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  1. New version 1.02 uploaded on 27.11.2009 - possible performance improvements and support for UKF weapons Here's one way of getting around the stock A2 behaviour of the magazine deciding on what muzzlevelocity a weapon gets. This behaviour led to for example an M4 having exactly the same muzzlvelocity as an M16, or an AK-74UN the same as an AK-74, even though the differences in barrel length and muzzlevelocity are quite big in real life. This addon attempts to "fix" the behaviour for all affected rifle-caliber weapons in Arma2. Download v 1.02(HUT) CBA is required Download v 1.01(Armaholic) Download v 1.01(HUT) Readme: Muzzlevelocity v1.02 ******************* What it does: ------------- Brings you realistic muzzle velocities to all rifles. Barrel length does matter now. Installation: ------------- A: - Unpack the archive to your Arma2-folder - Add "-mod=@FNC_muzzlevelocity" to your arma2-shortcut or B: If you are familiar with mod installation just put the files into folders of your choice. Remember to move the userconfig-files to their proper place in "arma2\userconfig\fnc_muzzlevelocity" Usage: ------ Fire a weapon, observe the result :) In the included testmission you get written feedback on the weapon, firemode and muzzle velocity everytime you fire a weapon. Requirements: ------------- Community Base Addons, CBA Multiplayer: ----------- This addon is client-side only and fully MP-compatible in this respect. Signatures and keys are included in their respective folders. The addon with my generic key as well as an addon specific key which was used to sign this addon only and nothing else. Mod conflicts: -------------- Users of 31ST MEU Scopes&Ballistics should take a look at "Arma2\userconfig\fnc_muzzlevelocity\fnc_muzzlevelocity_config.hpp" and uncomment one line there according the instructions in that file. Bugs: ----- No known bugs How do I get my non-stock weapons to work with this? -------------------------------------------------------- Add their values to "Arma2\userconfig\fnc_muzzlevelocity\fnc_muzzlevelocity_weapons.hpp" following the example in the mod's config.cpp. PBO source is included. Changelog: --------- 1.02 ------ - Removed: Ability to use the mod on AI - Changed: Hopefully better performance. Muzzlevelocityfactor is now fetched from the config only when the player picks up a new primary weapon, as opposed to doing it everytime a shot is fired. - Added: UKF weapons settings to userconfig 1.01 ------ - Added: Compatibility with 31st MEU Ballistics
  2. fincuan

    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    He's entirely right. The .50 cal issue is a myth that's just extremely widespread. If in doubt it's really easy to google up the Geneva conventions and protocols, which do not actually touch this issue though, or the much more relevant Hague conventions. Neither of those prohibit the use of .50 cal against humans.
  3. fincuan

    Which version to buy?

    At present I'd get Arma X: Anniversary Edition Twice the price of CO with many times the content, including the already mentioned DLCs.
  4. fincuan

    Bombs are too slow!

