your console controler? whaaaat? another "lite" version just to control your yet to be rookie character? so there we have another troublesome point of PC vs. console players. #4 consoles, really? not enough hdd space, focus on mainly GPUs (thx to the tendency of shooter games), consoles would need at least HUGE leap in driver updates (PC too), but most probably new consoles built just for arma CPU verse :P #5 as i have fallen for OFP back in the day when i played it's demo and saw what PC gaming is all about, now my major concern is to keep PC gaming alive ( since you guys, got your ofp:elite, saw how amazing it is/was and now want the same with arma, but sadly, you don't care about PCs... ) Is it worth it? Make your decision... I made mine long ago, even before i started hating consoles. EDIT you wish... best version of ofp was released on 2001 and called CWC; later on 2003 best expansion for best version of ofp was released, both on PC and going strong with new names. and also, date yourself back to those days, think of the "maschines" and "rival" games involved in those periouds. jizz in ma pants... P.S. just few thoughts about this.
  6. Gedis

    ArmA and Consoles

    Since consoles are PC gaming killers, they deserve this: so what you have seen, I'm against consoles. P.S. soviets should have launched major invasion to exterminate all console manufacturers years ago...
  7. Dcal, that was brilliant!!! Been waiting for such vid for ages. So armaverse has repeled another allien invasion... P.S. i hope there will be more allien invasions ^^
  8. first you should read about overclocking CPU/GPU/RAMS... P.S. as for my self, i have red about it, not enough, but i'm not in a hurry with OC thing, since my PC would melt anyway before achieving any increase. I wish OC thing was easy as custom PC buildup from parts for me :j:
  9. can't wait to see needed sceenes from CWR2 added to this vid: UrPo9jmnkDw
  10. Gedis

    AH-64 Pack

    wise words of genious man which is nominated for comunity awards 2011 of "remarkably briliant new ideas integration" section, alongside taking with him nodunit for "OMFG level to detail modeling" :) oh yeah, on topic, can't wait and maybe it's possible to smooth out that blade movement?
  11. Gedis

    AH-64 Pack

    omfg, it's early alpha version of take on helicopters on arma2! so BIS finally recruited nod and franze? O.o
  12. why so serious? it was ment as military blooper related to your project :p P.S. i always admired eastern block sams.
  13. lets hope your scripts gonna fix this: mC7gilxJD-w
  14. is there any chance we could see a cwr2 video teaser of some missions with those sound files? just kindly asking, because i'm melting and waiting anxciously. :pray:
  15. "Papa bear, this is alpha, i'm on my own, over." That mission of freelancer Armstrong is written in my memmory, so as 1 mission as James Gastovski: "am I good or am I good". Great news, this will be a block buster now!
  16. I downloaded all the latest separate fixes from here, but i'm wondering, when official patch #2 will be available and will these be included in it?
  17. i bet this has something to do with latest arma2 or OA:CO patches. try running with 1.57/1.58 patches (reinstal required if you are running with latest = 1.59 version)
  18. which fled from Iraqi during Operation Desert shield on 1991.
  19. as long as weapons/vehicles/aircraft/etc. will be limited to vietnam era ones, those weapon packs will be good, since on your 1st evo mission for unsung's 1st release, some of the weapons included in mission made no sense (i'm talking about Gits evo or how it was called)...
  20. understanding how to work with modfolders(video tuttorial): 1TBVeGI7d38 BTW guys, thx a lot for keeping torrents running after you downloaded it, already 100gigs seeded out in 16hours just from me :) also, everyone who dowloaded from torrents, must download this too: http://www.multiupload.com/194FZB1IX1 it's a patch/fix posted on first page. SP missions folder is called Missions; while MP missions folder is called MPMissions
  21. holy moly guys, the torrent i'm seeding already has 110 leechers = all mods which exceed 500mb weight should upload to torrents. P.S. files i'm seeding are already extracted(and grouped to mod folders of arma2 standarts) and weights 3.2 tons and, hoppefully nothing changed in new mirrors, so i gonna add lowlands to torrent. lowlands couldn't be added to torrent since TPB doesn't support modifying torrent's files :(
  22. add -exThreads=0 -winxp to your startup parameters, it helped me, when SEA was still an early beta island :)
  23. yep, missing some csj stuff, even on that small MP map. since this was writen: "NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU DELETE ALL OTHER PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF THE UNSUNG BEFORE INSTALLING THIS VERSION" i deleted my older unsung folder and now there is no lowlands map, also noticed that there is no bikey file. nice to finally see ammo boxes with weapons and ammo (2 in 1), but still "ex-41" - (still think it has a wrong name) missing it's grenade vest ammo in ammo boxes.
  24. try this: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6290200