    Just a small note on the bullet physics in Arma2: After recording times of flight vs. distance for a bunch of rounds and calculating their ballistics coefficients from that data(using G1 drag model) I'm able to use a regular ballistics calculator(Strelok, can be found on Android market) on my phone for my Arma2 sniping needs. The result isn't strictly 100% accurate, but in practice enough for landing first shot hits on human sized targets up to 2000 meters and beyond. In my mind this shows that while BIS ballistics for bullets aren't entirely true to real life, they can still be very close with proper config values for the bullets and proper muzzle velocities for weapons(this is really defined for the magazine in Arma2). Ballistic coefficients for a few western rounds in ACE2: 5.56x45 0.369 7.62x51_ball("normal" 7.62 NATO) 0.456 7.62x51_notracer("precision" 7.62 NATO) 0.534 0.50_ball 0.711 Muzzle velocities(m/s): M4SPR 823.1 M24 772.3 M110 786.0 ScarH 786.0 M107 887.0 TAC-50 872.4
  5. I'm afraid you'll have to go with Wiki, the manufacturer's website and Jane's. All the sources Google finds pretty much copy what these three say, except for globalsecurity.org which is completely off the track. Then there's this, apparently a manufacturer's or designer's website, which has a demo vid on the missile. Unfortunately it's entirely in Russian so I have no idea what's said.
  6. A book called Yleinen ase- ja asejärjestelmäopas (2001) Do you have any source to the contrary?
  7. To settle the Kornet issue for now, stupid or not it works exactly like that. The launching platform doesn't actively track or control the missile post-launch. The only exception to this is that for short period of time, fractions of a second maybe, after exiting the tube the missile is far away from the beam's center and needs to be guided into it. Whether this is required with Kornet I'm not sure, but this is how some other beam-riding missile systems work. After entering the beam the missile then "rides" it home on its own, while the launching unit just has to keep the target in the beam. The beam itself is formed in a way which allows the missile to know where it is in relation to the center(LOS), and the missile then makes the necessary decisions on what corrections are needed without input from the launcher. This comes from a reliable Finnish book on weapons systems, as I wasn't able to find any good internet sources that contain the same information. The upside of this method is that it's practically immune to jamming from the target as the missile's sensors look backwards, towards the launcher. The biggest downsides are, mainly when it comes to beam-riding A-A or S-A missiles, the missiles non-optimal flightpath and the difficulty of keeping a fast-moving target in the beam. Sounds like a nice scripting job for Arma :)
  8. Kornet-E is a beam-riding SACLOS missile, ie. it doesn't have any kind of post-launch radio or wire commandlink. Riding the laser beam is its only mode of guidance, just like the previous guy and Wiki say. The manufacturer's website and Jane's both agree on this.
  9. You can destroy tanks with that sort of mines, but you'd need a huge amount of luck to achieve it with that particular model. The M2 uses an explosively formed penetrator made out of copper, and according to wiki the mine only weights about 1 kg, with 280g of that being explosives. Those specs just don't add up against a modern MBT. For comparison a Finnish mine also utilizing a copper EFP and meant to be used against armored vehicles has total weight of 19 kg, with an RDX+TNT mixture making up 12 kg of that. Even that isn't probably enough for an Abrams. Ok I got a bit carried away but you get the point: Penetrating the front armor of an M1A1 is a hell of a feat for that small a mine :)
  10. Last updated 12.12.2009 Yay, yet another NWD port. I'm working on it though, and v1.1 already contains a lot more of my own work than 1.0 What originally started as an O2 learning project turned into and NWD Scopes&ballistics port with some new content too. The sights in this pack should now be "properly" ported over with working day and nightreticles and no .rpt-errors. New content includes a correct TA31RCO-reticle for Acogs, new textures for PSO reticles, a 1P29 reticle, a new texture for 10x mildot-reticle, new SUSAT-reticle for PUKF-weapons users and a TA11FIN-reticle, a 3.5x35 Acog calibrated for 7.62x39, as well as a Steyr Aug "military style"-reticle for whatever you want to use them for. I've also included a replacement-config for RH Weapons users that'll make those weapons use the new reticles. There's also a replacement config for ACE. All reticles are best used with the included ballistics addon, which is basically an NWD_Ballistics port. I've also included a small addon for GMJ_SightAdjustment users that attempts to make the scopes more like their real-life counterparts what comes to max adjustment and adjustment intervals. I've also included a pack of rangecards for these ballistics. The addon is modular so that you can pick and use those reticles you want up to a certain degree, but just make sure the common files used by most reticles are always there. See readme for more on this. Needless to it's either this or the 31ST MEU-pack, as both modify the same things and won't probably like each other that much. The ballistics part is also not recommended to be used with ACE Scopes works great with ACE and is recommended for it. Hotfix for fnc_scopes_equipment_c-typo: Pbo Signature Download Scopes Download v 1.15 (Armaholic) Download v 1.15 --- Download v 1.1 --- Download v 1.0 (Armaholic) Download v 1.0 Ballistics Download v 1.0 (Armaholic) Download v 1.0 Also recommended for non-ACE users: FNC_muzzlevelocity GMJ_SightAdjustment Readmes Scopes Scopes v1.15 ******************* What it does: ------------- Replacement scopes for most infantryweapons in stock Arma2 and a few extra ones for addons. Working day and night reticles for those scopes which should have them. The change between day/night is automatic. Also re-zeroes most scoped and ironsighted weapons in the game to more realistic values. Basically silenced weapons are zeroed to 100 meters, assault rifles, snipers and machineguns to 300, heavy snipers and mounted machineguns to 500 meters. A few exceptions exist. Based on NonWonderDog's excellent "NWD_ScopeFix" from Arma1. Installation: ------------- A: - Copy all folders from the "To Arma2 folder" to your Arma2\ - Copy also those additional .pbos you want to use from the "Extras"-folder - Add "-mod=@fnc_scopes" to your arma2-shortcut\launcher\whatever you use - Check Arma2\userconfig\fnc_ballistics\ for additional config options or B: If you are familiar with mod installation just put the files into folders of your choice. Remember to move the userconfig-files to their proper place in "arma2\userconfig\fnc_ballistics" NOTE: The addon is modular so that the only file you absolutely need is "fnc_scopes_common_m.pbo". All the others can be taken out if you don't like a particular scope. Extras: ------- fnc_scopes_acex_c.pbo Enables the scopes in this pack for ACEX weapons. fnc_scopes_sightadjustment_c.pbo A "plugin" for users of GMJ_SightAdjustment. Attempts make the scopes mimic their real-life counterparts in how much you can adjust them, adjustment intervals etc... fnc_scopes_susat_c.pbo Replacement config and model for the PUKF-weapons SUSAT-reticle. fnc_scopes_susat_m.pbo fnc_scopes_acogrhm4_c.pbo Replace RH-weapons Acog- and M145-reticles with those of this pack. fnc_scopes_acogrh416_c.pbo Reticles without replacement config: ----------------------------------- See "PBO_Sources/fnc_reticlename_c/cfgWeapons.hpp" for the correct config values for these scopes if you want to use it for a weapon. Do not deviate from those values, or the reticle will be out of scale and/or the bullet drop compensator's won't match. fnc_scopes_acogfinnish_m.pbo TA11FIN-Acog used by Finnish Defence Forces. Reticle calibrated for the 7.62x39-round and magazine in "fnc_ballistics". fnc_scopes_steyraug_m.pbo "Old style" Steyr Aug military reticle. Usage: ------ Pick up a scoped weapon and enjoy! Requirements: ------------- None, but the scopes are calibrated for the ballistics in "fnc_ballistics" and it is strongly recommended to use that. "GMJ_SightAdjustment" is also recommended, as well as "fnc_muzzlevelocity". Multiplayer: ----------- This addon is client-side only and fully MP-compatible in this respect. The .pbos are signed with a key unique to this addon only. Key and signatures are included. Mod conflicts: -------------- 31ST MEU Scopes&Ballistics deals with the same area, so it cannot be used with this. ACE and ACEX users should check the userconfig-file for an additional settings that will enable the scopes for ACE content. Bugs: ----- None that I know of Credits: -------- NWD, NWD and NWD Even though most of the scopes are by now of my own work I couldn't have made them without reading on NWD's findings on optics in Arma. A few direct NWD-copies also still remain in the pack. Release thread: --------------- The release thread for this addon can be found on the BIS forums Changelog: --------- 1.15 ---- Fixed: 1P29 reticle wasn't centered properly 1.1 --- Added: 1P29 reticle and replacement config to use it on the stock PKP/Pecheneg. Added: Steyr Aug military-style reticle Added: M145 machinegun optics calibrated for M249 Added: Replacement configs for ACE and ACEX Changed: New reticle texture for the 10x mildot Changed: New reticle textures for all PSOs. Changed: DMR now uses a 3.5-10x Leupold Mark 4 LR/T M3 instead of a fixed 10-power scope. Reticle remains the same. Changed: Reworked the SUSAT reticle Changed: Small adjustments to TA11FIN reticle and bdc Fixed: GMJ_SightAdjustment-plugin now actually works 1.0 --- Initial release Ballistics Ballistics v1.0 ******************* What it does: ------------- Brings you realistics ballistics for most small arms and some vehicle mounted weapons in Arma2. Based on NonWonderDog's excellent "NWD_Ballistics" for Arma1 Installation: ------------- A: - Copy all folders from the "To Arma2 folder" to your Arma2\ - Add "-mod=@fnc_ballistics" to your arma2-shortcut\launcher\whatever you use - Check Arma2\userconfig\fnc_ballistics\ for additional config options, as well as the "rangecards"-folder if you're using GMJ_SightAdjustment or B: If you are familiar with mod installation just put the files into folders of your choice. Remember to move the userconfig-files to their proper place in "arma2\userconfig\fnc_ballistics" Usage: ------ Fire a weapon, observe the result :) Requirements: ------------- None GMJ_SightAdjustment, fnc_scopes and fnc_muzzlevelocity recommended. Rangecards for these ballistics are included for GMJ_SightAdjustment users. Multiplayer: ----------- This addon is client-side only and fully MP-compatible in this respect. The .pbos are signed with a key unique to this addon only. Key and signatures are included. Mod conflicts: -------------- 31ST MEU Scopes&Ballistics deals with the same area, so it cannot be used with this. Bugs: ----- No known bugs Credits: -------- NWD, NWD and NWD Most config values are straight from his addon Release thread: --------------- The release thread for this addon can be found on the BIS forums Changelog: --------- 1.0 --- Initial release Pics Acog TA31RCO for M4s and M16s http://lh4.ggpht.com/_GHuMVhWWQPc/SxViLrG8xZI/AAAAAAAAAf4/kIH8YnLTy38/s720/ta31rco_day.jpg http://lh3.ggpht.com/_GHuMVhWWQPc/SxViL_J2D6I/AAAAAAAAAf8/otcALjaI-Zg/s720/ta31rco_night.jpg 1P29, for PKP http://lh6.ggpht.com/_GHuMVhWWQPc/Sx6AgztISdI/AAAAAAAAAiw/dyk9H4IoB9o/s800/1P29_day.jpg http://lh4.ggpht.com/_GHuMVhWWQPc/Sx6AhYCUYNI/AAAAAAAAAi0/0i-oRWg63uc/s800/1P29_night.jpg PSO-1, for AK74 http://lh5.ggpht.com/_GHuMVhWWQPc/Sx6Ahq3oVYI/AAAAAAAAAi4/bDu416VGgeI/s800/ak74_night.jpg PSO-1, for KSVK http://lh3.ggpht.com/_GHuMVhWWQPc/Sx6AiI6UnQI/AAAAAAAAAi8/jTG4BJrMZDU/s800/ksvk_day.jpg http://lh6.ggpht.com/_GHuMVhWWQPc/Sx6AiZvGkKI/AAAAAAAAAjA/I4LMffiK0fI/s800/ksvk_night.jpg PSO-1, for SVD http://lh6.ggpht.com/_GHuMVhWWQPc/Sx6BLIJb3HI/AAAAAAAAAjk/Dl8-2lTCqbg/s800/svd_day.jpg http://lh3.ggpht.com/_GHuMVhWWQPc/Sx6BLS6XTqI/AAAAAAAAAjo/BmYPUVBZncQ/s800/svd_night.jpg
  11. fincuan

    Scopes and ballistics

    A small update: the illumination problem still remains, but at least I finally managed to create front focal plane reticles(reticle remains at a constant size compared to target when zoom changes) that actually work. It's done via scripting and fsms, so this also opens up a solution to the illumination problem(just swap the whole texture when it gets dark/light) and adds the possibility to implement recoil effects that shift the reticle momentarily away from the center of the screen.
  12. To the shooter it makes all the difference, as the rocket motor would fire straight into his face if it lit up inside the tube. Depending on the weapon the burn is completed while the projectile is still inside the tube and the motor shuts down before exiting, or it only fires after travelling some distance. Then again this is probably too much to ask as long as we have recoilless weapons without any kind of backblast.
  13. fincuan

    Scopes and ballistics

    It might or might not be. At least you won't break anything by trying. You won't probably see any changes in the weapons OA introduces, but technically it should still work for stock Arma2 weapons. I already have an OA version practically ready for release, except for a problem with illuminated reticles. See more here. Once that gets solved I can push out a new scopes-pack in a matter of hours.
  14. ca_ammobox is stock Arma2 content as far as I remember, so whoever tries to connect to your server must obviously have it or they see the message you describe.
  15. Only in Domination and other missions which include this script. In the majority of missions, nope.
  16. About a year or so back we had a debate on Arma2's rifle ballistics on this forum, and after some research into the issue by several forum members it was learned that at least trajectory and time of flight-wise the ballistics are pretty close to real life even in the stock game. There shouldn't be much difference when the range is only a few hundred meters. Use something like ACE and you'll get an even better result. Iirc this thread was in the "General" section of the forums. If you consistently shoot short at a distance as short as 300 yards you need to look at your shooting, choice of weapon and choice of ammo, not the ballistics. edit: Here's the thread I'm talking about http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=93262&page=8
  17. fincuan

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Good and np You might also want to look at checking the config against the muzzle and not the weapon, so that weapons with multiple muzzles work correctly.
  18. fincuan

    WarFX : Blastcore

    A firedEH returns the following array: [unit, weapon, muzzle, mode, ammo] Thus _amm=_this select 4; Would be the type of ammo fired, which goes under cfgAmmo Since you define your example effect in cfgWeapons under M249 you need: _amm=_this select 1; edit: Nvm
  19. fincuan

    WarFX : Blastcore

    I believe Sickboy already posted one possible solution some pages back, but here's a short recap: Give the ammo/magazine/weapon it's own WarFXPE-effect in config. This can of course be anthing, but most likely it'd be a script or a set of parameters for a script the creates the effect. class SomeBISWeaponClass { WARFX_fired_effect = "WarFXPE/mycustomeffectscriptforthisweapon.sqf"; }; Add a "fired" eventhandler to all units, via config. The EH then fetches the custom effect script from the config and runs it. This way you can easily alter the effect depending on ammo, mag, weapon and other factors. Subdue default BIS effects? Can't say how to do this out of the top of my head. I'll see if I have time to write a proper example later on, but that's how it should basically work. It'd be great to see your mod go MP compatible, ie. no custom classes :ok:
  20. fincuan

    'Tritium illumination' for Arrowhead

    Sample mission and addon posted at CIT.
  21. fincuan

    'Tritium illumination' for Arrowhead

    RH already posted the ticket: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/16571 Once I get home I'll update it with a sample addon and sample mission demonstrating the issue, provided that there isn't any more light on the issue at that point.
  22. fincuan

    'Tritium illumination' for Arrowhead

    Bumpity bump bump... I'm working on a pack of reticle textures for OA, and at the moment the project isn't really advancing thanks to the problem described above. Did you ever find a solution Monkey, or does anyone else have pro-tips on how to proceed?
  23. InstantViewDistance v2.1 Here you go, IVD for Arma2. The base, or more like 99.5% of the mod, is on IVD v2.0 for Arma1. The following changes were made vs. that version: All .rpt errors that resulted from using that version in Arma2 are fixed No more IVD in player vs. player gamemodes. The addon only works if gametype is coop, unspecified or an empty string(""). Gametype is read from description.ext. German language was removed at least for now, otherwise languagemod users would get the addon in the wrong language. All credit goes to the "fathers" of IVD, radical.ghost and i0n0s. As I said most of the code is theirs. I spoke with ION but haven't been able to reach radical yet, so radical when you read this hopefully you won't mind. This addon requires CBA http://dev-heaven.net/projects/list_files/cca Download: Armaholic.com InstantViewDistance v2.1 HUT InstantViewDistance v2.1 Readme: Instant View Distance v2.1 initial release by radical.ghost, complete overhauled version by i0n0s modified by Fincuan for Arma2 and noPvP ===================================== This Addon enables you to alter your viewDistance settings anywhere anytime. Just use the "MouseWheel - Menu" to bring up a neat GUI dialog and change your settings like you desire. Installation: ------------- Put the files -> FNC_InstantViewDistance.pbo -> FNC_InstantViewDistance.pbo.FNC.bisign into your desired AddOn / Modfolder and there you go. The file -> FNC.bikey is relevant to server administrators only. Requirements: ------------- This addon requires Extended Eventhandlers to work. ExtendedEventhandlers for Arma2 is part of Community Base Addons(CBA). You can download it here: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/list_files/cca Usage: ------ Click on the left or right slider arrow to increase or decrease your VD at 500m steps. Click on the left or right side of the slider bar to increase or decrease your VD at 1000m steps. Drag the Arrow on the slider bar left or right to increase or decrease your VD at 100m steps. Use the buttons above the slider to set your VD directly to that value. Use the buttons below the slider to switch your terrain detail level. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Note: ----- It is strictly advised to use this AddOn in COOP - type Missions only, as it could and probably WILL be considered cheating using this in any PVP - type Missions. This version of the mod will only work if the mission is a coop or if gametype is not specified. Attention to mission makers: ---------------------------- Remember to set the gametype correctly in description.ext, as the script reads it from there. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Tested with ArmA2 v1.03 -> This Addon is client side only. Known bugs: None. Changelog: ---------- v2.1 - by Fincuan Fixed: .rpt errors in Arma2 Added: gameType check that allows IVD to work in coops only Removed: German language, at least until language can be changed without mods in A2 v2.0 - thanks to i0n0s Fixed: "Mousewheel - Menu" - entry now available from inside vehicles, too. Added: GUI - Dialog with slider and buttons for quicker, more intuitive access Added: Stringtable.csv for translation between english and german v1.1 Fixed: "Mousewheel - Menu" - entry now available after respawn, too. v1.0 Initial release Credits: -------- Crowe for helping me out with some scripting problems i0n0s for his improvements and the new version 2.0 of this little helper radical.ghost BIS - Thread: ------------- Version 2.1: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=85282 Versions 2.0 and before: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=64902 Forum thread for the Arma1-version
  24. fincuan

    The official football World Cup 2010 in SA thread

    I'd go here: Sports Academy A few big screens, lots of small ones(even in toilets) and generally a good place to watch the matches. You'll always find plenty of people there, young and old. Another plus is that they serve ok quality food at reasonable prices. Then there used to be a nice little pub called Chelsea between Sanomatalo and the railway station, but I'm not sure if it's up anymore.
  25. fincuan

    Ubisoft's Draconian DRM

    Looks like a photoshop to me. That very same pic has been circulating around different forums for a while now. If the servers were actually hacked one would think more than one out of the thousands of visitors would grab a screenshot. The site was indeed down a few days ago and the announcement looked exactly like the one in the pic, with the "slight" difference that the text said something about it being down for maintenance. The actual cause is rumored to be a DDOS-attack.